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  1. 6 divs back on map - fought off the axis horde at the gates of cambrai after we got a brig and hq back. Biggest recovery ever started from the coast of the UK around map 53, 55? Bearing in mind we have to defend factories in the south and the north unlike sitiing in a huge pile of flags in one corner.. Depending on TZ3 shennanigans may be able to get a few more days out of this or maybe longer?
  2. Your math is correct. However 100 extra semi autos is a bit bloody much isn't it?
  3. I think players without greentags would probably get a ton of [censored] when they behave like noobs tbh. Greentags will do lots of things that make a vet pull their hair out, at least when it's displaying a green tag the smarter players will just sigh and move on without screaming or accusing them of stuff
  4. The amount of incorrect words, the disjointed timeline, the wandering focus yep, a snapshot of my dotage I suspect, courtesy of Absolut vodka
  5. I've finally worked out what we need to do means killing a lot and dying less than that. I'm lonewolf and it's 2003 although i'm officially in a squad. I know the squads determine if/where we attack usually but I hop up and down the line because I need that adrenaline fix each battle gives. I provide comms and ignore hotdrops for the most part, especially fb hotdrops. I want to fight and cap by defeating the enemy so I refuse most hotdrop calls and walk everywhere, learning how powerful it is scouting out the enemy on foot I see the allies are usually underpop in my timezone. I like playing underdog as they get the most time fighting and the most targets. I leave the game a few months and return but this time as allied on a new username. Jsilec recognises me from 105th pz and is still axis. We exchange words on the forums but more 'i miss you dude!' than vitriol. Allied euro is a mess being honest. Squads exist but nothing like the cohesion at the level of the axis euro's. Larsalot is KGW CO and i start watching their squadnights as they're the biggest threat on a week by week basis. Not the squad alone but the combined mass of them plus their friends. This is something I can get my teeth into. It's not rocket science that they use a definite selection of targets based on causing max damage: AF's, capturing and buffering then major choke point towns are favourites. The allies are split loyalties BEF and ArFr, I play with a BEF based squad but occasionally visit towns held by 1Bam and see something new: these french buggers really play to survive, they fight like lions, powered more by passion than strategy. Bilton haunts the forums but I see him in a town and in honesty, don't rate him. The French community though, these guys are infections to my game play. Win or go down in big heap or corpses together! I love it and start playing more and more in the dirty south by preference, dropping squad and just loving the game alongside them town after town. Then it happened 2005/6 ish? 23rd came Allied and played mainly french following a fall out with GHC, I watch them closely as they worked as a team much the same but with true teamwork on a large scale. They have 2 inf players, I make it 3, their tankers shutdown depots completely, true combined arms teamwork and it is spectaculaly effective. This means staying up late though at night in order to play their largely US TZ. (events may be out of synch: vodka) I am approached by Rifle5k, Orrman's son and as I love their playstyle already I take the plunge, squad play from here on in. I'm completely hooked on ww2ol at this point, it's by far the best 'clan vs clan' I've seen and these guys are good. This is the start of my WW2OL 'summer' This needs a forum called 'drunken nostalgia' but this will have to do. More next band night or not, I just know it isn't written down anywhere else
  6. Welcome to the club guys. it's all hookers blow and rock n' roll now!
  7. You know what Delems this might be the vodka talking but swap number 2 for ATG flip and these are 3 of the biggest annoyances I have in terms of bugs Not game breaking but detract from over overall gameplay significantly. The M3 is bloody atrocious for flipping on the slightest berm/ marginally fast corner. I typed this many times due to aforementioned vodka btw
  8. On reducing clunkiness it's long been my opinion the difficulty in just using the map to rclick into a specific town fight is an issue. I know about 'active battles', I find it a mess and what if I want to make the mission? If I want to change my mission why is it so counter intuitive to get back to posting my new mission in the same brigade in the same town? Let me stay in a particular brigade mission after mission with minimal clicks creating new missions. Try it: make a mission in a particular brigade using map and rclick join mission. Now try to make a new mission in the minimal number of clicks, same brigade. It's a bloody maze at times
  9. I am so sick to death of seeing this on side chat allied side too: "so and so is hacking" - no they're outplaying you "so and so is spying" - seriously even when that did happen at times it was irrelevant because if they announced such info on the Axis side they'd be torn to pieces just like they would here. "So and so is deliberately smoking my fms so i get camped by a 232!" yes they are smoking it because they're a noob and that's what noobs tend to do. Even if they want to cause grief it's usually because they're some child from an FPS shooter who doesn't know better, not because they're part of some grand conspiracy. My favourite of all is 'they lag but we don't lag to them! - yes they're laggy, I know i lag to some also and I know I have no problems killing them. Obviously there will be an occasional one who is so needy they will resort to something they shouldn't but seriously these come up so often on chat nowadays and yet in 600 ish sorties this map I never died once unexpectedly or in a way that made me think 'they're up to no good'. I've even been told not to announce attacks at times because of 'spais'. I ignore it, I want the side onboard with attacks and even if the occassional one may be doing just that (because they're [censored] at the game and need a crutch) it will not stop a motivated & organised team. Paranoia kills your side, your squad and the game far quicker than some lone basement dweller that occurs once a blue moon
  10. The idea has sound merit imho but Merlin's point is extremely valid. How do we stop it becoming 'insta army behind your def' ? We could maybe allow only 1 MS per MMS maybe? Still doesn't stop the behind the lines MS popping up and it's being placed silently. I need to think on this but still think it's an excellent idea, just needs more work
  11. Alternatively play how the hell you like.
  12. it is most definitely a part time job
  13. Not even a fluke, very common occurrence tbh
  14. I've seen this on both sides many times over the years and have zero tolerance for it. If you have an issue with a player trying the other side then you're a child. If I see it on comms I'll shoot it down in a heartbeat. The 'fanatics' are not people to be proud of, they're toxic waste whether axis or allied. The game lives or dies based on pop whatever side that pop is playing. I have numerous people on both sides I consider friends and that's got sod all to do with their uniform.
  15. I like Vanapo's idea of FB AOs but it will slow down the game considerably