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  1. Ping 145ms? good ..my ping 200ms..lol
  2. I agree. And no CRS interfere!!!!
  3. Congrts!! It would be an honor to have been the number 100k!
  4. Or when CRS wants....
  5. Impressive.... even cry in the photos...lol
  6. I agree!!
  7. ... bad conection... maybe
  8. The Second War began!
  9. Tanks are all unconfigured ... Need to review everything But CRS staff does not have sufficient conditions / knowledge for this. at this time..
  10. Yes, it was once a main routine Now just stay close and hidden ..
  11. DOC is part of this game.. Is a subroutine somewhere in the 8 million lines of code!
  12. We suggest starting Tier 1 or 2 not 3 Starting at 2 Axis has a chance and could be longer.. S!
  13. New FRU?
  14. and range settings?