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  1. But it takes nearly 1 hour to inflict the damage , hardly worth the pilots efforts
  2. Doesn’t matter what TZ it is , numbers ballance out for the most part , both sides no matter what the population is can inflict the same damage , or both sides no mater the population can avoid it.
  3. Can we plz include Tobii eye tracking in a near future patch ? looking at what they say is involved and what some amateur game builders are saying , it’s a very easy fast thing to implement .
  4. ill do a tank if not too late into Brigade KNIGHT (Tank GRP 1) 9/12 Slots Email is
  5. I don't think anyone should be given free game play, the guys that build this game work their arses off to deliver, we the customers need to pay for their efforts, no free rides in this life.
  6. What we need is out of main towns objectives , let’s say something like things to capture in between towns , AOs for Fbs , EWS for FBs , new terrain objects between towns like farm houses strong points that have to be captured to be able to own a FB to start with. you can’t just say close the game at this and that time zone , or force people to play this and that side , but we could slow the progress of the map movement
  7. I think there is a big problem with the multi accounts , IE: Axisplayer (who i know is good clean player) no lag out of the ordinary , he then logs his other closely named accounts in , and the trouble starts, i know of maybe 4-5 axis guys with mulit accounts and they are fine when one is online without the others. I can do the same thing, log in 2-4-6 accounts on the mac and my god your not going to kill me before i have entered your bunker and mowed you down then i drop dead. Its why i dont use multi accounts anymore , i didnt know it was happening until i was told and it started happening back so i started testing things. It can kinda be tuned , by that i mean , say i am running 2 accounts in a big city, one of the accounts has to look into a wall of at the ground so the other account dosent get auto despawned , the more you let one account look at textures ( which drops FPS and increases ping) the worse other account is , this tuning if you want to call it that is how you can make yourself extremely slow to register a death . hope that makes sense . Another thing i was testing out, was make both accounts lag to the point where they are about to both auto despawn , one account was a tank and one was an inf, i walked the inf to the centre of the AB and switched to the other account and drove the tank towards him, and both screens were apx 20-30 seconds out of sync,! (just like years ago when we would tow an ATG , we would be at the rear of the truck towing us , next thing we rubberbanded way back and forth) and neither account was autodespawned. i also think that running the game in multi accounts off the same machine makes issues with the sound and some how correlates to the out of sync issues , i mean i assume sound and hits are the same thing? one triggers the other? and if thats the case , on one machine with multi accounts , you got on both personas sharing both lots of sound, slowing the ping down as well. it almost feels to me like before a crucial packet is sent back, its held back by something from multi accounts running on one machine before its sent, because the correct message get through , just very late. maybe the way to test this properly is someone like me from across the world , and one of the guys i know lags like a mule when running multi accounts play another and both machines monitored and videoed , i am sure as [censored] that will give you the replication you guys cant seem to find with your testing.
  8. i would be more inclined to AO lock, not side lock, AO numbers of troops to be very even, within a few % , including air and sea units. as people die other people waiting to join that AO may do so, that way people can play their desired side, there is heaps of other stuff to do on the map thats no in the AO area Also loose the outdated way we capture, captures should be when one side has noting left, everyone is dead, so the supply wins the battle of a town. ( this would also bring back HC tactics and player alike)
  9. cheers
  10. like the most of the axis front lines being german lol
  11. Y es understand the delay well, even straight away, not past the timer, we do not get a full spawn list in the normal 1 hour. I have changed quite a few now instantly and they all do the same thing, i think its something like every 30~ mins we get apx 6% of a given units full supply list, so maybe 7-8 hours for the full spawn list ( bit of a stab in the darK as i have never really had time to time it properly) , most definitely not the one hour, which has forced me to only do it with a roaming division very close to cover the lack of supply.
  12. Some towns allied hc cant change ownership, like now roermond is brit ab but french kit, but cant be supplied french kit from another french garrison The Change ownership within 4 mins for no penalty dosent work always a penalty
  13. i have played since campaign 13 , not all the time but most, and yeah 153 took the cake ! this video you got here chimm, this is the sort of stuff the players need to be able to access somewhere along with that campaign highlights ect, awsome video and i remember all the moves and break outs
  14. Cheers SCKING , so the town has to completely change hands before the hour full spawn list wil work ? Or do you mean it just dosent come back faster then that hour, i mean it would be well worth it if it was within the normal time.
  15. Got a question Q1 : front line town under-attack, dose the fallback command work still? Q2 : Dose HAAC work as it used to, like gives depots ab supply Q3 : When a town is captured, dose it produce its own new full spawn list, or dose it depend on other factors such as the garrison town supply it came from or linked to Q4 : How long dose it take a new owned town to get supply to full strength I am pretty sure old school HC know where i am going with these questions.