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  1. Indeed it was a disaster from a Canadian perspective as the Canadians were in fact used in a false raid (not known at the time) in order to gain information about the Enigma machine, so yes...a disaster!
  2. Well ive tried everything I could find online to get both my thrustmaster joystick and throttle to be recognized in BE while running the TM target software. They do both work in BE without the target software running. However the issue is not being able to macro without the software running. Sooo...question is can you press a joystick button once that drops all bombs half a second apart by altering the cfml file?
  3. Figured it out. In the target programming software, I put both controllers in so the game saw them as one. I pulled the stick from it so the throttle was the only one in the target programming software. It's the only controller I was macroing anyway. So now the game sees two separate controllers. I also uninstalled the drivers for the joysticks. Anyway seems to work for now.
  4. The other issue I'm now seeing is my computer and the game are seeing both the stick and separate throttle as one unit so when trying to key map in game for example the pitch will be the same as throttle forward.
  5. Just picked up the joystick in the title. I downloaded the drivers and the T.A.R.G.E.T. programming software. Seems when I launch the game from the thrustmaster software, Battleground Europe doesn't recognize the controllers ingame, but if I launch it using the Battleground shortcut it does. Only thing is, doing it that way you can't take advantage of macros and hotkeys etc. Anyone have experience with this problem? Thanks in advance. Crescent
  6. I do remember. My crappy computer would lag all over...not at 12k feet or 15k feet but down low indeed. Personally I have a computer now that can handle as many people as you can throw at it. i would think most have a computer that doesn't have too many issues with the game now, however the game code and engine still doesn't take advantage of modern graphics cards and cpus. The solutions are there. Whether it's stos or new code or a modern engine, 8 years is long enough.
  7. Yes the render range "performance" fix around 2010 is what I meant. Anyway it pissed off a ton of people at the time and killed high alt bombing. I do remember the sto promise so if that's the fix, then I'm for it.
  8. Viz limit. This was implimented originally for performance improvement. It killed the high alt bombing game. People's computers are much better now and for those where draw limits help...have a slider under preferences that can be manually set.
  9. One more thing. And since I've been out of the loop for so long...I think with PCI you can put to vid cards on it, but is Crossfire the same thing or something else? Thanks...again.
  10. I don't have a preference for processors really...I've actually only run AMD. Ultimately, I want to run the three projectors for the outside visuals and the two monitors will display the instruments (one for the standard six pack ie blind flying panel) and the other for the rpm/boost gauges. It would be nice to run it off one computer, but looking into it it's gonna be pricey. I'm not worried about this game since it doesn't support what I want to do, but I will be using FSX and CFS3 with Firepower (lancaster add-in). I was budgeting around $1000 max, so I think for now I'll have to get a decent rig (need a new computer anyway) and down the road get the bad-azz rig I need to run what I want. The sim is probably about 6 months to a year away from been at the point where I can play with the visuals I want (projectors with three screens). Would it make a difference playing with three monitors for outside visuals and still have the two monitors for instrumentation as far as the rig set up I need goes as compared to using three projectors?
  11. Thanks guys for that input...really helps.
  12. Hi guys. I'm looking to build a new rig, but I've been out of the loop for some time. I will be running three projectors and two monitors, so was thinking of the ati cards for that application. I'd appreciate any links for hardware suggestions as well as where to buy. I live in Canada, so places like newegg don't ship here. Thanks.
  13. I'm currently building a Avro Lancaster simulator. As far as the instruments go, I plan on building my own from scratch. In order for them to work with any simulator, I need to build an interface code that extracts data from the sim itself. In other words, the parameters that the sim engine passes to the graphics module that draws the instrument panel. If you're interfacing an airspeed indicator you need the sim's value of indicated airspeed. So, my big question is can CRS export (make available) the necessary instrument data for me to build the correct interface so I can use the simulator with Battleground Europe? Thanks.
  14. Thank you. I'll give it a try.
  15. Any fixes for getting a reverse axis input? In other words....when I move the throttle forward, the ingame throttle moves back. Thanks.