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  1. 2003 - 105th pz along with Jsilec 2004 - 23rd until AEF formed many years later
  2. One of the biggest complaints of pre AO players was : can't find the action until they're already camping the town. This was stated at the time and the whole precept of AOs was to get the bigger battles going and make action easy to find. I played Pre AOs on my first account, 95% of attacks were a single spawnable lone capper and then bum rush. No large battles worth mentioning and if it didn't pay off, rinse and repeat at the next spawnable. Delusional to think you could do that with pop levels like there are now..
  3. One of my favourite threads
  4. See my sig. I got blamed for the same thing years ago haha
  5. That, they said quite clearly it was an ongoing evaluation and that's the smart way to do it. There are games that scream for balance fixes on a weapon system for years and here they monitor, count your blessings
  6. Ateam are constantly doing the good stuff behind the scenes with a pro small team approach. Well deserved
  7. Kind of true. This game had a LOT of past players who call by to check on the state of it regularly. If we can snare them, they often bring others and then we have the pop back to good levels. The snares such as a drive away from complete HC chess dependent AOs to AOs set by people being at target ready to fight are what we require now
  8. As I've said just above. I'd prefer EWS being the trigger, not something as simple as just 'trigger heavy ews' but rather something that also removed the AO if you drop down to very low /no EWS and raise the EWS threshold for inf so it's harder to achive. Yes the front would be lit up like a christmas tree again at times but if you think through the requirements properly I reckon most gamey uses of it can be curbed so it's mainly real fights you're looking at, chosen by players and field commanders freed from the restrictions of having to monitor the map as a whole every sodding minute
  9. What Stanky said. HC has those in it for that side of the game through to eventual CinC and Field Leaders who are only in it because it's the only way to get things done. When Field Commanders don't have to be tied to the chess game the game will see a resourgence of sorts I reckon. If we can work in a system of AO going on when players have setup a town and have high levels of EWS UP, guaranteeing a fight, we may even see a lot of the old names come back. Being able to squad/coop of squads or similar impromptu AOs would give squads real life again and with that comes the organised battles of old that really made the game shine begetting more players imho. I know it's an old game but the PvP and teamplay combination makes it unique to this day, it's got some life in it yet
  10. When I came back the game was a mess tbh but numbers seem to be picking up. Let's not forget it is summer and most years I too do not play for a good 6months+ due to nicer weather, I know many others do the same. I personally think that we have reasonable to good gameplay right now and I wouldn't be surprised if some of the rats plans lead to many returnees (especially 1.36!)
  11. I cannot wait to see 1.36 and garrisoned towns. Yes, huge cutoffs engineered are a wonder to see usually but in fact they suck balls for the side being cut and drive them away. I believe the plan is along the lines of 'every town has a garrison but HC can also allocate extra resources via flags if they wish' this means no more softcap balls and no more enormous cut offs because there was no one left to move flags.
  12. RDP currently has little to no effect as we cannot kill enough with low in game numbers to benefit from it as we saw last map and that's a great shame as those long range pilots deserve to have some result visible on map for those long [censored] flights!
  13. 6 divs back on map - fought off the axis horde at the gates of cambrai after we got a brig and hq back. Biggest recovery ever started from the coast of the UK around map 53, 55? Bearing in mind we have to defend factories in the south and the north unlike sitiing in a huge pile of flags in one corner.. Depending on TZ3 shennanigans may be able to get a few more days out of this or maybe longer?
  14. Your math is correct. However 100 extra semi autos is a bit bloody much isn't it?
  15. I think players without greentags would probably get a ton of [censored] when they behave like noobs tbh. Greentags will do lots of things that make a vet pull their hair out, at least when it's displaying a green tag the smarter players will just sigh and move on without screaming or accusing them of stuff