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  1. I think it would be a great idea to let the person who marked something in the map be able to remove it, without depending on the mission leader to do so. It is usually common to see a confusion of multiple marks on the map (and mini-map) many of which usually refer to an already dead unit, or a moving unit. For instance, you see a moving truck, if you want to track its movement would be good to place new marks, as well as delete the previous ones. Not always the mission leaders are available, and also, even less common is the situation where people report having killed something and ask for the mark removal. Multi-marks on the map, unless they are really acurate, don't really help our armor and air during attack and defense.
  2. Great job guys! Well deserved!
  3. @hateract, I really appreciate this. It was a honor to fight alongside all the allies this campaigns. A special cheers to all the HC for their efforts!
  4. Maybe creating larger "capture sectors" other than small buildings for the CP's. For example, the entire AB would be "capturable" rather than only a small room on the second floor of the bunker. Or a entire sector of a town would be capturable, not only the flag building. This would allow for better defense preparation and also would not kill the "ninja caps" which are a really nice part of the game also. I also think guarding duty is really really annoying and a few people do it nowadays. Actually there is a lot of blaming and fighting in the in-chat about this, but it is really hard to force someone to a duty there are unwilling to do.
  5. Top 3: 1 - Clipping: Body parts sticking out of buildings. 2 - Flipping ATG's when spawning from FMS's. 3 - Engine and firebug sounds. Annoying and can ruin a mission by limiting our hearing of enemy/friendly units. Not bugs, but: - Axis LMG "spraying" (??) precise bullets with laser aims and Axis grenadiers... those should be fixed also.
  6. Looking forward to see all these upgrades and additions on the field!
  7. In my opinion the 60 seconds are just fine. What we could actually have is some form of creating better ways of defending the FMS once it is deployed. A few people set Zones of Control (ZOC's) around the FMS's, which leads to their camping fairly quickly and easily. I always build some PPO's around it, and try to set a ZOC, but usually within 15-30 min the FMS's are already camped and have to be pulled off. That said, I dont think the time to deploy it is actually the problem. If any tanks, infantry or ATG actually saw your truck, it doesn't matter if it takes 30 or 60 seconds to deploy the FMS, because anyway in a few minutes the enemy will be already on its way to camp and destroy it. A simple way would be to let the Laffy W15 set FMS's, that way you would have a vehicle to defend it once it is set. And don't lock the screen during the process, allowing the use of the gun and map. That way you would stand better chance of success. However, the axis and the british don't have similar vehicles, so this is far from being a possibility.
  8. Thanks you @Pittpete and @merlin51
  9. Is there a way to see this? I can only see my FPS, but it does not show the ping/latency. Thanks.
  10. Well done folks!
  11. What if we had Para Engineers? They could be used to blow FB's, opening up new possibilities for the use of Paras
  12. Squad locked missions, there you go.
  13. I think the latest modifications regarding cap timers and population balance improved the game pretty well. There will be always room for further improvemente, but we need to recognized the efforts from the developers from time to time, and they are indeed trying. Just look at the map right now, we actually have a battle going on, not one side steam rolling like in the later three campaigns. Personally, I am much more fond of long lasting campaigns with big battles like the ones i've seen on the last days (regardless of the victorious side), rather then one week ones.
  14. I was getting forced despawn the whole Saturday, got pissed off and logged. Today i just attempted to change the "View limit" to "medium", and it is working fine so far.