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  1. Actually it was again caused by having two displays in extended mode (see my other post). I have to hit windows key+p to change to display 2 only. I didn't used to have to do this, it is something recent. We are at windows 10, thirty years to get it right and I still get unbootable windows sectors that I have to use dos commands to copy data off of.
  2. I just did a reformat of my hard drive and installed new version of wwiionline. Now it opens in a window and I don't know how to make it fullscreen.
  3. I did take lead back but it was too late, fms was already deleted. This isn't the first time this has happened and the ms is never camped when it does. I often go afk for a few minutes, I still see no reason for someone to use that as an excuse to delete my ms. Sometimes I drive quite far to set up a flanking fms. I have found that the player base in this game is hyper competitive and constantly complain and tell others what to do, not realizing that some players may have a more relaxed approach. These types of players may be what drives casual gamers from wwiionline.
  4. I am tired of players taking lead then deleting my FMS. I will often set up a dfms in a flanking position before an attack starts. I usually spawn a atg and wait for the enemy to come. Sometimes I go AFK while I do a few chores then check back once in a while. However, other players make the decision that they don't like where my fms is so they take lead then delete my FMS. Why pay to play a game where someone has the ability to wipe out my efforts because they don't like how I play. I already cancelled my basic sub over this issue.
  5. Please fix, at least make it default to origin.