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  1. I always have the bounce issue with AT guns as well. I am constantly deploying-redeploying to try to get rid of it, and half the time that doesn't work. Fire bug (thought this was supposed to be fixed a while back) Axis rambo LMG. I mean c'mon. Ridiculous that this is still in game in it's current use (how many players use it). This issue has made me bounce from the game numerous times. Eventually, it might be for good.
  2. Go outside and enjoy spring. Sheesh.
  3. The few hours I was on we had no more than 5 players in the one and only AO. That's a problem.
  4. <S>!
  5. Brussels was an epic fight. So proud to fight with you allies and serve under the allied hc, especially in this battle.
  6. Whoever is doing it needs to get a life. Very sad, little person(s). And what's sadder than them, is the fact that they don't even realize how sad they really are. They just don't get it.
  7. Patch. I already have windows 10, but this latest one they sent out is not working on my machine.
  8. The stupid windows 10 update won't install on my pc. I keep putting it off until it won't let me put it off any longer, than it tries and fails after 3 times, and goes back to another version or whatever. Been doing this for a couple months. A real pain. The update will stop at like 81%, then the whole machine shuts off.
  9. The day any type of friendly fire goes live in this game will be the beginning of the end for it. I'd be done with it no doubt. Not because I don't agree with having it, but because of the griefing.
  10. You're way over-thinking it bud. I just meant make it more of a challenge for each side to soft cap or cap during low-pop. And aside of major game rule changes, this is about the only way it can be done, or at least help, imo. Do I want the AI to be super soldiers? No. Just a bit better than what they currently are. AI MG pits to have more of a firing radius perhaps. AI AT guns to, you know, have better accuracy than shooting the ground 5 feet in front of them, or even blowing themselves up.
  11. Will we even see tier 2 this map?
  12. I see. I'm a day 1 player, just came back recently after a long layoff. I would have thought that had been worked on already. Hopefully *soon*. I mainly play engineer when I can get one because I like what the unit has to offer, I just don't like not getting rewarded for some of the things it brings to the table, especially like I said, because of the minimal amounts of it available, thus the supposed importance of it. What other units need a point overhaul?
  13. Any thoughts on giving points somehow to Engineers for when they re-build AI, re-build bridges, demolish bridges, or kill an efms? I spend a lot of time doing those things and maybe only get a few points for killing a couple ei while doing so. Sometimes I do all of that without killing anything and still accomplish a lot for 0 points. Those are important things in-game that should be rewarded somehow. After all, an engineer is always in short supply due to the supposed importance of that unit.