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  1. I have played off and on since release, these "welcome back soldier" incentive programs are designed to bring back and interest previous and new players a like to ALSO pay money just like you, to help support the game and spur development. Not to mention bring a healthy population of players back to the game. You know to shoot at and play with... If you think providing an upgraded temporary try before you buy trial is unfair to you as a paying subscriber. I'd remind you that these programs are in YOUR best interest as well, since ghost town AOs are pretty boring.
  2. Howdy guys, I have a quick question, I bought a 21" LCD HD monitor last night, I hooked it up to my computer and installed all the drivers, I had no problems before this monitor change out, I have a nvidia 7900 so it is capable of working with monitor, although when I exit the game my comp restarts instantly