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  1. Oh my god.
  2. No, there is no way that a game in which people play tens of thousands of kms from the server had better lag than games like COD where people play with like 20ms pings.
  3. Doesn't work for me since a couple of updates ago. They constantly break it.
  4. Green tags seem to love their smoke grenades. They throw them everywhere. I think they think they're forcefields.
  5. .friends shows your friendlist .friend playername adds a player to your friendlist
  6. What you just said is impossible.
  7. Yeah, but boy is it fun to hide in a bush and wait until someone is 90% of the way across and then walk up to the edge and type something in area chat and imagine the bitter disappointment on the other end. Hopefully they introduce pontoon bridges engineers can build.
  8. Lag is always gonna be an issue in an MMO with players all over the world. Every method to reduce one type of lag is going to have a trade off in another area. You may want the person who literally fires first in real life to be the one who wins. No simukills, not waiting 1 second to see the other person fall over dead, etc. However, what if you're the person further from the server and so you're getting all world data last? That'll up your rate of unkillable EIs because they'll be shooting you first before you even know that they're there.
  9. The other guy saw himself shoot you first and then you shot him.
  10. Might make people more willing to do it. Was in a battle earlier. Was guarding a CP. Was cutting down EIs trying to retake the CP. Couldn't pay people spawning in the depot to come in and help me. I had to keep respawning, go back into the CP and shoot all the EIs capping while watching everyone else run out of the depot and in every other direction but the CP. It was like they would rather lose the battle than enter it once it's flying your flag.
  11. He has a new vid!
  12. Yeah, I've seen a number of players complaining about the lack of those types of functions in this game.
  13. Your average video game player today though is two things - lazy and unimaginative. They want everything now and they want to win as easily as possible. Game developers are even talking about putting microtransactions into single player games so that players can buy extra lives, skip levels, etc. In single player games! Ffs, where will it end?
  14. I wonder if they could set up some randomisation to the look of the players' faces so everyone looks a bit different? Surely there's some userID number everyone has that's different that could be used for this? A numbner of Steam games will take your Steam user ID# to generate how you look for other players.
  15. Hopefully he stays this excited about the game.
  16. Another problem is that when they're camped 9 times out of 10 the mission leader just quits the mission and then followed by the other veterans, none of whom bother to pull the FMS. Then you're stuck with a bunch of greentags wondering why they keep getting shot and the lucky one who is ML has no idea what to do and even if you explained it to them 99% of greentags don't seem to be able to follow even the simplest of instructions.
  17. But I do believe that the ML has to do like nothing MLish for like 6 minutes before you can .takelead. So if they do something every now and then, but it's useless, then they get to keep it.
  18. The problem is that most Mission Leaders don't lead. They don't delete marks, they don't either put in orders or update them, they don't delete camped MSs, they don't do anything but Live, Die, Repeat. So you quit their mission, make your own, mark down CPs and their names, mark which ones are spawnable, put in .orders explaining it all and tell everyone to spawn on your mission because it's not camped 2 people spawn in and everyone else keeps spawning at the camped MS and complaining that it's camped.
  19. Been on 90+ drops.
  20. We were just defending a town. Doing well. Then two geniuses in both the town's ABs decide to setup MSs like 700m from town. The most active missions in the town. Everyone spawns out in the field. Can't pay the greentags to swap missions. Town gets capped in like 2 minutes.
  21. Here's the players and HC doing their own thing.
  22. But then you get a problem when someone makes a mission in say the AB and then makes an MS 500m outside of town and you need to get the bunker clear.
  23. Well, the tutorial didn't take me very long. Probably under 10 minutes. Not sure what all the calls for help are on the help channel for it since I just read the instructions and followed them. I think a lot of the problems people are having are that they're not reading the actual instructions. Press "2" should be pretty clear on what to do, for instance.