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  1. Yesterday I destroyed an EFMS, I was rtb and I was shot in my [censored]... I spawn again and found that in the same place that the EFMS was destroyed, enemies continued spawning I did the .report and as an enemy I killed was a RAT (spawn in efms) I sent msg talking about efms invisible I received the feedback that the invisible efms was being removed. The interesting thing is that it DESTROYS the efms (it was visible) but they continued spawning in the same place (without efms). (I was playing with my steam account)
  2. Go go DOC!!!!
  3. lol Without tanks I won't be back either (I'm fat and can't stand walking) And the problem is Tier 4 onwards (unbalanced)
  4. lol Did one run away from the other? I thought it would be a "battle between tanks". My mistake. It was a tank race, who arrived first for cover cappers. But it must have been interesting. GJ all!
  5. Dre21, I referred to the event that will happen. As for the preference of CRS I have no doubts.
  6. I would like to see a statistic of how many tanks participated and the deaths / kill on each side (axis / allied).
  7. We're going crazy... I played a few days and realized that the resuply time on an FMS / ammobox is also slower or appears to be..
  8. This game currently has plenty of COD players. are now recruiting SimCity players.. LOL
  9. Server is now at Xoom's house Wake him up !! lol
  10. hahahhah! good! He would leave the tank and run off on foot...!
  11. when my ping returns to acceptable levels (120-160 for me) I will play again. 250-300 not acceptable. see that the ping issue is with the CRS server In Discord my ping is normal (for me). " Discord is connected to the real-time communication server on us-central659 with an average latency of 151ms. The last latency record was 151ms. If latency is fluctuating or greater than 250ms, consider asking the server owner to change regions."
  12. (It was not renovated on 31 12 2019. Can check this ?) i unsubscribe and resubs !! It's OK now
  13. WWII in Portland became a game for close players only ... (geographically speaking)
  14. for years ping was the "villain" They even created an "auto kick" . and now ping is not important. OK I'm learning yet.