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  1. I already posted this. But + 1 again
  2. Agreed. It is really annoying trying to aim when your prone and having to waiting for the "perfect moment" to shoot during the sway. I would leave the sway on when standing, crouching, hurt or stamina bar not full. When your prone and stamina bar full, let aiming steady. This is already true for the lmg's.
  3. Yes. Side lock for the campaign. Thumbs up!
  4. Thank you @Silky and @B2K I was not aware of those functions.
  5. This is a really great idea. Dummies could be deployed by the transport plane pilot.
  6. I think these could be some really useful text commands in game. .pop: shows the population status (balanced, underpop or overpop) - could be useful for HC for planning and also for those players who like to play for the underpopped side. .AO: shows the number of available AO's. Instead of relying on HC telling us how much AO's / DO's we have ATM. Also, can help the defending side plan better. all
  7. Isn't it as simple as: the more people you have on, the most likely you will have more TOM? Sounds as simple as that to me. Besides, if you are on the underpop side, you will be likely to spawn on a camped AB or FB, resulting in quick death and less TOM. So, I don't think there is either one side which is so good like you point out. It is simple as numbers, with more players on you are more likely to win the map. Add to that side switchers and people logging on the underpop side and there you go. I'm just saying that cause I've been around since last December, and even during the 6 axis wins in a row I didn't see such unbalance like this campaign. Only option yesterday was to defend, an even so we had to choose one DO, and leave the other...
  8. My opinion: lack of SD is just not working. It is just helping out the overpop side. We need solutions to the imbalance problem. I don't like the SD either, but the way it is now its just one side steamrolling. It's just not fun playing 1 x 5... Today axis was so overpopped there was nothing to do at all.. I've seen a bunch logging, not to mention the dozens who already switched side..
  9. This is a great idea @kareca I would go even further and say that all friendly FMS on the same TARGET should be visible on map, not only the ones on YOUR mission. So far we have to ask people on other missions to mark their FMS's... Usually shipmarks are referred to this, but they vanish with time. If we could see all friendly FMS's (and ammo boxes) on the map it would be great for attacks/defense setup, and also to give an idea of their numbers/availability, in order to request more FMS or not. Sounds like a good fix for the future. all
  10. This! Such a great idea. It is frustrating when you already spawned, say on a FB bust mission or in a plane, and then you decide to go somewhere else and can see no marks, no chat, cause you're in another target. Thumbs ub for this one.
  11. LOL! Hope I can play a little this Sunday! See ya in the battlefield!
  12. Well deserved all!
  13. Well done everybody!
  14. The game has been up for almost 20 years, so don't expect it will not be on for the next two... To "catch" a new player in WWIIOL is not as easy as any other game (Battlefield, CS, CoD). Because it is not like any other game. It is not point and shoot (thankfully). There is a learning curve, you have to stick a while, you have to go on voice comms (Discord, TS), you have to work hard. Also, from the stats page, IMO, you can get a better picture of the number of players. If you choose any of the "top" stats, it requires over 50 sorties to show up. Most of the infantry stats show at least 500 players with at least 50 sorties, and they are not necessarily the same. So, we are talking of hundreds (even thousands) of players. But of course this a persistent MMO, you should not expect all of them to be online at the same time, especially in a tuesday night. If there was 60 online, I consider it a good crowd for a mid-week fight. We usually have hundreds on weekends. Anyways, I think CRS is on the right path now, and I'm expecting better things for the future. We are all counting on it.
  15. I think it would be a great idea to let the person who marked something in the map be able to remove it, without depending on the mission leader to do so. It is usually common to see a confusion of multiple marks on the map (and mini-map) many of which usually refer to an already dead unit, or a moving unit. For instance, you see a moving truck, if you want to track its movement would be good to place new marks, as well as delete the previous ones. Not always the mission leaders are available, and also, even less common is the situation where people report having killed something and ask for the mark removal. Multi-marks on the map, unless they are really acurate, don't really help our armor and air during attack and defense.