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  1. Dre21, I referred to the event that will happen. As for the preference of CRS I have no doubts.
  2. I would like to see a statistic of how many tanks participated and the deaths / kill on each side (axis / allied).
  3. We're going crazy... I played a few days and realized that the resuply time on an FMS / ammobox is also slower or appears to be..
  4. This game currently has plenty of COD players. are now recruiting SimCity players.. LOL
  5. hahahhah! good! He would leave the tank and run off on foot...!
  6. today ping was 350-400 .........
  7. no options for me in Profile photo...(upload photo, import from url ..etc..)
  8. Sugesttion for game after fixing ALL bugs (lol) 1-Secret Mission HC post mission in "top Secret" status (no information target, or origin in screeen missions, but target and origin already defined and players can spawn) Only can initially access that is authorized (private msg - PM) by HC. The HC can at any time release the mission to all players. 2- FMS with option to temporarily block spawm (all players) 3- Icons for our fms and ammobox (mini map) visible to the target, not just to the mission. 4- Increase visual limit (infantry) 5- New audit - (AP, HE, Heat) (I think it got worse without logic) A good spot is your best weapon! kareca
  9. YOU DONT HAVE PERMISSIONS FOR THIS OBJECT . UPGRADE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION TO UNLOCK. (account : karecafree ) f2p cant building fms?
  10. You had a good position, you killed my stug inside AB and my sapper, but then I hit you and jimatank. I eliminated several tanks that camper the AB and with a good team work we saved the city (we only had the S AB). But I wasn't angry. It's part of the game. I also stay in ABs .. Good fight. You are a good player. I like that
  11. good....
  12. Rare photo of 2 Sappers Engineers of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force during World War II. This picture was taken in Italy, in the Apennines lol.
  13. I asked this question some time ago: CRS want a game or want a story? CRS preferred to stay with the story. Many left because in history there is no balancing.
  14. stop smg in HCFMS and who will complain here is matamor.. (only knows how to play smg) lol lol lol