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  1. You want to be careful with historical "memes" like the ronson story. Sure, they were called ronsons and even zippos because they were known to burn easily and that was a horror no tank crew wanted to deal with, so they would be jocular about it. That's stoic determination. However, what you might be overlooking is that German tanks like the Pz.III and Pz.IV series were as likely to catch fire and burn as a Sherman was ... prior to the wet ammunition storage solution being employed in later marks of Sherman tank. Those Sherman's so equipped didn't burn anything like as easily. Americans just didn't routinely make jokes about the horror of that result (German tanks burning) like they did about their own tanks, because they would never be burned alive inside a German tank. It's worth noting that Tigers and Panthers also brewed up rather well but were more difficult to penetrate first. The legend that American tanks were "worse" when it came to burning is a false perspective, grown bigger in memory for the decades that have resold that myth over and over again. In fact ... no one will remember the "meme" associated with wet storage Shermans (because it never existed) but the truth is these Shermans were LESS likely to burn post penetration than German tanks were.
  2. 1. I am not CRS. 2. I simply explained how the system works. If all you got was "nothing was ever changed" then I'm afraid no information on the subject, no matter how accurate ... can help you. 3. I apologize for not having the answer you'd prefer, but that's not under my control. I never called you an idiot.
  3. Naturally I cannot speak for current development, but I do know how the vehicle models are made and doubt very much this has changed even though I am sure they want to change to an easier vehicle creation paradigm. There was never at any time a "sap spot" created in any vehicle for that purpose, which could subsequently be moved through patching. To hold onto that idea will mislead you into erroneous assumptions ... if a real answer (the truth) is what you seek rather than simply a point of conspiracy. Here's how HEAT sapping actually works with respect to vehicle destruction :- When a vehicle (say ... a tank) is created it has components inside of it that will react to a HEAT satchel charge going off depending on what the stream of plasma exiting the charge (at 90 degrees to it's final "clicked into place" location and orientation) ... depending on what this "stream of plasma" that is modeled at detonation, impacts as it penetrates the tanks outer skin. The components that will cause tank destruction (brew up) are :- Fuel tanks. Ammunition. Oil tanks. If one of these components is hit, and sufficient fire creation results from that impact ... a fire will start. That component will burn until sufficient further damage threshold is achieved by the fire and the tank burns out killing all the crew or it blows up. Blowing up requires the damage to happen in the ammunition stores either at impact by the plasma stream (can be a very short delay even almost instant) or by fire spreading from an adjacent location (engine, oil, fuel) .... so sapping as an attack upon a tank (or any other vehicle as they all the same process) depends on :- Thickness of the modeled armour (or skin) between the HEAT satchel charge and the component that will burn or explode directly in the path of the plasma jet, given it penetrates the armour (skin) of the vehicle it is placed upon. Location of the flammable (or explodable) component that will lead to destruction of the vehicle or crew when the plasma stream or jet impacts that component post penetration. Thus, fuel tanks. oil tanks and ammunition are the components of concern here. A crew member could be hit directly by the stream of plasma and that would kill them whether a fire stared or not. Direction of the plasma stream. It exits the satchel charge at 90 degrees to it's flat plane or planform, through the "bottom" of the charge and has a penetration attribute in addition to a joules of impact force attribute. Variations in how the charge has "clicked into place" can occur (it is supposed to mimic a magnetic clasp to the armour or skin) but in reality it sticks to any flat plane surface. If there are multiple angles converging at a point of placement it will "sort" the flat planes relative to itself and usually adhere to the dominant one at point of placement. Which way it faces upon "adhering" to the target depends on the flat plane it has chosen to adhere to. Of several competing flat planes that may be at that point of placement I cannot be sure exactly which one will be accepted as dominant and thus control the orientation of the HEAT charge and it's subsequent direction of penetrating plasma stream ... which is always at 90 degrees to the final orientation of the HEAT charge and fires out through the bottom at said 90 degrees. All of this stuff is calculated and sorted based on modeled colliders and collision math. Naturally, the modeled thickness of the skin or amour of the target has some bearing on the ability of the HEAT satchel to penetrate it. The resistance to damage of the internal fire (or explosion) component (engine, fuel tank, oil tank, stored ammunition) is also going to have a say in the outcome. ++++ I'm not in any way saying things cannot, did not or would never change ... with respect to sapping tanks (or any vehicle) with a HEAT charge. What I do want to illustrate however, is that there never was (and almost certainly is not now) "sap spots" modeled on tanks or vehicles. There are only components that will cause the tank (or vehicle) to burn or be destroyed ... placed inside that vehicle in various locations that can be damaged by a HEAT satchel if it is placed where the plasma stream will penetrate the outer skin (and any subsequent inner skin along it's path of travel) to impact into that fuel/oil/engine/ammunition damage component. "Sap spots" actually don't exist as components you can move around. They do exist as a confluence of all the modeled criteria that can converge to a point of resolution based on the attributes of the components concerned with the event. To change a "sap spot" would require remodeling the internal/external construction of the vehicle in question, or altering the satchel charge and it's weapon attributes. There isn't a "sap spot" to change the location of as a "sap spot" .... rather you'd have to alter the things that affect the charges effectiveness when it goes off relative between the vehicle in question and the charge itself. The only way to "move a sap spot" in this model is to change location of the component on the inside of the vehicle (oil tanks, fuel tanks, engines or ammunition storage) ... change the thickness of any flat plane of "skin" that the plasma stream must pass through (hull, bulkheads, engine blocks, breech blocks, gearboxes, etc..) or change the attributes of the charge itself as a penetrator and dealer of joules to the target components. You'd have to remodel the target vehicle in a way that changes the location/angle/properties of the target component or the skin around it/adjacent to it (that may protect it to varying degrees) but there isn't a "sap spot" you can move from here to there or otherwise change to affect satchel charge effectiveness. It's just a collection of things unrelated to satchel charges that satchel charges (and explosive rounds, AP rounds, bombs or bullets as well) can affect should they deal joules of damage to those target components.
  4. We didn't exactly jump ship that's not how it went down.
  5. Yeah I agree that there's a huge something else that did this.
  6. You guys were a big part of this make no mistake ....
  7. Diet for starters. I eliminated as much sugar as possible from my diet. Complete elimination of introduced sugars is impossible in today's developed world food supply unless you grow your own food and process it yourself. So I just eliminated as much as I could. Cancer cells starve to death if they cannot access introduced sugar that you consume. It's a big part of the increase in cancer as well as diabetes in the current situation we find ourselves. Too much introduced sugar. I consumed a lot of micro-nutrient "super food" things that you come across in health food stores ... things that assist in anti-inflammatory strength and immune system response. At a cellular level today I'm probably healthier than I have ever been in my life, and the combination of radiation 5 days a week for nearly 4 months straight, with 8 hour chemo infusion every 10 days during that 14 week period was nothing if not destroying my cellular integrity. The second weapon was ... as hokey as it sounds ... the power of positive thinking; however this was harnessed through meditation while undergoing resonant frequency "bombardment". I have seen a demonstration of cancer cells destroyed through resonant frequency bombardment where adjacent non cancer cells were unharmed. So I followed a research trail that led me to employ a resonant frequency program on my computer that I meditated to on a daily basis, and also used as a sleep therapy approach as well. The power of our subconscious minds is amazing. Finally, I guess I just lived as if the thing had already happened. A bit delusional I understand for many folks, but it's important to believe what you want to be to such a degree than it's no longer a wish, or just positive sounding spiel that you tell yourself ... but that it becomes your reality. That is probably the definition of delusional in a some respect, but it's part of how you make what isn't, what is. I know that sounds silly, but it's not. every cancer survivor I have listened to, read about, or encountered shares this same positive "will it to be so" mindset. It's not a coincidence. In closing I must add, I am extraordinarily lucky to be here writing this down. Whether it be god or the universe (for me god IS the universe) I shall always remain thankful and will never claim that I performed this magic. I might have helped channel it but it wasn't me that held the gift.
  8. I'm copying a piece here that I wrote to another person whose brother is suffering a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. I hope it helps anyone who might find it helpful. Quote: Let me say this : the best of luck to your brother Dave … and that your mindset is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING OF ALL in beating this [censored]. You have to be so stubbornly married to a positive outcome … like actually the conviction of that outcome not just saying it to yourself but living as if it’s already true … that it’s almost like adopting a state of delusional denial. You’re not denying you have it but you are denying that you won’t kill it. You’re going to kill it with will power because in your mind, you already have. If that makes any sense. When my chemo/radiation was suspended because the team thought it was going to kill me at the end there, the rest of the team were adamant that the only way to rid myself of the remaining tumors subsequently was to have them surgically removed. It was going to be a risky surgery. 100% certainty that this would have to be done no matter what I wanted to believe. I said not yet. Schedule a new series of scans (which would take 2 months due to workload) and we’ll see what it looks like at that point, which would be 4 months post treatment by the time it rolled around. Then depending what we find, I’ll decide if I get surgery or not. Further chemo/radiation was out of the question. I had already undertaken a dietary and meditation resonant frequency plan of action I devised from my research into such things health/cancer related … and ramped it up and stuck to it like glue for that entire period. I’d actually begun this while still in treatment but afterwards, with the threat of the grand surgery … and no “conventional” treatment available; I got super serious. All this time I was doing my utmost to live as if I’d already beaten it. In my mind, delusional or not, I was already fully healed. (of course in reality I was not but that’s the point) … what I mean is when the scans came around I would be fully healed by then. In the meantime, act like I was. Stay with the “alternative” approach but believe in the fact that I had it beaten already. Not tell myself, that’s just words … but living it. Yeah, I get that this appears delusional to many. I however believe if you want something to change in your life, if it’s really important … you have to live like it already has changed in order to make room for that change to exist. You create that change in part by being it. Today my medical team called me the “exception” and encouraged me to continue doing whatever the hell I’d been doing … to keep being that “exception” … because in their exact words what had happened was not normal … was completely unexpected … and that my blood and organs were reflecting a state of recovery that they said they would be very optimistic to expect even as far out as 1 and a half to 2 more years from now. If at all. “Normally” … they said ... “what you have done just doesn’t happen. We can’t explain it. You’re extraordinarily lucky.” Hell in my bone tests just last week the exposed bone (jaw) not only behaved much more like healthy bone than irradiated bone (which in medical terms NEVER RECOVERS, EVER … their words not mine) but this was after the highest chemo/radiation dose program they have ever given anyone, again … they told me this. All because I was already stage 4 before the cancer was even discovered. So good luck to your brother. Make it happen Dave. It’s not impossible. [censored] difficult, but not impossible. Today marks the one year anniversary of this madness and it's been a long year.
  9. Ok gang. Today was beyond belief. After 3 months of fighting this thing without medical intervention (because the chemo/radiation nearly killed me and they didn't dare continue it) ... today the results of my requested "last scan" were given to me. Mind you I have been fighting it on my own using some fairly contentious (to established medicine) routines. When I was last scanned (after treatment was suspended because it was killing me) I had a 1.5 cm tumor. This is down from the 8 cm it was when I was first diagnosed a year ago (stage 4) but to be honest their expectations were not super positive. The last scan I insisted on was done a week ago to assess what had occurred in my 4 months outside of treatment since they suspended the program because it might kill me. 0% cancer present in scan. Nada. Nothing. My surgeon and oncologist were both quite candid in stating that they could not explain it, but today I am cancer free. It's all gone. You can find me later if I'm still sober, over on cloud 9. There is no way in hell, heaven or any other place you could care to name, that I can fully explain how I feel right now. It's been a ride. God bless you all for helping me when I couldn't help myself. PS: today marks the anniversary (12 months) since I was first diagnosed. Fitting eh !
  10. It's all true. Even when it isn't. The first video had that bit about "we're all driving new cars IRL" which never panned out (my car was built in 2001 so yeah it was true around about launch time I suppose ... but I didn't own it for another decade and a half when it replaced my 1981 vehicle) and the second Downfall video ... well yeah that was true except that Gophur never raised his voice. Even when he was going insane from the madness of what we tried to do. Cheers. Pretty funny I have to admit. I wouldn't be smiling if it wasn't. Motorcycles. Yup. Soon. Oh yeah, another thing. If Berlin were actually on the map it would have been even funnier. It'll only take another 4,000 man hours. So, soon. Still soon. Forever and always. Soon. Parapoochies ? Even sooner.
  11. First of probably a number of procedures yesterday went very well. So we pulled out of the dive. The wings held. Hope it doesn't stall.
  12. We're hitting 9g, and the ground is looming large in the windshield ... but I swear I'll pull this thing up if I hafta rip the wings off and bail out in the recovery. Which is a little low but maybe I'll land in a snowbank.
  13. I appreciate the love and support more than you'll ever know. I have said a lot of stuff over the years but I have no words that can convey my thanks for what you have all done. The struggle continues but I'm still punching. There's no need to do more, you have done more than anybody could expect. I am humbled beyond expression. Kudo's to you all.
  14. This totally (well it used to be when I was there) dependent on what facility (flag building group) the AI is tagged to. If the City CP has 4 AI guns, then that's the one's that go down when you cap it, and come back on YOUR side when it rebuilds. There was no fixed number of AI for the city CP, or any CP ... but yeah there is usually 8 (four AA and 4 ground based) AI for the city CP. Could be more, could be less, most often it depended on the approaches and how the terrain builder chose to lay it out. ALL the AI are tied to one CP or another, the number of AI they owned each depends on a number of factors. If you cap a CP, all the AI THAT CP owns are now yours, after they rebuild, as long as you still own it. When the timer for AI rebuild is up, which starts at 0 with each subsequent capture ... that's when the owning flag will determine who get's to have the AI on their side. That's how it used to be at any rate, it could well have changed under CRS 2.0
  15. Yes and no. Don't go having your heart attack just yet Xoom. It's way too soon.
  16. You don't need to eat, Xoom. I got down to my svelte 180 pounds by not eating. It really works.
  17. Appreciate that Jwilly, I really do. I like to think of myself as someone who can git 'er dun but it's difficult to impress that upon people who are merely assessing you by the numbers they think they see in front of them. It's a by rote CYA world we live in.
  18. Slightly bad news gang. At today's follow-up it was revealed my earlier "all clear" was premature, ie: I still have cancer. Somewhat devastated I have to admit. I just about lost it when they told me at the clinic earlier. Just wanted to share the "don't ever take your health and stuff for granted like I did message" ... the consequences can be crippling and not just to your health. Your total well being can be affected in profound ways. I was trucking along nicely looking for work etc.. (there's no denying that cancer is a really good way to go bankrupt and there's nothing to be gained by homelessness except a more responsive social welfare response) and while recovery was slow, I was ahead of the curve by all reports and looking to get my life back on track. Then, out of nowhere .. BANG. A garbage truck runs a red light and you're back behind the 8 ball. I know I'll bounce back but not today. I have a couple of extra months of medical "wait and see" and then a more complicated recovery ahead of me. It's not going to be much of a lead up to the festive season for me so if you're in a good place this Christmas, thank your lucky stars, the universe, whatever and take care of yourselves and your families the best way you know how. In a flash your ordinary peaceful existence can be gone and you'll be in the fight of your life. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy and I don't even know what that is. I hate passing out bad news, especially about myself but I owe this community so much I feel bad not telling you exactly what is up. I'll be ok they haven't killed me yet, but today the rug was well and truly pulled out from under me. Godspeed and god bless and whatever else I can say to wish you well.
  19. Things are going well, if as slow as a lizard crawling across a glacier. I'm very slowly getting my strength back but I'm only at about age 5 years old so far. Maybe 8 if I was being generous. With the endurance of a 95 year old. Food has settled and taste is coming back to something within render range of being normal. Swallowing is still weird and I have to drink gallons of water to clear throat blockages. After some specialist testing it would appear the nerve damage to my hearing is expected to be permanent, oh well. I am enjoying being down to 180 pounds, that's about what I was in my avatar picture 30 years ago ... if only 90% of the weight lost wasn't muscle. Hormone production has resumed so if I can find the strength, watch out girls ! Biggest issue right now is no income. I am strong enough to get out of the house and walk around (and being driven by a desire to not become homeless in about 2 months) so I'm seeking employment now. It seems a bit dire out there for a 60 year old cancer survivor as far as I can tell so far. Financially this year of cancer crap has wiped me out completely. I doubt I'll ever pay back the hospital 100%. This chemo/radiation/MRI/CT Scan/surgery [censored] is expensive. Six months of it was brutal, both physically and as I said ... financially. Just touching base with you all and saying thanks to those who helped me out when this was just starting. I couldn't have made it without that help. I am humbled beyond words (me without words ? WTF ?) and you taught me a valuable lesson about accepting help. Something I was never able to do before, let alone be ok with. I feel as if this has helped me become a better person, and I thank you. I wish I had learned this a long time ago. So wish me luck at finding decent employment. My search so far, although only having just begun ... is making me cautiously concerned. I salute you one and all of WWIIOL.
  20. A con of some sort. Any sort. I'd like to come and show my appreciation. And get drunk of course.
  21. PS: food is great isn't it ? I should be a beach ball in no time now.
  22. You are being deliberately disingenuous ? Population biased area capture (where a heavily underpopulated side cannot compete at ANY level with the overpopulated side in the capture race) was the bullet we dodged. If however all you seek is belittlement rather than an actual discussion and the revelation of greater understanding that it seeks to foster, then well done.
  23. There was a time when area capture was being put up as a feature to be added. Strongly. There was opposition and it never happened. Dodged a bullet I'd say, but you could hear it whiz by it was so close.