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    8 hours ago, minky said:

    Look at Discord in the morning US Time.  TZ 1.  There is one organized squad completely unopposed.  The game now is such that where that one squad goes the campaign goes with it for the most part.

    Malvoc has predicted it in the other thread. This was always THE issue. They win 12 in a row now, they're just so good.

  2. 10 hours ago, jwilly said:

    Years ago, Gophur and I discussed an idea...Steel Builder...in conjunction with a broader discussion in the Design/Beta Forum about getting points for kills, captures, and other actions desired to be encouraged; paying points for spawns, depending on the weapon; and being given X points a month, depending on one's player type.

    Gold, Silver and Bronze subscribers would get unlimited points. This was before the Hero program, but presumably they'd be unlimited too. Regular monthly subs would get a reasonable number. Points would be non-transferable, and would not expire.

    Steel Builder would be an alternative to a regular subscription. There'd be no one-time cost and no monthly cost. Instead Steel Builders could buy a points package any time via a website, or set up an auto-refill account with credit card payment that would reload their points account whenever it got too low for what they next wanted to spawn.

    Great idea. But I would tweak it:

    You can only get these points by either buying them or aquiring them in game.

    You only lose them by spawning equipment that's not in your sub, i.e. FTP spawning smg, OR you actually give out these incentives yourselve for kills, captures, guards, spawns in certain areas. Would totally buy.


  3. Population imbalances move the map and yes most players would rather quit than switch, for reasons that ehm are mostly not unknown at all. The problem is that one side dominates for over a year, and it includes pity wins, giving allieds head starts and toying with them generally. Remember allied couldn't take Koln in a week and got pushed back half map during one win and WHIPS help. I only say that one side shouldn't dominate and outright manipulate the game for THAT long, it's a no brainer, and most people who agree, are surprise surprise long gone. Have experienced the same in the only other online game i played, and i just cannot go back, i rather not point out why.