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  1. Cool, yes, that's a pretty good translation. Just for reference, it is a double language-joke as "the mud" is slang for battelfield, in spanish, and there was an old documentary series about animals that we all spaniards about thirty-something remember and love that was called "The Man and The Earth". The intro music is from the series and the intro style is "copied" also from the series, as well as the intro dialog that, even if in phony voice, describes the 2-pounder as if it was "a tiny predator in the battlefields of Europe". Oh, and "El Tupounder" is obvioulsy the 2pdr . I'm glad you liked it!
  2. And I bet that's why some of us did miss the event
  3. Sign me in as Allied DD, at least I'll shoot some shots before going down . BTW, people, careful with Daylight Savings difference. For example, Spain is usually GMT+1 but now we are GMT+2 due to Daylight Savings so if you are in doubt, use this: Cheers! Here you have it, calculated for you: Saturday 12th Apreil 2008 2PM CST (Regina Time) is...
  4. Hi, I just upgraded and I was back to the same problem I was having back then (1.25?) that you are not allowed to change the resolution of your video settings as it just offers you one (max. resolution, bad for performance). What I did to solve it was simply change the resolution to a different one, open the settings and voilà, I could choose among all the different resolutions my video card supports. I changed my desktop back to my normal resolution and the settings kept working, so that was it. Just a piece of advice for those that happen to have the same initial issue. Cheers!
  5. Hi all, Here it is, my second video. This one is not as international as the first one (Any given day) as it is directed to the spanish community. The intro is inspired in a documentary series that we all have fond memories of (The man and the Earth)* and the credits and short narration is in spanish for that reason. In any case, I hope you can all enjoy it as most of it is quite "international" . "El Hombre y el Barro: El Tupounder" (640x480 - 6:27 - 59,8 Mb - Divx) (YouTube version: )* The title "El Hombre y el Barro" means "The man and the clay/dust" as that's how we call the frontline in jargon in spanish. ** "El Tupounder" is a game with words: It is read as the english words "Two Pounder"... you can guess the rest
  6. Hey, Mine is just about infantry and has no Rammstein in it.... does that mean I'm weird? LOL
  7. How's that one? Any given day at the front: -------------------------- High resolution: 640x480 (70 Mb) (use "save as" or it will open in your browser). Low resolution: 320x240 (26 Mb) (use "save as" or it will open in your browser). YouTube quality=worse than low: (YouTube, 320x240) Enjoy!
  8. You had to edit the config by hand before, but now it is an option of the in-game settings. There are 2 checkboxes, one for SSE2 and one for Netcode2. I hope that helps,
  9. May be, just may be, tt could be related to the problem of the new way of setting the video resolution for the game. It could have chosen a resolution incompatible with your video card and kaboum. Check into the WW2online\data directory, open the wwiiol.xml file (with Notepad, important) and find the entry that reads or similar values. Then make sure those are valid for your vidcard/monitor. Just a wild guess, but who knows... Good luck!
  10. I sent you one invitation to your wife's address. However, take into account we just received a new patch and these are usually times of trouble, until things get back to normal.
  11. In fact, in the settings app. and the ingame settings options I just have ONE choice, and that's the recommended resolution for my TFT. However, the OS display settings allows me to choose between plenty of options, not just one. The previous settings application would also allow me to choose between several options, not sure if those were also retrieved from the system. Not sure how you are retrieving the resolution list from the system, but may be it is displaying just one because that's the "recommended" for my TFT? If you need more info or need me to run some utility to see which kind of list it is being retrieved from my sysyem, just let me know. S! PD: In any case, the "hack" makes it so I can play, so it's not top priority. Thanks for looking into it though
  12. Just to confirm that it works, even though the settings application and the ingame settings tab do not show the resolution at what it is now being set, so if we modify something in the settings, we might loose the changes and we'll have to edit the file again. I hope a more permanent solution can be introduced by CRS, but at least we can play with this "hack" . Thanks again
  13. Thanks, LOL, yeah, I typed those fast out of my mind, so I will set them to 1024x768 hehehe. Thanks again.
  14. Yes, I know. It just shows one possible resolution, which is too much for my poor vid card. Just before the patch I could choose something like 1024*756 and play normally. Now I cannot.
  15. I see that now we have a minimal settings application, and that it now supports my native resolution 1440*900, cool. Unfortunately, playing at that resolution gives me at most 8FPS when nobody is around, auch, so I would love to change it back to a lower resolution so I can play and not see things in slow motion . However, the new settings application simply does not allow me to change my resolution, as the select box just has one option.... Is there any way I can change the resolution now to be able to play again?