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  1. Fixed Oldzeke, thanks!
  2. more info: I can select German Airforce, German Navy and get to a bde selection screen. Selecting German Army and hitting Select Brigade does nothing expect invoke the 'on leave' timer for the allied side... Please help. Ty
  3. Heya, a B1 player headed back to check out the latest. I notice I can spawn any form of allied persona, but I can not select a BDE for German Army. My persona is a captain in the heer, but for some reason, I am not allowed back in.. *wonders if the Generals daughter had anything to do with that..* Anyway, if one could look, I would be happy. I'll keep playin with the Americans until the next campaign, then, I dunno...
  4. Ok guys, Sys Specs: AMD64 3700 (2.4ghz) Asus K8N-E-Delux (nForce3) 1GB TwinX Micron DDR 400 XP Santa Cruz audio Spawn offline german rifle and look at the 4 cardinal directions, note FPS... TI4200 between 40-50 FPS 6800 GT 60-80 FPS Both tests at 1024x768x32 Next test 1280x1024x32 TI4200 untested 6800GT FPS unchanged. Started messing with trees settings. I turned on specail render (nVidia) Turned on use video ram and tested again this time we saw 120 fps in the inf spawn offline. Current settings getting 80+fps outside of town and 40+ in town btexturesdisabled false bmipmapenable true shademode gouraud texturemagfilter linear textureminfilter linear texturemipfilter linear bdithering true bspecular true antialiasing none texturereduction false bclearviewport false sound Santa Cruz bsoundenable true b3dsoundenable true video NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT resolution 1280x1024x32 bnoframerunahead false bnolocktorefresh true gammared 1.000000 gammagreen 1.000000 gammablue 1.000000 bshowinfo true shadowsizeselect 0 multitextureenable true volumemultiplier 71.000000 musicmultiplier 1.000000 hudvisible 2 fogscaleselector 0 maxnumbersounds 128 suppressmuzzlesmoke false suppressmuzzlelight false suppresstracersmoke false suppresssmallclutter false suppressplaneclutter false lodfieldofview false lodlimitperframe false bcursorenabled false mapalpha 100 friendlycolor 16711680 enemycolor 255 squadcolor 16777215 language 0 numbulletlimit 128 ambientlevel 0 treenearlod 100 treefarlod 100 treeresolution 1 usetreeshader true usevideoram true radialclutter true radialdensity 1.000000 radialradius 1.000000 visplayerlimit 2 fsaasamples 0 fsaahighquality false soundhighquality true soundforcestereo false soundconvertonload true capturealldisplays true enableh2oshaders true Hope this heps someone out. this 6800GT ROCKS!!