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  1. @XOOM Forgive me if the I misspoke. I understand the concept of starting with less for a tighter command and control structure as far as number of divisions. I am more curious/concerned about the freedom of movement of the bdes on map. Will bdes be given freedom of movement or another bde be added so that units can move according to the same rules we he have now, Obviously it of great concern for many to maintain a "strategic" aspect of the game in addition to the solutions provided via garrison supply. So, again, just to make sure I am clear, and not rambling lol, will bdes have freedom of movement, rather than being "tied" to their DIV HQ and thus restricting strategic options/deployments?
  2. I am of the mind that 3 divisions for North/Center and South would be best. My biggest question is, are BDES going to still be tied to their HQ flag with movement restrictions. I feel if we want to keep the total number of BDEs down the freedom of movement is essential. Perhaps even keep 2 divisions but add another BDE in there, 2 divs with 4 bdes would equate to 4 "BCTS" that could be better allocated throughout the map. It is still a driving concern, that with present mechanics we will not see much activity from divisions outside of major cities... (Antwerp for example could be likely that 1 div from each side is allocated to that area and stagnant for a long time, not providing the intended content and leaving only 1 div to cover the rest of the map)
  3. I have not seen it so I want to separate and establish a thread for the specifics regarding HC's role in 1.36 and future plans for the organization and implementation thereof.
  4. CInC state of the campaign and general message out to all allies via the allied secure forum!
  5. @rotsechs No worry on being cheeky, I believe OKW should have something in the works as well. These events are open to all regardless of what side you normally play and all are invited to participate! You and your tank are always welcome!
  6. THIS IS A COPY FROM ALLIED FORUMS, IT IS BEING REPOSTED HERE SO THOSE WHO DON'T NORMALLY VIEW THEM CAN BE DIRECTED TO THE SIGN UP.. OPERATION POLTERGEIST Allies, The Polls have been tallied and as of know AHC are planning a large Airborne operation for Saturday, Oct 27th, starting at 11am Server time, I have forgone security concerns for the purpose of getting max participation and community involvement. In lieu of this circumstance please remember, the primary objective of this operation is to HAVE FUN, and to maximize the combined arms and teamwork potential this game has to offer! AHC are now selecting several viable targets for this Operation Poltergeist, the final will be announced on Saturday as determined by map status. The operation will require 4 main groups, to be headed by either AHC or volunteers who can be nominated to OIC in game. TASK FORCE PHANTOM, AIRBORNE INFANTRY: The Airborne group will have 2 tasks, dropping near or on the objectives themselves to capture CPS and eliminate enemy resistance, the other is to drop on enemy forward bases to interdict enemy supply and support engineers and commandos from Task Force Specter. -British Para Commander or Commanders, -French/American Commander or Commanders, -Jump masters -Transport Pilots TASK FORCE GHOUL, ARMORED AND INFANTRY COLUMN: Task Force Ghouls objective is to surge forward with armored support and trucks to establish a bridgehead on the objectives and draw away and eliminate enemy forces in support of paratroopers from task force Phantom, they will provide the relieving forces to secure objectives secured or contested. -Armored Commander -Infantry Commander -Support Commander TASK FORCE BANSHEE, AIR SUPPORT: The Objective of Task force Banshee is to escort Allied Transports from Task force Phantom, in addition gain Air Superiority over the battlespace. In addition they will provide CAS support and interdict enemy aircraft at point of origin to secure Allied landings. -Fighter Commander -CAS Commander -Addition Transport Commander/Liaison with Task Force Phantom TASK FORCE SPECTER, COMMANDO, ENGINEERS: The objective of Task Force Specter is to Sap enemy forward bases and interdict enemy supply by whatever means possible, operating behind enemy lines in support of the operation as a whole. -Commando... Commander The operation as a whole, will try to be simplified as best as possible to accommodate battlefield circumstances. The operational concept is a simple one. Air will move out to secure and interdict, Task Force Specter will move out Early to begin their tasks. Next the Ground Column and the Paras will begin their 1,2 thrust towards the objectives. I am hoping for at least 2 major objectives to be hit and flexed on as to sow absolute chaos and ensure the max amount of fun across the map. I look forward to being there on Saturday and participating with you all. For additional communications before the operation please use allied secure forums or allied forums if you do not have access. On D-Day, communications will be via Allied discord. Salute, and Good Luck Allies!!! -Hateract, CinC, Allied Forces
  7. Allies, Given the success of last weeks streaming event, AHC has been asked to organize and launch another event/operation led this time by we the players, to start this process I would like to poll what kind of operation we would like to participate in. Then we can get organized and make it happen in the weeks to come. Much thanks for your input and if there are other options you would like to explore, please feel free to comment! -Hateract, CinC, Allied Forces
  8. Separate or create a separate space for griping/complaining, negativity and watch it closely. Fact of the matter is, we are participants in an ever-changing online world. Complaints and negativity ate attributes to human nature, and cannot be eliminated. They can however, be isolated and steered towards some form of constructivity give basic ground rules. Players and people will always need a place to let of steam and gripe. One of the amazing factors with ww2ol is how emotionally invested players get, it's the tell tale sign of a solid world. But with that emotional investment means positive, and as I said negative. A healthy space to vent these frustrations and feelings when they come would be a good start, that way they do not leak into forum threads where the goal is to improve. I do not have the least bit of idea of how we can implement this, but I feel it would certainly help. We all have our moments of frustration, often times we just need to clean the air and drive on, how can we implement that? If we have it, I think we will see much of the negativity dissappear from standard forums.
  9. @ltibbs boom, you are posted in orbat as commander 106r as a reserve officer, thank you for helping out. Please PM me if you would like slack access.
  10. All, With tomorrows tank event on the horizon, I have created an intro to tanks slideshow for all to look at. If you are feeling adventurous and care not for the full thing, at least don't leave home without this!
  11. Attention to Orders, Campaign 155 has ended with the liberation of Europe and a highwater mark of achieving the coveted city of Essen and the surrounding of Dusseldorf, a rare feat and an incredible achievement for all of us. Every player put in amazing effort to see us through to the final battles, and all of you should have full knowledge that each and everyone of contributed to our cause! With all the moments, we create in wwiionline, it is hard to distinguish a few out of everyone to recognize for their achievements on the battlefield. With help from their peers, fellow HC and our records for the campaign, It is my pleasure to put forward a list of those players and squads who throughout the entire war, did continue to go above and beyond in order to further our objectives, and ensure that their comrades got the best experiences there are. Without further hesitation, I present to you the Campaign awards for 155. 7TH AST Allied Squad of the Campaign Their citation reads, The 7TH AST were a crucial factor in many of the critical battles of the campaign. Members of the unit participated in nearly every battle on the road to victory, and were the vital component in maintaining organized attacks and stalwart defenses. Where the frontline is, the 7th is bound to be, their continued efforts to organized and assist their fellow players paved the way to Essen in campaign 155, and will no doubt be a key factor in campaigns to come. MAJES99 Allied Player of the Campaign His citation reads, Whether it was running FMS, securing depots, running armor, or just providing good conversation in discord, MAJES99 was always a sight that brought relief and renewed vigor to his comrades on the field. He was always willing to help officers in crucial decisions and lead his fellow players in defense and attack, with MAJES99 on the field, Allied Forces could almost always be assured we would see through to the final victory. BOOMSTUK Allied Officer of the Campaign His citation reads, Throughout campaign 155 BOOMSTUK maintained dedicated leadership and initiative, leading Allied troops to sweeping victories and joining them side by side in the field being an instrumental player in captures, FMS running and armor. His dedication, and passion in the role of an AHC officer and Allied soldier were key in achieving the final victory. Under his command friendly forces managed to capture four major cities, including the crown jewel of the Axis, the city of Essen. PANDA1K M1G DEPEEK SNAKEYES HAYYDEN WOUNDEDUCK DUSTYHC SPOWIE PLUMMET GREAR CHARLIE3 ZERVA DONTMOVE UEHAWK WILLIE SMILINAL SNAKEEYES JOHNNY70 CPTMERICUH N8R MOVIS BADANIMAL FORREST GRUNT768 REBEL357 JAYPEE LAPSI1 MENEEKEOR CRONICG DONTMOVE VSTRIDER ARNHOLT DOC1168 Distinguished Flying Cross Their Citation Reads, For their continuous efforts in the decisive air campaign of map 155, and having partook in over 50 RDP missions a piece, as bomber and escort, these players created the backbone of the Allied war effort and a key contributor to the final victory. N8R I12CEF MOBIUS57 DHAMONT Croix de Lorraine Their Citation Reads, These players were key contributors in the allied Victory. Though there can be only one allied player of the campaign, there are many whom deserve recognition for their vital efforts in supporting their comrades. From basic mission making, constant communications, key defenses and captures, the actions of these fine soldiers serve as an inspiration for those to maintain the day to day fight, and a will to achieve a final victory. Campaign 155 was well fought and earned victory allies, we fought well, we fought together with combined arms and communication. The teamwork and comradery displayed were phenomenal and, and allowed for, the first time in many years, the Axis Jewel of Essen. You proved it could be done and, if we stick with it, we can do it again! As COS, I thank you all for a grand campaign, and I look forward to seeing you in the field for 156! -Hateract, COS, Allied Forces
  12. Attention to Orders, Yesterday saw some of the toughest fighting of this, or any campaign. In a daring morning offensive the Allies launched and attack to push on Essen and the surrounding towns of Ratingen, Oberhausen and Mulheim Airfield. Later that evening the Axis launched a massive counter attack onto Essen lasting over six hours of constant battle. Ending in a counter that saw the Allies gain the town of Velbert. All these fights combined shall be considered for clarity as the "Battle of Essen" During this battle, Allied soldiers distinguished themselves with their dedication and determination. The following players have been recognized as going above and beyond, and having a great impact on the massive Allied victory. GRIPFAST Army Gallantry His citation reads, During the fighting in the town of Ratingen GRIPFAST did distinguish himself by assisting the capture of spawnable CP by cutting with his rifle before pushing forward and aiding in the capture of the Army Base. SPARTACUSX Allied Expeditionary Medal of Merit His citation reads, SPARTACUSX was a critical player in the morning offensive. He aided in almost every capture and defense. Always urging his fellow players on and helping maintain the initiative. His efforts had an immeasurable effect on the Allied victory. DAOKOTH1 Air Force Gallantry His citation reads, DAOKOTH1 provided invaluable close air support for his comrades during the morning attacks ensuring that the Axis were held at bay so ground troops could secure the final objectives. CASSIE420 ERASAMO CRASSUS6 NANGABOY Liberation of Germany Their citation reads, These players distinguished themselves during the initial assault on Essen, capturing and guarding critical CPS as well as storming the final Axis bastion in the city located in the North Army Base where the fighting was most bitter. MEENERKOER Allied Airborne Paratrooper Ribbon His citation reads, MEENERKOER was a lone allied paratrooper willing to go in alone during the assault and assisted in the capture and defense of an Allied spawnable allowing his fellow soldiers to capture the city. BOOMSTUK GOREBLIMEY Army Service Order Their citation reads, It was these officers and their dedication and leadership that drove forward the offensive and kept the Allies motivated and rolling. They not only maintained and pushed communications but were present on the ground aiding their fellow players by running FMS and armor, and leading the way to capture CPS and ABs. BMBM MANHATTAN Air Force Gallantry During the defense of Essen BMBM, and MANHATTAN provided constant air support. Together they bombed key bridges a long with enemy FMS. In addition their spotting of Axis resupply and FMS as well provided critical support for forces on the ground. WARPONY TOXAWAY REEFERMON PLAYTIME DMW LORDGHEE1 CHZACC PIAZZONI COLT3672 LAPSIS1 TALMAN Liberation of Germany In conjunction with, Defense Ribbon Their citation reads, The Axis counter attack on Essen was a prolonged and immense effort, and at some points this key city in the heart of the Axis heartland seemed like it was going to be retaken. It took incredible vigilance, teamwork and communication to hold the ABs and CPS. the North Army Base changed hands 4 times, some CPs over ten times. These players led the defense and worked the recapture efforts. Made sure defensive FMS were set and encouraged and organized their fellow players fighting onward to the final liberation of the city and the success of the Allied counter attack on Velbert. BLUNGUT Cross of Great Britain His Citation Reads, During the defense of Essen, the Axis were using multiple bridges to get armor and resupply to feed their attack. Despite Axis resistance and having to make multiple attempts, BLUDNGUTS persistence and dedication paid off and he was key in destroying two of the main bridges allowing the enemy to advance. GENX Allied Expeditionary Medal of Merit His Citation Reads, GENX's efforts in running a DFMS to the North Army Base proved key in the Allied ability to recapture and defend the key position. In addition he led the recapture effort and the defense of the AB. 7TH AST CinC Unit Gallantry Citation Their Citation Reads, During the end hours of the assault the 7TH AST led the recapture and defense of the Velbert spawn in Essen. Moving on, they pushed an Assault on the Essen-Remscheid Forward base, thus eliminating half of the enemy supply for their attack. Not satisfied with these already incredible battlefield feats, they led the counter-attack in Velbert setting a vital FMS and capturing the Spawn. Through these extraordinary efforts, the members of the 7TH AST helped turn a desperate defense into the highwater mark of the BAttle of Essen. And Finally... WOLFSTORM Ground Forces Command Medal His Citation Reads, Though new to Allied High Command, WOLFSTORM stepped up last night helping lead the efforts in securing the Center and North Army bases in Essen, keeping the communications up and Allied Forces organized and working the liberation. He then helped lead friendly forces onward to capture the town of Velbert, securing a vital flank around Essen and ending the Axis hope of a successful recapture of their most valued city. To all who participated in the "Battle of Essen", great work and amazing fighting, it was definitely a memorable day in the World War Two Online Experience and those involved should be proud of their actions and those of their comrades. -Hateract, COS, Allied Forces
  13. Really tired right now after the slug fest in Essen. Just wanted to say a huge cap for the allies and an epic battle for the recap tonight. To all who participated, on both sides.
  14. Attention to Orders, In an effort to recognize players combined effort throughout the week, to further the Allied cause through resilience, discipline and teamwork. Todays citations recognize players for accumulative actions and efforts to further the allied cause. This last week saw the continuation of Campaign 155 and a myriad of back and forth battles across the map, slowly and steadily our forces march East! For their achievements on the battlefield, the following players are herby awarded. ALEXBELT Allied Officer of the Week MENEERKOER Allied Player of the Week LANCERS Allied Squad of the Week Without the efforts of these individuals and their day to day dedication and teamwork, the Allied Forces would not be where they are today, knocking on Germany's doorstep! Often times it is hard to distinguish the valiant and brave efforts of our comrades for every individual action, however as time passes we can see the cumulative effect of their work and diligence to keep pushing East and bringing the Allied cause closer to victory! DHAMONT Army Gallantry His Citation Reads... DHAMONT's efforts in the battle of Grevenmacher did allow the Allies to quickly take the town ensuring the security of Trier and the neighboring allied towns. With a secure line in the south the Allies were able to continue to push into the Axis occupied territories. WILDCAT382 MOBIUS57 Croix de Lorraine Their Citation Reads... During the Allied Advance on the Axis Lines, the Axis did make a concentrated push on the Northern town of Druten. Massively out gunned and out numbered, using only Navy units and distant Army support these two individuals lead and rallied a strong and persistent defense. Because of their efforts and their ability to stall and hold the enemy for longer than anyone could've imagined, the Allies were able to capture several key towns while the Druten defenders held on with their fingernails. Though the town was lost, the gains that were made due to the dedication of these players were a key factor in the Allied efforts to liberate Europe from Axis tyranny. Keep up the solid work and lets keep moving East. As always, please step up to make sure your fellow players can be recognized for their actions, anyone can submit a citation. For those of you awarded today, my personal thanks, and a thank you from those of in AHC. -Hateract, COS, Allied Forces