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  1. Commit yourself in 2020 to releasing updates that work seamlessly for your customers. By that I mean - updates that do not require you to uninstall the game completely. As it is now, seems to be happening 2 out of 5 updates. Attempting to launch the game, wait for a 800 MB update to download, then have said update fail resulting in a message to uninstall the game and try applying the "update" again. Apply to what? The game doesn't exist on your computer any longer! Then having to go to the website to download said installer - and screw around some more .......... it's simply not becoming of a professional outfit. And if you are lucky your custom key mappings will stick.
  2. I see what you did there. Nice try but not gonna work Zero issues downloading 800 MB of data. Both times i had to download it (during update process and fresh install) it went as well as expected. I did not have issues uninstalling the game. Nor did i have an issue installing the game from scratch. That wasn't the point. Then again, you already knew that based on your other comments. But anyways ... glad you got it figured out.
  3. Thumbs up for that
  4. No thread is above hijacking.
  5. Is it coincidence that the CTD issue seems to have cropped up while the game is being primarily played in a section of the map that generally sees no action over the course of a campaign (England)? Feels to me like that may have somethong to do with it?
  6. Good luck guys ... i am sure it is a stressful, tough spot to be in. I am sure you will get to the bottom of it soon. One thing i found strange is after the new 1.36 update, old (no longer used and irrelevant) brigade types still showed up in the toe list for certain api calls. At least that is my memory the last time i looked, i would have to double check to be sure. I would have expected that if they were essentially coded out of the game, that they should have been removed. Not sure how relevant that observation is .... just information i guess.
  7. 1 on 1 grudge match.
  8. It's a game. The mechanics of it should be focused on encouraging good battles. That's all. You seem to favor a front of AI detection which is cool if you wanna go truck hunting. Not my idea of fun but to each his own.
  9. If the goal is to foster good battles ... Have cap timers based on a sliding scale of % of town control and delay ews going off by maybe 4 or 5 minutes. Gives attackers time to get the initial drop. Seems more realistic than some magical instant detection. First CP gets capped under normal timers. Each CP cap for attackers goes up by 30 seconds or so progressively. Similarly, defenders have reverse sliding scale. Recapping town with 1 contested cp goes slowest possible .... as you loose more cp's, timer recap decreases. Could also weight it slightly based on side imbalance, underpop gets a slight overall boost. But not as much boost as we see now. No spawn delay. Under any circumstance. During low pop times. Overpop side gets longer timers on moving flags. Longer timers for placing AO's. The AB capturable timer is longer. That would slow the roll and allow players to find other things to do like get setup for next battle and encourage a fair fight there.
  10. Not sure about bannable offense. Very annoying though. Some guys running 4 accounts or so during severely low pop times ... kind of impressive in one sense, but poor taste IMO. However, if you are capable of pulling it off .... congrats because i have tried running 2 inf accounts and it ain't the easiest thing in the world. I think though, if the game allows for this .... well not much you can say. Soon ... the game will not allow for it, so it is likely a problem no more. That is, unless they wanna sub four accounts, in which case have at it i guess.
  11. Free to play has no binocs.
  12. Great work, can't wait to see it in game.
  13. May as well try switching ownership on another (less strategic) town to see if the bug can be repeated in an effort to isolate the circumstances amnd hasten its fix.
  14. I can tell you as far as ' Poperinge ' goes - when the Allies owned it - they were unable to spawn in. You could create a mission - and select a unit - but it would essentially tell you that the unit was unavailable. Even if there were many in the spawn list. Tried creating missions and getting into town in nearly ever depot and the AB while the town was under attack, and it was simply impossible. Not sure if this information is at all helpful.
  15. A good change to investigate which could help slow the role of low-pop and imbalanced gameplay would come in the form of adjusting CP hot timers, AB hot timers based on some combination of total server population and your side's over-pop. So - assuming TZ3 is the lowest population time, and there is a 70% to 30% imbalance. The overpop side takes longer to place AO's, takes longer to move flags, takes longer for CP's to become "hot" once AO is placed, and the "AB" timer takes longer to become capturable. I dont know all of the numbers as they exist today off the top of my head. But maybe have CP's become hot 15 minutes after AO placed, instead of 10 minutes. Then the AB becomes hot in 15 or 20 min after the town is contested. Also - tweaking the times it takes to move flags and slow rolls would also help "pump the breaks" a bit. I think this solution should only come in to play during lower server population times, once there is an average (or slightly above average) number of total players - it just goes back to whatever the "base" timers are. I kinda like this idea rather than ratcheting up spawn delay further or creating a player queue. This encourages players to "find something else to do" while waiting on an AO to drop - like blow FB's or something. I think when used in combination with a REASONABLE spawn delay and REASONABLE cap timers may help mitigate some of the low-pop rolling that is going on. I would stress to find a REASONABLE spawn delay and cap timer - we should have enough data by now to kinda know where the sweet spot is on that stuff, so not to completely kill gameplay and enrage players. On the flip side, I guess you could speed up the times on all of the things mentioned for the under-pop side during low server population.
  16. Well an interesting idea was to force f2p to underpop side. Never tried ... it is dead now. I do generally agree with delems. Campaigns are becoming a farce in a way. Horribly imbalanced .... it builds to grossly imbalanced as campaign goes on for human nature reasons. I kinda believe that you need to side lock per campaign. Pick your side. It is a CRS fantasy that people play the underpop side that is getting rolled simply to avoid SD. Where, actually the opposite is true ... many players will take the SD just to shoot fish in the barrel and die far less anyhow. At least worth a try .......
  17. Maybe they took it down to give back Allies the town we could not spawn into garrison with to defend? Forget the name of it ... just a guess.
  18. Congrats! She looks like a keeper to me
  19. Well i guess the b!tch!ng in total amounts to only 2 of the 4 pages of this thread. Which, by WWIIOL forums standards isn't too bad. Please accept my apology.