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  1. This event would have played out a whole lot better if both sides had had more players. We had 2 109Fs up in the air (strange choice for the Dunkirk time frame btw) against, what I suspected, at least SpitVs with alt to bounce the bombers. I spent most of the time scanning the 5-7k area above the ships, periodically updating their position, before I discovered the RAF consisted of a single pilot at low alt. I was a bit hesitant to enter the convoy's AA sphere but still, the fight in the air was anything but fair. I had some trouble locating EA, since I kept expecting someone to come in high but once we found anything it went down quite fast. Apologies to Kenki for focusing on you but there wasn't really thing else to do for me (even though I briefly considered strafing the DD's bridge for RP-reasons - taking out the enemy CO). And sorry Tzulscha for going head on against you but I figured since the event was over, I might as well end it with a big boom. I appreciate the efforts going into planning this and tbh it's a shame we couldn't reach the full potential of this event due to low player numbers. Still, thanks for the effort.
  2. It's 12:00 o'clock noon, isn't it? If so, I'd like to take a 109 spot, please.
  3. Great event; weaving through all that AA fire was a blast. S! to the people setting it up. And DOC; your way of starting a Stuka bombing run is hella strange.
  4. Ah what the heck. Sign me up for a Stuka please, doesn't really matter which section.
  5. Good setup overall but we should have a) used the limited spawn lists and spread out equipment more evenly. The escort to bomber ratio turned out to be too low for our side. Plus, it would have been nice to see something of a 50/50 split for tier0/tier1 fighter numbers. done our planning in advance or at least have a pre-designated side leader. Most of the planning was done mid-air while we were trying to get some sort of formation together. The first 15 min were spent sitting on the AF, assigning leader roles and placing waypoints. Still, it was fun. S! to all those involved and a big thanks to Jammyman.
  6. Hey, where did all those 109 slots come from? Any chance to exchange my 110 for one of them if they're still free when the event starts?
  7. Put me down for a LW 110, please.
  8. Pretty similar experience here. 2nd rifles advanced head on from the W, and got pinned down by tank MG fire. After we didn't get any tank support, Chiapet decided to take us into a flanking move S of town, only to be ordered back to our original position within minutes. Again we got pinned by bofors and MG fire for a while before we finally were able to assault the town head on. Unfortunately clearing the houses went horribly wrong as the enemy had had more than enough time to prepare for an attack from that direction. House-to-house combat became a total chaos for me when my entire squad was wiped out and I was stuck with an LMG, trying to locate EI and link up with our panzer. Didn't go too well... Still, thanks to pillbox for settings this up again and S! to Chiapet, who did a great job leading the squad.
  9. Netcode2 has nothing to do with running a test on pingplotter. I don't see how my ISP is to blame for this either. The packet loss occurs when I go over the hops belonging to Cogent and Savvis.
  10. *bump* Seriously, what am I supposed to do with package losses like these?
  11. Pingplotter results: Cogent Savvis
  12. Ok, so pingplotter tells me I get a 50-80% package loss on almost every single hop within both the Cogent and Savvis networks (zero package loss on the hops belonging to my local ISP though). What am I supposed to do with that information?
  13. *sigh* LMG, 2nd squad, axis. Waited ~1 1/2h through the event setup, initial flanking move on the AF and then CTHL'd 10 minutes into the actual event. Sucks, especially when I'm reading about how great the battle turned out in the end. Still, it looks like pillbox did a good job managing the event and setting everything up. Thanks for the opportunity m8 and S!
  14. I've gone through pretty much every possible option. Netcode 2, NT compability mode, primary/secondary connection, visible player limit, SSE 2, reinstalled network drivers etc... Right now, every mission in a plane will result in a CTHL sooner or later, although most of the time after 10-20min. I can drive ground units or play infantry relatively fine (no more CTHL than before 1.25, which means almost none), but flying has become flat out impossible.