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  1. Vida longa, grandes amigos!!! Parabéns!!!!
  2. Maybe built a bunker, like AB..
  3. i agree!!!!!!!!!! And FF ON!
  4. I love to camper. I kill on average 20 to 30 eis per EFMS! ...same as allies camper an AB with 50 shermans.. lol
  5. should have a device in which ML could lock and unlock the spawm option without removing the FMS [ ] enable [ ] disable (for spawn)
  6. it is impossible for me to play infantry I'm taking a break..
  7. it is not the first time we have lost several cities and even the map because of Antwerp. I hate HC who want to capture Antwerp. Just disturbs!!! and I stopped playing in the last few days because I did not see allied tanks shooting at me Appeared and disappeared (prob 128 limit) It was impossible to play. But it was a great fight !!! I never died so much! lol
  8. Intermission is good... I need to see my wife. lol
  9. Alguem falou em cerveja ai?
  10. Ping 145ms? good ..my ping 200ms..lol
  11. I agree. And no CRS interfere!!!!
  12. Congrts!! It would be an honor to have been the number 100k!
  13. Or when CRS wants....
  14. Impressive.... even cry in the photos...lol
  15. I agree!!