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  1. He sounds identical to actor/comedian TJ Miller.
  2. I was able to download that file from elsewhere and it worked. Not sure why the first one didn't work. Oh well. I'm back on!
  3. Oh well, guess I lose the time for the welcome back soldier thing too......
  4. That didn't do anything. I love(d) this game, but I'm just not about to dump a ton of problem fixing on my pc (that I use to play many games) on it. Just don't have the time/patience anymore. If it's an easy fix, so be it. If not, oh well. Thanks a lot so far Merlin, it is appreciated.
  5. I've reinstalled, downloaded this new file, reinstalled again,and I still can't get into settings. Same report as before.
  6. Oh wait, the pc is showing its there but again, still no settings.
  7. hmmm, I donwnoaded it succesfully but its not showing up in my add/remove programs with the others, and i still can't access settings.
  8. I don't have that. It has a few 2005's, some 2008's and a 2010. ?
  9. First day player here trying to d/l game and see how it has grown. I installed the game, but it won't let me access the settings. It says I need to d/l the game again to fix, I did, and it still doesn't work. It says the MSVCP140.dll is missing.
  10. Looks like (hopefully) my issue is resolved. After about the 4th time installing the game, it seems fine now. Crossing my fingers. Still not sure what happened, and why it's working now. Guess it could "break" at any time going forward again. Hope not.
  11. Well, for some reason it's not showing up in my add/remove programs. I can play now, but in order to so I must install the game each and every time. Not fun. If I can't fix this, I will have to just cancel. I'm not going through all this again. A shame too, I am really enjoying the game again.
  12. If I do the repair option, will that delete all of my saved information in the keymapper etc..? I know the uninstall-reinstall would. Thanks for the reply. If I can't get this to work, I am dropping the game, again. Day 1 player, just resubbed after quite a few years off. I remember the all of the hoops I had to go through early on to get this game to play/stay stable. I'm not about to do that again, after all these years.
  13. I was able to play fine last week. Nothing has been changed on my pc. Now when I go to enter the game world, a window comes up saying "Installation/registry error: Installation may be corrupted. Please try reinstalling". What happened, and aside from reinstalling, what can I do? Thank you. As a side note, I can play off line fine, but for some reason there is no sound.