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  1. I had the same issue today, third time since i subscribed to try 1.31
  2. BE cannot fill 100% of both cores. Have look in to the task manager, sort process by cpu usage and see whats causing this huge load ...
  3. It will depend of what monitor you will use. Iam using native HD resolution (1920x1080) with 4850 whish is predictor of 5770 and i have not any problems. This game is more CPU bound and there you are on the safe side
  4. ^^^ it causes heat and is at 90% cause of very hardware failure
  5. Here exists another ATI profile tool called RadeonPro: http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=322031 But it causing exactly the same runtime error problems as ATT. Is posible than both of those tools using the same nonstandart hooks in to executable whish causing problems for BE. Its not big loss for me close ATT before starting this game.
  6. I using Alchemy for lots of games, but when iam trying use it with BE i getting : Runtime error R6030 - CRTnot initialized Windows 7/32, Audigy 2 ZS, latest version of alchemy. Ness, what version of alchemy do you using ?
  7. And offline it working for you ? Last time i tried it withn cedegacvs it finished with a "divide by zero" error.
  8. Maybe the source of that bug is unknown, but more common for intel. My squadmate have core 2 duo and he have it ...
  9. neri; For this game si better AMD cpu. Intel cpu's have issues running sse2 executable (known as conclusion bug).
  10. I have a8n-sli. Socket 939 processors have some issues using more than two ram modules. Try 1Gb module alone, if this will work buy another 1Gb (the same model). If not, return your 1Gb module and look for 2x512Mb. But with four 512Mb modules your board propably lock clocking to DDR 333. The best solution is already buy dualchannel 2Gb kit (2x1Gb).
  11. FSAA Issue are resolved
  12. Catalyst 7.1 are out. FSAA issue are resolved
  13. Driver version 8.33 (7.1 beta ???) from asus working fine. Maybe final Catalyst 7.1 fix those issues with AA on ...