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  1. Hello, A few days ago we got together on discord for some community discussion with some important people at CRS, really I don’t remember their names. We had discussed options and ideas for revenue. I think even limited based revenue could help, and this would be some that could help the players as well, but purely goes towards the “devs” that are needed. Almost like a hero account transaction, except without the other account. Although this may seem like a micro-transaction. I think implementing a Double XP boost for a player for a donation amount of your choosing would work extremely well to bring in revenue. This should only last a certain number of days, maybe a month? Then host this XP boost every other month or at random times of the year. Or a Special Event just like the premium event thing for veterans. As I stated before, it may seem like a micro-transaction. However a lot of special event micro transitions keep companies aflout now a days. Even if it’s something small for like $1.99 for a cool little tag or emblem, people buy into that small stuff all the time. Including me. Sincerely, Kurded
  2. Thank you! I tried to look up a wiki for points but as far as I can tell there is none.
  3. Thank you all this has helped so much. How about in the air force? Is it mainly shooting people down and making bombing runs?
  4. We all know the game isn't solely about leveling, but said that the game does become more fun the more things you unlock. What are some of the best ways to level up? Quickly or slowly.
  5. Thank you, however I don't think it's possible to login with a steam account to see if the subscription is active via their website. Steam only receives an email confirming the purchase was made.
  6. Hello, I've bought premium for this account and another account on steam. I don't know how to tell when the premium subscription has kicked in on that account. Is there a way to tell? Please send help for noob.