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  1. These 'rules' have been in place since 1.36. Any depot not captured when the ABs fall has normal garrison supply still. As long as FBs remain friendly after ABs capped: Any depot that links to a freindly town can also spawn garrison supply from that link (effectively access to 2 links). Additionally any brigades in a friendly link can also be accessed ABs only stop tanks spawning inside town. Cap ABs last or pay the price
  2. It is obviously gamey yes, where the line gets drawn is obviously not always cllear but if in doubt use .report and have the GMs make a call
  3. Around 12 of AEF were axis last map mouse, we had a lot of fun while there also!
  4. I believe if you hold down the - key while pushing the joystick it will show -Joystick etc. Try this
  5. This is completely untrue from what I have seen. Axis are far more likely to panic over an AB down and all rush to retake it but hopefully the allies learned something from my constantly stating 'AB last attack or def' Since 1.36 the dynamic of capture changed. The garrison supply is still available in depots when your ab is lost but additionally your FBs come up AND spawnables have supply from flag links also making them now super spawns with 2 lists of inf to draw from meaning you can (and we have done many times) completely lib a town and bounce the AO if the attack doesn't tie down the depots first. It is very reminiscent of 'dont cap the city' flag from the days of fallback - don't cap the ab until you have all enemy link depots is a mantra, learn it, love it. I am not a fan that it works this way since garrisons and would sooner see garrison supply is held in limbo not usable until AB regained but it is the mechanic we currently have so I'll use it every opportunity and encourage otehrs to but yes I'd rather see the garrison unusable if the AB is enemy held. Spawnables and FBs is enough of a boost to a def imo.
  6. This will change the face of town combat in bigger towns/cities far more than the dividing of the cities even did, can't wait!
  7. It felt exactly the same as playing allied, a core of vets (mainly non AEF) keeping comms high and focus constant. much fun despite dying a lot
  8. Last night was my first night axis EU prime and US prime and it was a blast! Numbers on the main Carignan attack were well over 30 for axis, minimap at one point was probably closer to 50 plus air. One axis vet stated at one point: "there must be 75 here!" and I'm fairly sure he meant only axis. There was zero defeatism, quite the opposite the players were motivated and the comms were positive. AEF absolutely love a tough fight and last map those fights were nonexistent many times so yeah we're playing a map axis but far from all of us, some still have side loyalties or kit preferences or whatever so there's around 10 of us I believe axis currently. We have no agenda, this is definitely not an AEF promotional tour or ego stroke. I do not anticipate us being the deciding factor as much that would look great as a recruitment tool haha. What we will do is play hard, try to work with others, use comms and never feed negativity because it is 100% pointless and self fulfilling. You can win this map as either side with the enough smart play, determination and comms as either side. The axis have not given up whatsoever and in prime time EU/US you can expect some decent fights I know that much! Great DOC post as usual and a lot of that was visible to anyone who thought about it tbh doc, I was always amazed to see the game still here after a break form it post 2011. Rats 2.0 have done an awesome job but I'm well aware a lot of what kept us coming back year in year out was the work done by Rats 1.0 to keep things alive too. 'Gamer purity' or 'vision of exact accuracy' is not going to keep the lights on ever. Gamplay may be of secondary interest to any purist but how many purists are there? Nearly forgot, changing start tier or speed of tier advance is cool with me, nice to have a little variety We had a reverse map years ago and it was interesting yeah but a lot of manual work i believe. Enough yap, time to go fight
  9. If it means we stop playing in the north for a while I'm all for it
  10. This is what gets me the most. there is a package for $5 a month. The game is a free download, that's at least 6 months of cost before you've bought any of the good new similar titles and they all require map/unit package purchases in addition.
  11. 'Newer players, if you have a desire to run with a team based squad and learn all the tricks of the trade we will' Vets you know your game and you know we know ours, looking for a new squad or simply an organised group to tag along with on voice? Feel free to join us for a battle, a big push or a longer stay. AEF is a team first and foremost, secondly an Attack focused squad who are the hammer of the allies being the most successful allied squad on captures and saves since its inception. Voice comms - discord is a must but you're free to be off it when you want to just do your own thing. The fun will be where we are, so will the kills and caps.
  12. Hunting a 'known name' is definitely a thing. I died to a stug on a distant hill as i was sat in an fmb on a town river so i jogged 2k and sapped him. Jamesi i think was the name and he came allied for 5 minutes suprisingly to to salute my tenacity! He was a gent.
  13. It is extremely rare at range indeed to get a simulkill but i can make the claim i once had one at around 500m against ceska probably 10 years or more back, maybe even 15! On the old fire escape rooftops where i missed my first shot, he shuffled and then we both fired but this time I'd aimed up a few pixels and on my spawn out i saw a kill despite dying to his first shot on me. In close quarters they are very common as we know, especially with prefiring as you corner in a flag :/
  14. Google 'parody'. QoR is sorella's squad and they are one of the most dedicated FB busting, comms driven, smart playing squads you will come across in game whichever side you play.
  15. not what others on your side are saying. I'm not saying it is an easy kill by any means but it most certainly isn't indestructible