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  1. I agree with both the premise of the post and the response that fun can still be had. But I would note that morale seems low in the Allied army these days. I am going to make some generalizations but I know there are exceptions. First, the allies seem to be always on defense. We will set an AO, set an FMS or two and only a very few spawn in to attack. I have set an FMS on a town multiple times and had not a single person spawn in. Not one. Meanwhile we have 20 players on defense in a town. Makes me want to not even bother with running an FMS anymore and instead set up DFMS and sap ETs (fun? sometimes). Even worse, we capture a spawn in their town, flood call goes out, and only a few come. A spawn cap should have all hands in who are not guarding a spawn CP on defense. I think the Axis focus on guarding spawns on defense and committing numbers to attack. Somehow we (allied) have the uncanny ability to have everyone on defense in a town without a single guard in their spawn CP. I know its an exaggeration but we seem to try to guard everything and end up not guarding the most important thing...their spawn CP. I include myself in this criticism. I realize they are overpop a lot but allied offense is how we should slow the axis offense. Lets pull them off the attack. Second, with that said, I am excited to see the new update mention a OIC of defense and offense AOs. I think it really helps when someone is very vocal on comms telling people what to do. In the meantime, could the Allies come up with an informal way to just nominate someone local OIC? Any ideas? Be nice to have someone telling the 5 guys running past the spawn cp to the captured city cp to "Chillax, its just the city cp. Cap it but lets keep things in perspective." Plus, they can be monitoring everything and ordering replacements for the guys guarding. So maybe guard 10min and then rotate someone in. Third, we all [censored] about equipment all the time, myself included, but the game comes down to population, comms and marking, and THEN equipment. Can't do anything about the first and last ones. But we sure as hell can mark and talk. Having played Axis is the past (i know, booooo!) they talk way more than the allies do. Maybe we talk the same on discord but in the chat, Axis are very vocal. Anyway, still a fan of the game obviously. I would like to play Axis again but I'm not switching until the Allies win a legit campaign (as stated above, lot of axis players went allied for our "victories"). I also noted that some of then just didn't play at all bodhibro, zathrasb5