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  1. Appreciate that Jwilly, I really do. I like to think of myself as someone who can git 'er dun but it's difficult to impress that upon people who are merely assessing you by the numbers they think they see in front of them. It's a by rote CYA world we live in.
  2. Slightly bad news gang. At today's follow-up it was revealed my earlier "all clear" was premature, ie: I still have cancer. Somewhat devastated I have to admit. I just about lost it when they told me at the clinic earlier. Just wanted to share the "don't ever take your health and stuff for granted like I did message" ... the consequences can be crippling and not just to your health. Your total well being can be affected in profound ways. I was trucking along nicely looking for work etc.. (there's no denying that cancer is a really good way to go bankrupt and there's nothing to be gained by homelessness except a more responsive social welfare response) and while recovery was slow, I was ahead of the curve by all reports and looking to get my life back on track. Then, out of nowhere .. BANG. A garbage truck runs a red light and you're back behind the 8 ball. I know I'll bounce back but not today. I have a couple of extra months of medical "wait and see" and then a more complicated recovery ahead of me. It's not going to be much of a lead up to the festive season for me so if you're in a good place this Christmas, thank your lucky stars, the universe, whatever and take care of yourselves and your families the best way you know how. In a flash your ordinary peaceful existence can be gone and you'll be in the fight of your life. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy and I don't even know what that is. I hate passing out bad news, especially about myself but I owe this community so much I feel bad not telling you exactly what is up. I'll be ok they haven't killed me yet, but today the rug was well and truly pulled out from under me. Godspeed and god bless and whatever else I can say to wish you well.
  3. Things are going well, if as slow as a lizard crawling across a glacier. I'm very slowly getting my strength back but I'm only at about age 5 years old so far. Maybe 8 if I was being generous. With the endurance of a 95 year old. Food has settled and taste is coming back to something within render range of being normal. Swallowing is still weird and I have to drink gallons of water to clear throat blockages. After some specialist testing it would appear the nerve damage to my hearing is expected to be permanent, oh well. I am enjoying being down to 180 pounds, that's about what I was in my avatar picture 30 years ago ... if only 90% of the weight lost wasn't muscle. Hormone production has resumed so if I can find the strength, watch out girls ! Biggest issue right now is no income. I am strong enough to get out of the house and walk around (and being driven by a desire to not become homeless in about 2 months) so I'm seeking employment now. It seems a bit dire out there for a 60 year old cancer survivor as far as I can tell so far. Financially this year of cancer crap has wiped me out completely. I doubt I'll ever pay back the hospital 100%. This chemo/radiation/MRI/CT Scan/surgery [censored] is expensive. Six months of it was brutal, both physically and as I said ... financially. Just touching base with you all and saying thanks to those who helped me out when this was just starting. I couldn't have made it without that help. I am humbled beyond words (me without words ? WTF ?) and you taught me a valuable lesson about accepting help. Something I was never able to do before, let alone be ok with. I feel as if this has helped me become a better person, and I thank you. I wish I had learned this a long time ago. So wish me luck at finding decent employment. My search so far, although only having just begun ... is making me cautiously concerned. I salute you one and all of WWIIOL.
  4. A con of some sort. Any sort. I'd like to come and show my appreciation. And get drunk of course.
  5. PS: food is great isn't it ? I should be a beach ball in no time now.
  6. You are being deliberately disingenuous ? Population biased area capture (where a heavily underpopulated side cannot compete at ANY level with the overpopulated side in the capture race) was the bullet we dodged. If however all you seek is belittlement rather than an actual discussion and the revelation of greater understanding that it seeks to foster, then well done.
  7. There was a time when area capture was being put up as a feature to be added. Strongly. There was opposition and it never happened. Dodged a bullet I'd say, but you could hear it whiz by it was so close.
  8. The nurse that liked me the most, and whose dark sense of humor I appreciated the most .... told me the last time I saw her (maybe THE last time I would ... all going well) that she wanted me to consider becoming a cancer comic. I've spoken to a toastmaster guy I know and he agrees. Might be a career move eh ... I certainly have more material than I could ever wish for.
  9. Tax adjustments ? Who pays tax ? On what income ? Or are you testing out material for your next open mic night ?
  10. That depends. I might disguise it as a story about the battle with the treatment to beat the big C. The diet is just an extra bonus prize. Of course, if you're 160 pounds going in that might be a problem. I was lucky I had 40 pounds to lose anyway. Whatever the case, here we are and what a place to be eh !
  11. In 3 hours I go back to the hospital to have some of this hardware removed. They are leaving some of it in for another year in case of a return of the dreaded condition, because it's such a big procedure to replace if the need arises. At least the worst and most obvious is going. More progress ! On the "weird but make it a positive" side of things I am enjoying the new body weight (I lost 22% of my body mass) even if the majority of it was muscle (not enjoying that aspect) but I will regain my strength eventually. Not a recommended diet plan however effective it might have been. Problem, I need a new wardrobe now.
  12. I haven't been involved with any of this for a number of years. I can however shed some light since the emphasis (by you) seems to be on not understanding why it is. A long time ago the mindset that fell out of the many tweaks and changes, evolution of the game, the population that played it, and the developers as developers themselves, arrived at a point where the guiding principle seemed to point at (of all the available choices and there are many to pick from) developing a game world where the fight should be extended as long as possible. Not to make winning impossible, or winning the local fight your are in ... as someone will always prevail in the end ... but to make it less simple or easy to develop a fail free tactic that not only works almost all the time, but also so that it doesn't work easily. Through this process the player base also developed a sense of "We can do this ! We can turn it around !! Come on let's get in there and push them back !!!" with respect to defenders, who are often only defending desperately as a result of lopsided numbers in favor of the attacker. This was more common than even numbers were ... most of the time. There was never an intention to make the attackers unable to win and in all honesty most of the time they would. It might be harder than it could have been if the weight of the mechanisms favored them instead of the defenders but like I said, it was felt this would be much worse for general gameplay and far less sustainable for the players experiencing that gameplay. The essence of almost all interaction of the development team with the player base almost always pointed at making the battles epic and hard to win, so that they would not be over quickly or easily. Given the unevenness of each sides population a lot of the time was a constant that it was hard to break out of, this only reinforced the ethic that epic, long term .. hard fought battles that were only won after almost complete exhaustion of those involved, on both sides ... was the thing most players would choose over an easier "figured out how to win without monumental effort" model. Now, of course lessons were learned, feelings changed depending on your personal viewpoint and experiences ... and individual opinions (subjective) sometimes could hold sway over over more global or objective perspectives. There was and always will be a battle over these personal opinions and the passionately held beliefs attached to them. I can't speak for the current development crew or their agenda but it would appear that there is a constant that can be seen; in that the basic tenets of how game play mechanisms related to spawn and attack/defense are structured isn't vastly different to the path of evolution the game has taken since long ago. So while I want to be absolutely certain you understand that I'm not saying it has to be this way, or that it is better this way, or that this way is the right way to do things ... perhaps the "I don't understand why it is" ...... is a little easier to understand.
  13. I'll be completely honest. There was one period when I was at my lowest when I considered not going any further. It took a special friend to pull me out of that. I know what love is now more than ever.