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  1. <3 Now I can really say: Oh, fck, I reported this in the Bug forums, not in the community support. It wasn't me, afterall
  2. Disabled V-sync and it seemed to improve my performance over towns.. Was quiet, and just a quick test, but still... Try it, Disable Vsync from windows/drivers and game.
  3. I have a similar problem - but the trees aren't my issue. It's the cities, even empty ones. If I see buildings - especially newer models, my FPS drops to 30 at least. Normally i'm at a steady 60 (V-sync locked) - even in a largish Dogfight in an isolated area.. If I have a city within.. something like under 5-7km, when the buildings start to render.. *SNAP* Stuttering 20-30 FPS.
  4. Updated the direct link to AAR : http://csr.wwiionline.com/scripts/services/persona/journal_entry.jsp?page=1&pid=390599&eid=6361 Since the Sortie page has expired of course..
  5. http://csr.wwiionline.com/scripts/services/persona/sortie.jsp?sid=3099990&pid=390599&page=1 I wrote up a little AAR - just had to stop playing and think what happened - put it down. I felt - weird.. What the heck happened? How did I manage to score so many?! Like Dexter (from Dexter's Laboratory) says: "Sometimes I Amaze Even Myself"
  6. Language barrier makes life hard on this side of the fence... To Unsubscribe from the game, hjesse, open this page: https://secure.wwiionline.com/scripts/wwiionline/user/login.jsps?redirect=%2Fscripts%2Fwwiionline%2Fuser%2Fprofile.jsps%3Fdo%3D&joomla=true then Login and click: SUBSCRIPTION at the top, middle. Then at the lower: CLick I would like to unsubscribe from Battleground Europe. Read the wall of text and select the "Are you sure? " (put X) and click "UNSUBSCRIBE"
  7. Do you (or anyone else for that matter) have ATR guides up somewhere?
  8. Right-click, Save as.. ~12 MB One day BARCAPping Eindhoven. Just testing the FRAPS...
  9. The hosts-file is a local version for the DNS servers (in short terms). You're just telling your computer to skip DNS search, to just use the IP mentioned for the address mentioned. This line in the hosts-file will only affect this URL-address (auth.playnet.com).
  10. Wont affect anything. UNless the rats' ISP change the IP of the said URL. Then you need to delete the line from the hosts-file, at the latest.
  11. The "Threaded opengl" is also available in my 7900GT, in the "old nvidia control panel". I swapped back to old immediately, the new is just too much "candy". I'm at work now, so I cannot check how i enabled it. Maybe i hit some "use/show advanced settings" button, cant remember. Edit After reading the pdf: I guess the "Threaded opengl option" means to share the "opengl driver" off to the second core/processor. So I guess, without dualcore/HT/multiprocessor machine, there's no reason to turn this option on. I have to try it at home, currently I have it set to on I think. Offtopic I've used ATI for the last 3 years, a lotta has changed since in the nVidia camp, lotsa new stuff to play with and learn. Gotta insert the "coolbits 2" registry setting to enable OCing and new features in the control panel: http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=815
  12. Set the Compatibility mode of the ww2.exe to Win2000 or NT4.