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  1. there is a new option i saw in preferences, not sure which tab or where, but somewhere there is an option for 'low memory machines' or something like that. i think it is for 2 meg memory or less machines, clicking the box for this setting may get a few extra fps. though sounds like more than just a low fps problem for you.
  2. Amen to that. Has been my religion as well, I figure 98% of games out in the year or 2 after I buy a comp will never take advantage of the top of the line hardware. Only thing is the CPU I might spend too much by getting close to the top available cause I'm not crazy about popping that out and replacing later on. But I never buy the fastest. I should replace my 3800+ though shouldn't I? What's the best I can get for my M-board (MSI's K8N Neo2 Ultra Platinum?). I think the Fx-55s were just out when I bought this, and the 3800 was decent cost but the FXs were obscene.
  3. Indo, just fyi, I popped a x1950 into my comp and the difference was huge from my 6600gt. Clearly noticeable. Better FPS and things look much cleaner and clearer. For $169 bucks I got at least another 2 years out of my old rig and who knows how long as a hand me down. (was $189 at TigerDirect w $20 rebate but as of today looks like rebate is not available). This looks like the last AGP card worth upgrading to for me. The 3870 is more powerful but I think my CPU would just bottleneck it anyway so for the pennies per performance this may be it for my non PCI-E machine.
  4. I'm still using the 6600GT (AGP since my mobo does not have PCI-E) and have for just over 3 years now. Probably dollar for dollar one of the best buys I made. It is still hanging in just fine but of course I get the upgrade bug. Been thinking of the x1950 ATI, certainly significantly better performance. Probably the best AGP will ever do (doubt much better will be out, I can't find the 3870 in stock anywhere anyway). Just not sure it is worth the $169. But I'm weak, and know I will cave soon, very very soon
  5. Won't let me in the game. I even ran to the bathroom and put on some deodorant and still no luck.... Auth Failure as well.
  6. Jump on in and get started, and welcome! By SLI you mean two graphic cards? Like pretty much most stuff out there I don't think WWIIOL has anything setup to take advantage of that. Then again there is no real need for it just yet. Good CPU, higher end graphics card (I use Nvidia 6600GT and it has been great on both a AMD 3500 and an older AMD 2100) and the usual 'buy more RAM suggestion' (a gig is good). Really don't need a monster Cray-supercomputer-like machine to play, just something decent. <note, less than expert opinion, look for the gnasche like recommendations!>