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  1. YOU do not worry, you have been very clear and I understand that first you want to add the Americans, this is a game for us but for you a job and the Americans I think will bring many people to play it = more money available to you. But I also know that you are an honest person and I think you understand my point of view ... after 10 years I found the same panzers list with the addition of only tiger and spaa .. I think it is very little and I however I know it's not your fault. I am sure that the answer will be very good and that soon you will be able to work on some Italian vehicle to give on the axis side a bit of variety especially to the old players. I wish you good work and as I did then, I will do everything to make people know the game.
  2. I (and many others) hope that when you finish your actually projects, you will also start working on some Italian vehicles...
  3. I meant tanks
  4. I think that the roadmap is IMPRESSIVE and surely the game with the new 64 bit graphics will have many more players. I know that many Italians do not play because for many years we wait for the Italians at stake. Soon we will have the infantry but I REALLY hope in the future that it will be possible to use also carts or Italian airplanes. The axis needs more variety, like the allies)))
  5. In gioco mettete il canale 96. Per farlo: 1- Nella Home, premete su F1 per esempio col tasto sx del mouse 2- poi scegliete Personalizza 3- digitate 96 e poi enter. 4-Fatto ciò, RIpremete F1 e scrivete quello che volete, poi di nuovo ENTER e cosi noi vi leggiamo sul channel italiano. Su Discord (programma che serve per chattare e comunicare a voce siamo qua ---> https://discord.gg/quJ3v4g ps: se non riuscite a sintonizzare il ch 96 ma vedete un nome italiano online, premete enter, poi .m e staccato il nome (esempio, il mio nome è gters in gioco, quindi .m gters) + testo e vi leggeremo per aiutarvi Giochiamo insieme, giochiamo per divertirci, giochiamo per vincere!
  6. hello everyone, I need help as my logitech extreme 3d pro is very inaccurate, for example I can not aim well with the tank, the x / y axis lever is too soft and the force feedback does not work. Can you help me? Any suggestions?