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  1. Bump and make a tofru
  2. Thank you Mr. G.! After following the instructions for NO spaces in the install for files, it worked! I just created a new file folder labeled wwiionline and installed to there as changing my program files name would really confuse other apps installed there! so D:\wwiionline\battlegroundeurope did the trick also with play gate D:\wwiionline\playgate all with no spaces. Thank you for the prompt reply so I will be able to join the party at Whitstable 8<(=) Slinger.
  3. After reading about the reccomended full install available I decided to re-install the full version ( and it will connect online but apparently not to the live game server. I have looked for the proper .exe and all launch the game to the "improper" screen. Playgate 119 and wwiiol0001195 (297mb)Online full installs were both downloaded and installed. The former working version was uninstalled before re-installing the new full install. Confused as to why I cannot get the game to launch properly. Any information and help much appreciated. Thanks