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  1. What I don't understand, that Tier3 takes 35 days? Wasn't the consensus not so long ago, to reduce tier times? Aren't Tigers in every promo video?
  2. Population imbalances move the map and yes most players would rather quit than switch, for reasons that ehm are mostly not unknown at all. The problem is that one side dominates for over a year, and it includes pity wins, giving allieds head starts and toying with them generally. Remember allied couldn't take Koln in a week and got pushed back half map during one win and WHIPS help. I only say that one side shouldn't dominate and outright manipulate the game for THAT long, it's a no brainer, and most people who agree, are surprise surprise long gone. Have experienced the same in the only other online game i played, and i just cannot go back, i rather not point out why.