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  1. would be much better if it were numerical as it was before.. (netcode2)
  3. everyone is afraid.... of realism! lol S!
  4. So do not talk realism... Realism: first bombing, then infantry and armor. this is realism! Do not throw a bomb in the AB, kill all the enemies and your friends capture bker Ridiculous. until Counter Strike has FF on..lol game for kids... No pseudorealism!
  5. I do not accept hearing about realism while there is in the game selective bombs, those that only kill enemies... Where is realism? FF ON already! Stop with children's game!!!!
  6. I have never morally hit someone. this should be banned from the forum!
  7. simply ridiculous... would start blocking this. Democracy. !!!!!
  8. this is the problem each player uses an icon Why not use a specific one?
  9. Why has not crs yet put an icon to mark friend FMS?
  10. humm. tks! gretnine
  11. What is DLC?
  12. It's like killing 50 eis with a Tiger camping an efms ... lol
  13. Congrat!!!! You kill 7 elephants mixed with turtle..!!!!! lol