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  1. After 10 or so years of being away - I went through the password recovery system just so I could post lol on this thread. It's like nothing has changed at all, even the game itself! It's great to see some of the old names here in this very thread that were posting way back on day one/ish... whenever that was. Anyway, carry on.
  2. I had the same problem. I had to re-install and choose to install the directX runtimes, or whatever it is. Actually I had a number of issues getting signed up and into the game, a surprising number considering the age of the software. I really don't think it's a good idea releasing it on Steam in its current state. Your average Steam user isn't going to google or visit the forums to solve issues, they will simply leave a bad review and un-install it.
  3. ^^ I remember meeting up with VFA-25 a bit, they were a good bunch. Didn't they fly french down south? And another squad, 357th, or 352nd, something like that? They were good blokes too. Never really flew with a squad officially, mostly winged up with Slider, great times.
  4. I remember all those too #4 used to drive me nuts. I remember the big cliff fortress that was in Dinant, you could walk around inside it. I remember logging into closed beta for the first time, meeting up with some guy and both saying "this can't be all there is...". I remember Friday updates, the pre-release video that showed panzers hiding inside a barn on farm (surrounded by fences) and was being strafed by a spit... the beta looked nothing like it I remember Mo getting pissy that Dragons desk was bigger than his.
  5. I see a few names here that I remember from the old days. When it was released Can't remember Can't remember, none really. RAF
  6. I seem to recall the first vehicle being the spit mk I, the second was one of the panzers, never heard of a jeep.
  7. Can sombody at CRS simply create the account for ReidbO and send him his login details? I think crediting the account with 2-3 months free play would also help a bit here too. Thats what I would do anyway.