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  1. lol? Hello hater! From what cave did you emerge? Wtf are you talking about? Jezus Christ, people, if you want to make such claims, make them at least slightly connected to the historical facts. I was talking about mutual cooperation between Polish and Czech citizens in disarming the German in Cieszyn region. If you knew any better, the same time a widespread uprising erupted in Greater Poland, which was a full scale war. Not long after which, same happened in 3 Silesian Uprisings 1919-1921 What does it even mean "The majority of Poles were in bed with the Germans"? Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was divided between 3 superpowers - Prussia, Austria and Russia. During WWI Poles fought in all of these armies, drafted as any other citizen would, quite often against their brethren. Not to mention Blue Army ( and others, about which you surely have no clue. Last but not the least. Of course it was about reinstalling the state in its former borders, why would it be any different? Poland of today, is a whole lot more moved to the west of maps, than it used to be for past hundreds of years an outcome of Stalins 'vision'. Oh, yeah - a 'proto-fascist state'. That made me laugh. What ever that means, anyone knowing history will notice that over 80% of European countries were either authocratic or a monarchy at that point of time. Especially all those reborn after Versallies treaty (apart from Czechoslovakia in it's later form). Reasons are numerous and quite frankly, pretty obvious.
  2. Dude, I`m not going to teach you about 1000 years of country`s history, or worse, whole region. Grab a book, join a history forum, learn! I`m not 'chest thumping' neither being nationalistic, it is you who hold some kind of grudge and allow yourself to make polonophobic remarks. If you want to discuss like a grown up, then you have to act like it. Up to that point, what you do is what you get. What I can do is make myself more precise, on the stuff regarding that 7 days war. January 26th, 1919 Stonawa, Cieszyn territory Wounded captured soldiers, finished off with bayonets and rifle butts, by the local cementery. Source: Śląska Biblioteka Narodowa ( What we see are 20 dead polish soldiers, executed after being captured. There's a a small monument nowadays, erected in 1991. They were members of the 12th infantry regiment from Wadowice. Well known example, both to polish and czech historians, but there were other, made on civilians (in less number thought). Now, regarding the 1918 situation. Once Austro-Hungary empire collapsed, people of Cieszyn (by which I mean the majority of those citizens) opted for the creation of Rady Narodowej Księstwa Cieszyńskiego (National Council of the Duchy of Cieszyn) based on polish political parties. Thus on 5th November 1918 in Ostrava, both RNKC and ZNV (Zemským národním výborem pro Slezsko), its czech equivalent, decided to part the territory on the ethnic basis accordingly to Woodrow Wilsons peace program (22nd jan 1918). Politicians in Prague had a different view. As mentioned in the book: "O Těšínsko : vzpomínky a úvahy" (Publisher: Slezská Ostrava : Slezská Matica Osvěty Lidové 1928.) by Ferdinand Pelc, chairman of ZNV in Ostrawa during those days: "it was only about laying our hands on the territory with majority of polish or german, either with their consent, or without it - by military force" Either way, most of the Cieszyn Silesia polish army units were sent to Lwow, so ironically, they couldn't defend the territory they came from. It's also a clear sign how unexpected the invasion was, Pilsudski called it "treacherous". I'd also add that czech soldiers crossed the border earlier, wearing civilian clothes and so on. Simply put, the idea was to stop the voting for elections, because if it would appear (and everything lead to it) that the majority of citizens took part in it, it would sanctify the region being polish. Let's check the 1890 austrohungarian census - in Cieszyn region alone, 39 258 were polish, 4912 czech. In Frysztad region - 33 221 polish, 7747 czech. Those citizens were oppressed by Czech authorities once the borders got its new shape. But even now, 100 years later Zaolzie still has over 50.000 polish minority. The strong connection to their ethnic roots and lack of borders in UE allows that society to thrive, with such interesting developments, as for i.e. Ewa Farna, a popular signer, who being a Zaolzian Polish, signs in both languages, and is equally popular in both countries.
  3. Sorry, not gonna do your homework. Bolshevik war, fights in Galicia and Poland extending itself to the east, is a topic for another discussion and I merely noticed the circumstances relevant to the mentioned subject. Your 'probably' is just an assumption you make, based on the lack of knowledge about this part of history. You`ve peppered out on the Cieszyn topic and you`re trying to cover it up with distraction. Poor try. Go on read, then come back when you`re done, hopefully with a better grasp of otherwise, a very interesting story.
  4. As the title says, the first time I start the game up, after I boot my PC it loads slowly. Takes around 3 minutes to start up. Then it's also a little bit slower during the actually gameplay. So what I do is I quit the game, it exits to the desktop and I start it again. Now game loads up in around 15 secs and I get at 5-10 more fps at least. I`ve got an almost clean (and very recent) win7 install, 4GB of ram and Athlon x64 dual core 5200+ amd cpu. Any idea, what's causing it? For a while I thought it always happens when I 1st start up Mozilla, and then the game, but it wasn't the case. Nothing else starts on bootup apart from the OS and catalyst. Nothing else installed.
  5. All the clocks, speedmeters and so on are just as they were RL, so you can't switch them. Just learn to count in memory
  6. Hi, Actually, this one is standing from some patch at the end of last year. I just suddenly lost the ability to hover over unit or flag on the mission or theatre map screen, and be able to see a description. I hover, but nothing happens. Also, I can`t see what`s typed in on marked targets on the mission screen so I never know what`s awaiting. I thought this will disappear when I`ll reinstall the game. But after I came back after 6 months, with new PC, freshly installed Windows (ww2onl was the 1st app I`ve installed), ran a full install from scratch - that bug is still there. So I wonder. Is there any secret option I could type, like .popupon or something? Because it doesn`t seem to be a real bug, rather something wrong in the config. I played with settings but couldn`t find the right option.
  7. Joker007 please
  8. natedawg, I`m ok with motherboards, just trying to decide which one of those two CPU`s I should go with. AMD is bundled with Gigabyte M61PME-S2 mobo, and Intel with Intel`s D946GZABL.
  9. I`m looking for a new CPU+motherboard, costing not more than $120-140. My question is related to the CPU only tho, best choices are probably E5200 Intel Dual Core (2x2,5ghz) and AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ (2x2,7ghz). Question is, which one is better ? For now I`ll use it with 2GB DDR2 Ram and Ati 3850HD card.
  10. Guys, most of the hints you put here, the bios, sse2 etc. I did all that earlier. Recently I just put ATI setup on highest performance and after the patch game is much smoother. I only get down to 4 fps rarely, and after switching through multiple heavy battles (then I should simply restart the game to make it good again). I`m running game with high vis limit (as setting low gives small benefit), normal maps on, post render filter on (other filters off) and 32 sound limit. I`m getting around 18-20 fps constant in lowly and medium populated towns, and 8-14 in heavy battles (actually the difference between town and fields is small), which is much better and even if it`s low means doubling of my usual frame rate. More over, when flying I have almost constant 20-30fps and I rarely have stutters even in biggest clusters over heavy battles. Actually, stutters and lag spikes are much smoother now, not disturbing that much like it used to. So thank you everyone, but it seems the patch solved the problem for me, at least back to "usually playable"
  11. Upgrade is out of question for now. And I used 6600 up to early this year, then 7300gt ( i think, which was almost same) but it fried quickly up to around June. My motherboard is ASUS P5VDC-X.