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  1. How bout adding medals and Awards to players profiles, that be cool. Then u can check out other people' profile and see what there background is all about and what there good at and what they accomplish or what awards they received. =)
  2. Yes!
  3. i flew in the map and saw some lakes that be cool if there were more lakes and seeing a battle take place near one
  4. hood what are you talking about bunkers??? New bunkers? What's the old bunkers?
  5. Before Each Campaign starts.... People Sign up what ever side they want to fight for.... CHOOSE YOUR SIDE SOLDIER.... AXIS ALLIED --------------------------------------------- player player player player player player and so on.... What ever side you choose you have to play the whole campaign on.... i know a few people who switch sides to SPY on the other side for what there planning next or what there doing.... when people sign up have it some what balanced Axis Allied ------------------------ 45 42 and not , 67 33 Salute! i love the game keep up good work devs...
  6. I watch alot of YouTube videos on this game.... I see awesome bombing videos and was wondering if you could add fire on building that are hit by bomber airplanes... that would be an amazing special effects.... When a city gets bombed at least have some fire in the bombed buildings last mabe 2 minutes that be awesome! Especially at night. Omg it be cool and beautiful game!
  7. Squad Logos would be awesome Have them on vehicles and such...
  8. I drive off road and my truck bounces like a bouncy ball.... I couldn't stop laughing lol at what I saw....
  9. Voice chat would make this game so much better... LIKE a brigade all have one voice comms Omg that would help out so much.
  10. Long ago in 1812 i was battling i shot 3 snipers pew pew pew... one of my comrades got clipped in his head i said No Johnny! Dont you die on me Johnny! Blood was gushing out... I ran to a medic for help but tripped and fell over one rubble. Broke my nose and my pin broke off from my grenade... I quickly threw the grenade but it exploded and took off a chunk of my hand... I screamed out.. Johnny! Johnny boy! I' injured too! I rolled over to see Johnny and Johnny died! No Johnny! Johnny boy don't u die! Planes flew over ahead and we got bombed hard. It felt like the world was closing in on me. No hand and a broken nose... I past out and woke up at our HQ. War is horrible!