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  1. Idk I like the overpop notification. It tells me to go switch sides. I guess I'm a minority since I have no strong alliegence to either side (until a Pacific theatre ever comes (let me dream damn it)).
  2. Actually the m10 was supposed to go head to head with the German tanks. That's the reason for the 76 mm gun. You are thinking of the m18 that was supposed to be a quick reaction ambushing vehicle. Matilda, s35, and B1 were all better than the German tanks of the time period. Not much you can do about them. I don't see the spitfire as OP. The 109 can just dive away and climbs a good bit better (which is incorrect, the spitfire matched the 109 in climb until the mk 14 when it became much better).
  3. I don't see anything wrong with LW planes in regards to allied planes. I can also get kills with the e4 fairly easy with minimal cannon rounds.
  4. You aren't suggesting that the Luftwaffe is gimped flight performance wise are you? Slight off-topic. Is there any chance for partial AI control of certain things like aircraft gunners? Bombers are currently way too easy to kill for fighters. While an unescorted lone bomber was generally an easier kill it was still a risk for the attacking fighters.
  5. Yes the counterpart to the firefly (and Sherman 76) is actually the Panther but the Tiger is not completely outclassed. The battle just becomes a who shoots first situation. Sherman and Tiger will be able to penetrate each other at the same ranges.
  6. Hs 129 wouldn't be much better. Yes with the B3 variant you get a good 75mm gun but the plane itself was very underpowered. Ju 87G is much better as a base AT plane variant since its performance will be closer to the hurricane. Also the p39 won't really be busting any tanks besides light stuff like pzII. AP on that gun was lackluster.
  7. I was thinking more M8 bazookas for the new p39N. It's 37mm is giving to be pretty lack luster in the tank busting role. Also the bazooka has already been modeled so in theory it wouldn't be too hard to implement for an aircraft There's no Typhoon or tempest so RP3 is out and Hvars were used on p47s and p51s so that's also out. What were the German rockets? I thought Br21 was for bombers
  8. Most likely. Would be a good contemporary to a 109 F4 and spit mk5. I like Merlins idea in the sense that heavy armor should be allocated to only special flags. That's much closer to how it would work irl and will make historical entries much easier to balance. This way tiger cab enter in what would be 42 and the 76 Sherman, firefly, and Achilles can enter in what would be 44. The air additions all look nice but are there any plans for ground attack rockets? The allies made heavy use of ground attack rockets for cas (m8 bazooka, rp3, and hvars) and they would make cas easier.