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  1. \/ in the sig.
  2. Sweet, thank you mate, i'll let him know.
  3. Right so one of my squad mates goes missing for a couple of days, i post in our forums asking where he is. Says he is having computer trouble, i ask him what kinda trouble, to see if i could help. He posts this, i then realise im a computer n00b. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks
  4. Good squad, great guys. S! (bump)
  5. An intermission is a period of time between campaigns, just to relax and mess about, no stats are recorded. Often there are objectives to do, just as fun, like a recreation of a battle that took place during ww2.
  6. Its pretty bad really, does it really take long to post a thread saying why the servers are down, alot of the new people wouldnt be used to this as we are.
  7. Sorry, i could probably find the answer myself but im in a rush, Does ww2ol support 5.1 Surround sound? Thanks in advance.
  9. Yea not a real tiger, was made for saving private ryan!
  10. Just remembered i had these, thought they might be of some interest!
  11. Ok ive installed some things and got that list down to- Other PCI Bridge Device Unknown Device And i still have no sound! :-( Update: seems its something to do with my sound card (Audigy2 ZS) because when i plug my speakers into my onboard sound card (AC97) it works!
  12. Completely formatted my HD yesterday and reinstalled windows XP Pro, now ive done that i seem to have XP on there twice, feck knows how i sis that, since i formated the thing! anyway, ive kinda sorted that now. My problem is that under the device manager there is a bunch of devices with big yellow ? next to them, these are - Ethernet Controller PCI Memory Controller Other PCI Bridge Device SM Bus Controller Unknown Device What did i do, lol, because since then the comp seems to run ok, but im not getting any sound (all corect drivers are installed) and videos look wierd to! Any idea's? PLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!!!1!1!1!