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  1. Not even a fluke, very common occurrence tbh
  2. I've seen this on both sides many times over the years and have zero tolerance for it. If you have an issue with a player trying the other side then you're a child. If I see it on comms I'll shoot it down in a heartbeat. The 'fanatics' are not people to be proud of, they're toxic waste whether axis or allied. The game lives or dies based on pop whatever side that pop is playing. I have numerous people on both sides I consider friends and that's got sod all to do with their uniform.
  3. I like Vanapo's idea of FB AOs but it will slow down the game considerably
  4. 350 - 500m is FMS deployment zone. If I ever use one I'll be 1 - 2k from town, most won't wander that far from instant action to hunt you. Ok some will, like me but most won't!
  5. Without your efforts a lot of us nerds wouldn't have anywhere to go and be wandering the streets. GJ so far, GL on the future, you guys deserve it
  6. have you seen my bank statements??
  7. Still dead against inf placed FMS, they wrecked the atg and tanking games and gave overpop attackers a huge advantage, wrecking defensive lines which took far more effort to setup. Nothing stops people setting multiple FMS other than expecting someone else to supply their gameplay. Lower the audio on trucks to 1k max as a trial? Far too easy to hear them still, this is more of a factor than EWS imho. I've found the FMS ability to spawn light guns great for larger fights, I personally would like to see the ability to spawn larger guns at them as tiers progress. Not the big stuff still but certainly M1s, Pak38s, 6pdrs at say tier 2 or 3? This would give the FMS even more punch and ability to ZoC, just a thought
  8. I think I could handle a map for old times sake
  9. I almost never went on a hot drop truck. I walked the miles from fb to target usually. You could find a lot of stuff that thought it was hidden that way
  10. Just as a heads up, no comment at all on the gaminess or main topic... You could warp into depots long, long ago. I can't put a date on it but whilst it's likely been in general knowledge since the first MSP's showed their heads it was in use by some for years prior to that. Cap remote cp, warp in, hide, wait until all the recappers left then use it as a base to snipe from
  11. A shot rings out and misses me. I know almost exactly where that shot came from before I spin to return fire and if the enemy is prone there is a very good chance I will see him. If he is kneeling or stood especially backed part way into a bush he will be massively more difficult to spot
  12. If that is worrying you, don't let it. Yes it's ideal to announce on OPS or Side that a flag is moving but there will be times it is not possible due to urgent demands or priorities elsewhere. Anyone who understands the demands on MOIC will know, accept, grumble and move on. The fact you are at least doing the moves is enough for most vets. GJ
  13. Well on the side of a destroyer it's 50 fecking feet tall and gold. Grats and welcome to the club killer
  14. That's why you have cutters and nades. I'm assuming the gripe is in close quarters at CPs of course. If they're out in the wilds they are just sniper/rifle fodder normally and easily removed. Cutters will usually attrit all nearby LMGs running to the cp. Even 1 SMG cutter will get a couple as a rule. The axis LMG is the ultimate CP defence weapon but if you play smarter instead of everyone in the cp you will deal with them. When the first EI is killed or aware of your presence, the next will often be an LMG. One of you wait, two ideally to crossfire him when he comes charging back or out. Sorry it's not meant to be a lecture, just a heads up.
  15. Just keep being clear and frank as you are with posts like that Xoom. Respect