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  1. I was Moic when we break through Rocroi. When I logged in axis were Underpop, we had no HC online and axis playerbase didn't want to attack, I had a really hard time because after every decision I took I had to endure complains and disrespectful comments from axis players (now I understand why this game have a lack of hc). Anyway, thanks to the efforts of a few players bringing frus to our AOs we could start attacking. I launched AO over Sedan because allies only had an Armored + Navy there, and I though allied HC could get scared and move more supply in, leaving Carignan undefended. Allies defended really well Sedan, they were smart and placed a dfru near docks so they didn't need more ground supply. But then AHC made a mistake by moving flags down from Chilly to Charleville, which left Rocroi with only 1 inf flag (with a bad fallback). Then I launched AO on Rocroi and talked to 250H CO and asked him to attack Rocroi, they did a paradrop and captured spawn, and 30min after that AB was captured as well. After capping Rocroi I passed the map to Hierbart. In my opinion this cut happend for 2 reasons: - AHC mistake: sometimes HC have to give up one or two towns in order to avoid a massive cut - 250H: they had 10 members online which is a great adventadge in attack
  2. Stop lying, the cut was made in TZ1 thanks to 250 Hispana who captured Rocroi...