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  1. Me262, lame. The Me163 is where it's at. 9 minutes flight time. Randomly exploded into giant balls of flame. That'll put hair on your chest.
  2. Well, the tutorial didn't take me very long. Probably under 10 minutes. Not sure what all the calls for help are on the help channel for it since I just read the instructions and followed them. I think a lot of the problems people are having are that they're not reading the actual instructions. Press "2" should be pretty clear on what to do, for instance.
  3. Pretty sure I've seen the message during some intermissions.
  4. Sounds like something that I think would aid the Greentags until they rank up a time or two.
  5. Cerfontaine was a mad house. We were set up on one side of an open field and the Allies on the other. Both sides had tank support, mortars, you name it. We set up bunkers, fox holes, etc and started, under smoke concealment to move across the open field, digging fox holes as we went. Xoom seemed to think it was funny when I typed, "CHAAAARG!" into local chat, jumped up to run and got killed. The Allies too laid down smoke and did a mass infantry charge across the field. Then I had to go to work.
  6. Did you at least feel bad?
  7. Years ago I got 57 kills in one sortie using the K98k with a scope.
  8. Don't let it go to his head!
  9. Steamspy is apparently generally regarded as fairly accurate.
  10. Yeah, but a simple ".orders We are attacking the FB. Spawn Engineers!" or whatever would be massively helpful in choosing missions.
  11. The problem is that 99% of players who are ML don't set any .orders and so no one knows what the mission is for.
  12. According to Steamspy it's Players total: 19,031 ± 4,036 (80.19%)
  13. Had a greentag ask me for help last night. He ended up following me around and I would call out targets for him to shoot at. If they got too close I shot them. He was having a great time.
  14. Yeah! I'm only the 9th top Semiauto rifle player and yet everyone in positions 1 to 8 (minus 3) has fewer sorties than me!