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  1. Yes it is limited in a sense of total overall supply is available slower but the point is some depots are also 'spawnables' from rear rank garrisons so it is not 1 reduced list it is 2 at least. Then there are spawnables due to divisions being in the area potentially bringing it up to 3 or even 4 depots of supply in 1 depot. that is what, 300 infantry in total or so? how many sappers, engineers, automatics, zooks and shreks? No interdiction involved, just close to an AB supply of infantry in the one depot and there may be others. You now have to capture every depot before considering an AB. Some of us made the decisions on what to cap based on the town, supply, boots, other priorities and more. It's just another aspect of the tactical game gone imho. Attack needs a small boost, vets from both sides in this very thread agree the same. It is now much harder to cap a town than before and if the enemy turn up in numbers, rare quite simply. I keep seeing people say it's now more about attrition, it isn't as there's a ton of unseen supply in every link depot and every depot not capped when you take the AB
  2. I can't help feel that other than tanks and heavy atgs the AB does little to nothing nowadays and I find the whole business of recapturing an entire line from remaining garrison in a town where the AB is owned by the enemy to be a little much. I know others feel the same and not asking to shut down all spawning but seriously: it was hard enough with enemy spawnables form back line flags in the past, garrisons not needing an AB to access their entire inf list to me at least seems overkill. I'd be interested to hear perspectives of others even if you don't agree!
  3. It blows when you simply don't hve the boots online to mount even half a decent def doesn't it? This was allied TZ3 for many years but this isn't a haha now do you get it?! post. I think a good way to start the line moving quicker again is to reduce garrison sizes which will in turn encourage more backline supply brought up and thus more weakened backline towns which will see more mini 'breakthroughs' and/ or simple town by town caps. I'm not sure what could be reduced.. likely armour by 30% or more, Basic inf supply of riles by the same. SMg's - well at 19 - 30 depening on AB numbers I think that's already running on minimum. Engineers there's already not enough of, etc I didn't play this weekend due to RL commitments but looks like you've a good foothold on the riverline. As to the TZ3 pop imbalances where one side or the other is little more than a speed bumpI have no answers. AT least the system allows the AO's to drop to 1 when game pop is low enough. You should have been here a few years back when it was always 2 if not more and we didn't have the boots for a decent def at any 1 of them, now that was horrific!
  4. Skee53 i see a fair bit of but I don't believe the old 53rd tag is still in use. probably worth messaging him on forums or in game. GL!
  5. I have to agree with Mos to a large part on this. it had it's day and was simply too much unpaid work trying to do your best for the side, sometimes covering for others not willing or able to understand bad AOs, bad moves, good moves and supply across the front, for many hours. I do miss the brigade system and how with smart play you could influence the whole front but the newer system is far more fun for the non HC player than it was in most cases during the heyday of ToE and I can happily enjoy just playing as a grunt.
  6. came looking for a post telling us how to play as allies, found it very fast. first rule of playing as a 'visitor' to the other side: "keep your fat gob shut about what they 'need to do' they can and have whupped you many times before, don't be an [censored] just because they have had a bad period because sure as hell your own bad period when back to your 'own side' is just waiting around the corner to make you look a fool
  7. yes. every single one.
  8. Cool story
  9. Nope, snakes are still very possible as seen overnight. at 2 AOs per side you have 2 unattacked AOs from the underpop and 2 heavy inf attacks from the overpop. Supply is irrelevant, the side being rolled will often lose towns with 'best in tier' tanks still in the list or at best dying the moment it spawns/rolls out of veh. Snakes are still very possible if you're simply underpop down to critical levels. Sure it is a little slower but it is not only still possible but still happening
  10. Almost all HC have lt col before joining HC I think? I know some who were low rank before joining but I think the majority already were as high a rank as the non-hc game allows you to get
  11. NM I see the thread in general discussion that shows you are aware of both my big bugs
  12. Nice and simple yep. The UI is very clunky and needs a lot of work but this garrisons business makes life a lot simpler
  13. Yep that's correct. It required a ton of organisation in allowing the enemy to cap a cp and immediately have 20 guys camp the bunker then issue .fallback and follow up by recapping ofc. Wasn't there a manual in how to type all 9 characters of the command? genius level management... /s
  14. The thing that many, many failed to grasp about snakes as i'm sure you remember is that to stop them you got in front, you only placed cut AOs on it to make them defend it and slow down the advance of their supply through the hole. Attempts at cutting a snake were very rarely successful because the snake was continually funneling new supply through while yours was inevitably still on the original front line. The garrison supplies mean you're already in front of the snake so that's a great thing but then every town they have capped is a new supply point in the chain they can use with no flag moves, hmmm I need to get in game and see all this don't I? Ok, omw
  15. I fully understand where you are coming from but some people actually do use missions for specific goals and thy need to be able to vary target, spawn point etc for operational reasons which is why I suggested a further click for selecting mission. Potentially I could see the 'one big mission' working out fine but some players need to see goals and 'mission parameters' for whatever their reasons are, sometimes we did in squad too and they were indeed useful to have so I gave in and accepted they're a necessity for some. I don't need them, nor do most vets I suspect but if they are still being used by some and they want to keep them I could accept a couple of extra clicks. I am a great supportr of keep it simple as I'm sure you're aware but I can be persuaded to accept very minor interruptions in spawning if it means more mission orientated players get to keep their preferred system. STill it needs to be as 'few clicks as possible!'