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  1. Tried to help axis, was basically unplayable. Some observations: 1: Seems most axis vets have left, so please stop the we fight till the end talk. 2: Old cap timers were there to prevent exactly the current situation. Why go from 15 seconds faster with two cappers to 105 seconds. old/current/ my proposal 1 225 seconds 240 seconds 225 2 205 seconds 120 seconds 192 3 180 seconds 90 seconds 159 4 160 seconds 80 seconds 126 5 135 seconds 70 seconds 93 6 120 seconds 60 seconds 60 3: Maybe give some other bonus to underpop side, when population imbalance goes below 1:3 or whatever the exact figure is, when it becomes unbearable. (town camped 5 minute after AO, no relief possible)
  2. Read page4, he passed away. RIP
  3. Just brainstorming here. I have bought most DLCs (no para and plane) with my steamaccount already. I would like to buy more. I could buy premium, but it's like a cool thing to own something forever. I don't know how many DLCs have actually been sold and if there is an upper limit. Mathilda, Mathilda CS, MAS38, Thompson, US Stuart, Brit Stuart, French Stuart, US Engineer, French Engineer, Brit Engineer, German Engineer would all be different DLCs and the pricing would be relative to availability (Tier3 cheaper, US cheaper), side (french and british cheaper than german) and impact.(Matty and Tiger more expensive) This way DLC buyers couldn't really get ahead of premium subscribers, especially since CRS is developing new units now. I often only play a week or so and buying premium is still cheap compared to what i propose, but it feels wrong. Also the HC Officer should be in hero or premium and also a DLC. It would be a great way for noobs to have an impact on the battlefield and HC role is greatly reduced with 1.36 and proximity AOs anyway. You also shouldn't spawn at fb if u choose a gun thats too big for fms or if you choose an engineer on a hc fru, it should be unspawnable then.
  4. make default on active battles tab: - exclude attack missions without fms or spawn building - exclude defence missions with fms - exclude fb missions - exclude anything not AO related - make all that adjustable in settings
  5. The Top K/D list is like the classment of the Tour de France, sure some are legit.
  6. There is a small group of very vocal players, that will still argue that there is a gigantic anti axis conspiracy going on. These players should be muted, sorry. It has become more than pathetic, where every small instance of not winning or not winning fast enough, is now reason to spam the forums and to hyperventilate.
  7. People underestimate how skewed things really are, protip: 250 haven't played so far.
  8. Logged in allied, lost town with 5-10 sec SD in 30 minutes. Yes, but no thanks.
  9. Rolls are probably easier too, because you get constant new supply.
  10. No, you don't.
  11. You should test only one thing at a time.
  12. Yes, Axis would have won this, like in the last draw last year too. That just increases the Win rate with WHIPS for the last 1.5 years by an incredible 0% from 100% to 100%.
  13. The timers are here for a reason, to replace spawn delay. This is not some kind of out of the blue mechanism that somehow made it into the game, but a result of years of discussions and complaints about SD and balance. I think two ao minimum will solve some of the problems. What always striked me most is, that you don't really have an advantage when capping with more people. Increasing the speed with more people should be changed first, if there are changes.
  14. I just discovered that Hero builder is available at a reasonable monthly payment and it includes NCO. That's cool, but i don't care about all the other benefits, would be cool to have one or two more playable options in this sub.. How about putting the HC Officer into Hero? It's literally never being used in game and it's a really great idea actually, like the old fru with limitations.
  15. This happens too often. Also the wait time between AOs. I think it's been dealt with with the introduction of the two AO minimum. I also agree any AO placing or switching related timers should be reduced or removed. There are enough timers already.