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  1. Any way we or can place the 1st beta map to few of us can see how it all started? or let us download it ?thanks
  2. Redownloaded it ,did the 222 shortcut thing it dont work .i keep getting game is down.2 days ago it was fine now just fix it
  3. Game on is down. reinstalling again. but for all of us can you post that shortcut link?
  4. i can sent you a zipped file of the full game if you like
  5. Same here .been away 3 months only to find this new upgrade killed my framerates i have a GIG of good ram true pen 3.0 overclocked and get a FPS of 3 to 4 in battle.Nice game if you can play it ..a joy for maybe 10% here that get at least 10 FPS in battles . do we need all this eye candy? the game was just fine before the last big downgrade errr upgrade.we vets here stand little hope vs a rick rookie with a $5000 gamers that pulls a 20 to 30 in battle . Signed Damm it jim im a opel driver Not inf.
  6. Relearning the game . and not to happy about rank reset (i worked hard for my Stars grrr) i like to signed on to a squad with vox and has been here for a bit. i cant fight well my kill stats are bad ,cant read the tiny chat well and when bored play both sides. but i MS alot . if ya need me let me know