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  1. I would imagine it's difficult to maintain such a maniacal focus on a smaller niche that might continue to succeed to a higher degree because the bigger boys are ignoring it, if at the same time you're hanging on by your fingernails and the bottom of the ravine is a long way down. Covered in nasty looking rocks. The desire within the team's various different workers, to suggest ways to broaden your appeal and ease that situation as quickly as possible as your fingernails break one by one ... is about the most struggle many people would have ever experienced. Probably even more. At some point it will become an all or nothing deal and the possibility exists it will be the last you make. Or you keep manic dancing between the bullets and by some incredible feat you manage to have not been shot to death after 20 years. I wouldn't begrudge a person becoming a little frazzled during all this time.
  2. Doing my first commission job (a custom Jazz Bass) right now. It is going to be a really nice looking piece. Play great too, but that's always a given (priority #1 !) I hope this river keeps trucking along. I might drift into the best time of my life. So unexpected.
  3. Dentures is the only viable solution under the present situation I am in. Now, if I could find $1500 after the survival side of my weekly agenda is done, I'd do it. I know where to get it done, that's not an issue.
  4. Getting teeth out is not an issue. Cancer (laser) treatment over 5 months destroyed them. It's getting replacements that is impossible. Nobody will do it cheap and insurance pays 0% (if you have insurance) so no, after a LOT of research there is yet to be an option found I can pursue. We're not talking 1 or 2 problem teeth here. It's all of them.
  5. I'm doing what I can. The biggest hurdle is having enough to not lose it all before progress can be made. It costs me $2000 a month to survive, if nothing ever goes wrong. There's a path up here on the cliff side but it's pretty narrow, and crumbles along the edges.
  6. I live in Fort Worth. I don't believe there is any help I can get for dental, best option after a LOT of research is Mexico. Still out of reach but closer to being reality for me than the rest of the fantasy that it is in the USA.
  7. I have a bunch of partscasters I made ... they are actually nice, enough that I am building a custom Jazz Bass for a client (my first actually) at present ... basically because the guy had played a partscaster I made while I was sick last year. Hand carved strat body married to an FSR (Fender Special Run) Jazzmaster neck ... and loaded with some old 50's tech wide field pickups and a Danelectro lippy wired Fralin style for 7-way switching. Stylish finish too, no doubt helped. Last Christmas I auctioned off a custom trans-blue partscaster loaded with Mojo Tone goodness and custom wiring that is a copy of Fralin switching. With a P-90 in the back. I have a more traditional 'Bacco burst with a '63 vibe going on (which I use in altered tuning) and my old warhorse 1st partscaster I ever built, the super lightweight. <- under 6 pounds ! I also have a Telecaster (copy) Thinline/335/Rickenbacker Capri hyrid that is quite interesting, with 2 x P90's in it and an arched top with 2 f-holes. I didn't make this one. All played through a Fender 60w Blues DeVille 212 or, more often nowadays ... a Bugera v22 that's been slightly hot-rodded. You can see the partscasters here.
  8. I'm just playing the living [censored] out of my guitars right now.
  9. Thanks ! Ummmm .... I am without insurance and could never afford ANY program as things stand right now. I know I'm breaking the law but there is nothing within my current power that can change this. I am going to have to change this because for sure the authorities will catch up with me. I'm not that hard to find. It's one of those things that the sheer magnitude of the negative past experience keeps me from dealing with it because I don't have the means to suffer the consequences. My experience over the past year (when I was in dire need) as far as the health insurance thing goes (and getting any assistance of any kind from anybody in the business of assistance related programs, county, , hosp. scheme, whatever...) ... just prevents me from drawing any attention to myself (with over a year of "lawbreaking" lack of insurance) with the attempt to seek a solution that will almost certainly be denied, but at the cost of more vigilant interest in how I survived this long without a job and lot's of expenses. It's a great way to start thinking like an outlaw. Come to think of it ... don't most outlaws come into being because of dire financial cirbodilyfluidstances ? At least, the old school variety ?
  10. Ok gang. The 1 year anniversary of the start of the dark journey has just passed recently ... thought I'd drop you all a line about progress. I'm still cancer free as far as I know, reviews are every 3 months and I have one coming up soon. I'm in reasonable shape physically and 55 pounds lighter than I started out at, my weight has stabilized at 170 pounds. That's a BMI of 23 or so and considered healthy. Bloodwork and physical assessments show a somewhat extraordinary recovery given we just hit the 6 months mark. There are some consequences still to be dealt with, but the financial aspect of this prevents any action at present. I'm working on this but it's going to take awhile. The treatment destroyed my teeth and this is probably the biggest hurdle after the simple day to day existence stuff, the dental options this demands are just an impossible money hurdle right now. It's tough to admit your failings or faults but there's also no point hiding from them either. My spirits are generally pretty high but almost dying and then surviving will tend to have a positive effect on your outlook, despite some rather daunting walls to climb staring you in the face daily. If nothing else one is forced to be creative and that keeps your brain healthy. Currently, most of my time is spent just making it from 1 week to the next ... I just scored a bunch of 2nd hand clothes from a good friend, that actually fit me as all my previous wardrobe is WAY too large for me now. For a time there I looked a bit of a clown in my XL clothes with an M body to drape them over. Just last night I drilled new holes in all my belts and did some trimming so that they are 3 or 4 inches shorter than they were. Pretty small potatoes I know but it struck me that this has a humorous side to it. I always loved comedy and cancer will sharpen your sense of satire that's for sure. I'm planning what I'll do to earn an income now, something I haven't had in over a year. There's no money of course to invest in this side of things so that forces the creativity thing into action once again. It's not getting me down too much I just have to laugh at myself more. Like I'm doing right now. The love and support you guys gave me really saved my life (that's not an exaggeration) and you should all be proud. I know I'm proud of you, and no thanks will ever be enough. Many many many kudos to Xoom who started the whole support thing ... he's a special kind of person and we need more people like that in this world.
  11. Well the debt collectors are chasing me for medical bills and probably will be for the rest of my life. I lost 55 pounds !
  12. It was, without exaggeration ... a most horrible experience. The worst I have encountered, by light years. It did however change my life in good ways. I am a much better person than I was ... and I wasn't THAT bad to begin with (some might argue !) .... salute to all from me. Couldn't have done it without you ... and that also is no exaggeration.
  13. I understand Oldzeke's caution. The way the game engine loads in the trees you see (Speedtree, an independant 3rd party app) and is incorporated into the WWIIOL world (Unity) ... they cannot easily replace those trees with a different tree "reclassified" to mimic how Unity handles buildings in the game world. It's much more difficult than that. Not impossible but putting a man on the moon isn't impossible either. Southwest airlines aren't going to be able to do it however.
  14. Unfortunately there were a lot of real world things going on inside the company that many critics, if not all ... could not factor into their assessment of our choices. I'm not here to tell you you're wrong or or any of that "convince you" stuff in the event you and I differ in our opinions ... trust me there were those of us on the inside that hated the way some of this was done/decided. It's just not the simple choice that people on the outside will always assume it was. If we were (you and I) to ever sit down with a drink or 10 some night and just explore that period of time in conversation ... without pre-conceived notions ... man the stuff you might learn that no one has ever told you.
  15. I just came off a year long battle with stage 4 cancer. With a lot of help suffered a genuine miracle. Cancer free now. Still a mountain of consequences to face off against but I'm fighting as hard as I can. John is "sort of ok" but has some issues to beat. I hope to get down his way and see how he's doing. He just had 4 stents in his heart. Will be chatting to Mo (Chris) on Thursday night and doing some jamming over skype. Far as I know everyone else is doing fine. Some are doing really well. Gophur, Ramp, KFS1, Hoss ... I know those guys are doing really well. Al and Motor are also in peaches and cream somewhere around Los Colinas.