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  1. @TmanName the FB and the time, I will meet you with my knife!!!!!!!!!!!!!! must put in for clarity... this is an actual challenge!!!
  2. Our darkest day... Our finest hour.... Allies, I place this in general chat so that all may read. The Axis have begun a well executed and dogged counter attack. This has had a most adverse affect on morale and on our psyche. Allies, after many campaigns of suffering and loss, OKW is trying and currently succeeding in putting you in a losing mindset. Let it pass. let it slip your mind and focus again at our goals. We stand now at the throat of the German heartland. Hold fast and stay true and we will see victory. At this hour, let it be known the allied forces have been given the orders to strike EVERY AXIS factory until they are no more. Every man capable of flying an aircraft is expected to do his duty, whether it a Blenheim, DB7 or hurricane we must continue this campaign day and night at all hours until the final victory. On the ground AHC have been given new key objectives, be prepared to fight for the same towns many times over, BUT in conjunction with our air campaign we will see through to the end. It will not be easy, it will not be pretty, but all must do their part and fight on, DO NOT FOR ONE SECOND FORGET, WE ARE ON THE WINNING SIDE! Regardless of axis gains, regardless of their moves, remember that, stay stoic, stay stalwart, and stay the course. Campaign 153 belongs to the Allies, fight on, fight hard and continue being the best players I've had the pleasure of playing alongside. Hateract, Commander, Corps de Cavalerie
  3. @B2K Was poking today with the awards site and seems to still miss some things here and there, not sure what the reason would be but figured I would throw out my example. Tanker Ace for a single sortie. May 21 11:00 kchip (Flak 36)May 21 11:02 coila (Pak 36)May 21 11:03 coila (Pak 36)May 21 11:05 coila (Pak 36)May 21 11:06 vanth (Pz IV D)May 21 11:08 vanth (Pz IV D)May 21 11:10 vanth (Pz IV D)May 21 11:10 plink (Pz II C)May 21 11:14 vanth (Pz IV D)May 21 11:14 plink (Pz II C)May 21 11:14 rtpower (DE LMG)May 21 11:16 dylanboo (SdKfz 232)May 21 11:18 plink (Pz II C)May 21 11:18 vanth (StuG III May 21 11:18 kolbfitz (DE Engineer) Not sure why it makes the stug 3b a smiley face lol, but with 9 mech kills using a M3A3 it should populate in the Tank Ace field. (or did I miss a requirement?) In addition vehicle was RTB'd
  4. 1. Ping/Lag/Hit detection bugs. TO clarify, I know much has been done and given the scale of the game not sure what can be done, but still buggy at times and can always be worked on. 2. Clipping, clipping through buildings with weapons on all sides with all weapons is a problem. We have had many years of practice with the CPS and ABs, berms and walls etc. Many players know exactly how to exploit the terrain to wiggle their weapon through and give other players a bad day. 3. Random weakpoints on armor or vehicles. This is not consistent, but changes whenever values are tweaked. Every once in a while a certain ammo or spot on the armor is either more powerful or weaker than it should be, as long as its not there for long should be ok. Will add more if I can think of, but these 3 are the ones that jump out at me on a daily basis. .4 I knew I'd remember!! Bugs with HC and disconnect! So anytime the game temporarily disconnects for an HC member they lose all HC privileges till they change persona. Its ok if your just OIC but if you need to make bde moevements or message on .allied/axis it costs us valuable time.
  5. I actually agree with those ideas, would make for a lot of fun. I too enjoy our forward base fights and fighting in the open fields makes for a lot of fun.
  6. @xcaschill my man. This was a LONG campaign and many of the vets on the Allied side at least need some time to recuperate after logging in to desperate defenses EVERY hour of every day against tiger swarms for weeks on end. These guys also pay to get enjoyment out of the game and the respite of a few days intermission to play with planes, tanks, DDS and more over to run and gun without having to worry about losing the map. Sunday will come quick enough. In the meantime CRS has just stated they'e working in somethings to improve game play BEFORE campaign starts which is sweet, and several of us at AHC are working hard reforming that structure. So go out, enjoy the sun, or stay in and play fallout, or enjoy some time chilling with squaddies on intermission. Sunday isn't too far off, and the break is well needed and deserved for many players.
  7. To follow preavus I'd say right now in order for the current system to work we need more HC. One of the selling points of this game is the fact that it is the players and not the system that dictate the outcome of campaigns. There is nothing else like it, H&G keeps coming up, screw that game. I have over 500hrs, it is not the same. Any paying player is capable of joining HC, and the more are there the better things get. There is no game that gives it' players such choice in such an open map. It' not perfect, and I agree squads need more power, but to exclaim one of the games selling points as the start of all that is wrong... and to top it off to not attempt to participate in the system when it' open to EVERYONE, seems off the point. I will agree numbers are down, we are now a niche market, as long as we work to marketing to that group and continue to maintain the very things that keep this game unique and alive we should get numbers back.
  8. On April 19th Hirson fell to the Axis, in the subsequent days I have seen some of the most heroic, spine tingling epic fights in wwiionline that I have ever seen in in my time as AHC. Never have the odds been so great or the consequences so dire. On the day of April 19th, Axis conquered the city of Hirson, our fallbacks we bad and our lines in shambles. No less than 3 divisions and the fate of Laon and the map were at stake. The Axis had an entire divisions worth of bdes, in their way was a single allied armoured bde and its HQ. For many hours the defenders in Verviers held on, with whatever equipment they had left. Yet, somehow...somehow they held the line, not only in time for reinforcements, but for us to properly withdraw and create a new line of defense. These actions were exemplary!. And yet again, on April 21st, again you guys went above and beyond. In the morning you surprised the Axis with the captures of Leuven and Tienen, yet by that late afternoon we were yet again in a desperate gamble for our lives. Brussels was down to a single AB and CP, and yet, through determination and herculean effort, the city was liberated, no units were pocketed and we lived to fight another day. We have had a rough run of things this campaign guys; between lopsided spawn lists, AHC mistakes and even the general little things that cost us campaigns, you have stood through it. There has been much talk about losing vets, and about being able to cover "the basics" and as a whole struggling to work together as a faction. These battles Prove we have it within ourselves to overcome impossible odds, work together and snatch victory against all odds. Its within us allies, to win. And maybe it wont be this campaign, or the next, but the dedication, and the actions of our players show me its there, we only have to use it. These past few days have tested me to the limit as AHC, and yet I have never been more proud to serve the player base. It was today, as I was writing up the citations for awards for these battles that I had a dilemma, and I was at a loss of what to do. Several names came out for awards, but in the end, I think from the fall of Hirson to the Battle of Brussels, I don't think there is an allied player lacking a story of going above and beyond, and deserving of recognition, whether it be a f2p player or a squad leader or senior AHC. We worked together, and we survived! We have it in us allies, to succeed, to win. Maybe not this campaign, hell maybe not even the next, but damnit if these past few days have proven anything, its that we can! And if we work together we will! I wish to thank all of you for your actions these past few day, they are nothing short of exemplary, lets keep it up so one day we can toast again in the fires of Frankfurt. Allies, and keep up the fight! -Hateract, Commander, Corps De Cavalrie
  9. I'm putting this in general so our f2p users can see it as well, and if I left it in allied unsecure it's still... well unsecure, just I cant reach our free to play guys. We did a great job this morning taking Leuven, securing it and then taking Tienen, behind that was a big beautiful hole. I know there were questions as to why I did not push that hole or even move a flag into Leuven. Long story short we had too few bdes to attempt to hold a snake. Not only that but snakes are inherently dangerous even with a lot of bdes. I made the call that the risk was too great without securing some other key towns. It would be unfair to you guys to leave Brussels in a bad spot and even now holding Leuven is risky, albeit, some calculated risks are needed if we want to make progress. I know this may not satisfy some of you bc when we see big holes in the line we taste blood and its a lot of fun raising hell. But in the end its not worth it if it causes us hours of heartache after and leaves us in a place worse off than before. Keep up the good fight and hold the line.
  10. Allies, I have tried this before, I will try it again, I'm hoping the thread name now lends clarification. This is a thread to give you the PB an open forum to write down your gripes, praises and Ideas to AHC so we may better meet your needs and work together as a team. No subject is sacred, the only rules are that we discuss objectively, constructively and civilly. That being said passions are expected to run high, this is fine, passion means you and we care! Lets keep this thread up and going; and lets work together to doing what we can as a team!
  11. Big supporter of this, ensures clearing and capping bunkers isn't a basic routine where players find the exact spot to hide or attack from.
  12. FMS still creating a bottle neck for attackers. Will need to find more ways to incentivize more players driving them out there and setting them up. Recent changes have helped with the setup of an AO for sure, but once the word is out, it becomes very difficult to bring in further FMS/trucks, for both sides. Seems players have some good ideas that I am aboard with that should help, the 2 main being. 1. Allow ML to lock/unlock spawning from the FMS until time dictates. This is a simple feature, I understand squad only is a bad idea, and kicking players is a rough grey area. Just a lock/unlock spawn though will allow MLs to ensure EWS isn't lit early or players coming in at the wrong time. It will mainly help the setup of attacks, but might actually help sustain as well. Lock FMS if enemy is close or following the "ant trail". Should allow FMS to stay up longer. Also if commo is good can direct spawn traffic to the needed parts of the battle field better. 2. Different styles of FMS/MSPs. Variables certainly help. Rather than an all in one solution, it seems a lot of us are happy with the idea of having a variety of spawnables. Maybe a limited inf only MSP deployable from an engineer a certain distance from a standard FMS. Will allow support of the main FMS and help combat camping. Let trucks deploy larger style FMS for additional heavy equipment, make sure the distance is decent (has to be like 1km out), but will allow for easier ATG deployment as mid battle towing isn't easy. 3. More PPO would be great, just some different styles, heck even deployable AI or some crap. Any ideas out is an improvement, its a big throttle. Long story short lets find out how we can get more people driving them out there. If that doesn't work we need to find a way to create satellite spawns, or some way that the few who do run FMS can maximize effectiveness to keep a battle going.
  13. Having run more FMS then I can count, warping is a huge mechanic that can either make or break an attack. However those of us know its VERY hard to teach new guys how to warp, especially when you're in the fight, is there a way to simplify warping, or without rage... remove it? One or the other is fine, but right now the mechanic is not favorable to newer players.