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  1. An insignificant suggestion , but , how about fading in and out the rain audio ?
  2. I have returned to the game after a 5 year , or more , break . I was once 22nd Mech , and was spoiled at having been included in the squad . The huge resupply runs , FB busting , and the holding of our beloved Aarsch - Deist FB , and some of the finest people I've ever known , was more than I could have ever expected from a video game / simulation . Since I signed back up ( free play , so far ) I don't think I've seen more than 3 squad tags in one place at a time . I have been recruited in to a squad , and did as was mentioned above " , who is oic and what are orders ? " Never once got a reply on squad channel . Disappointing , I would have hoped that the squads would have all grown . I am saddened that the 22nd is no longer together ... So yes , squads are important if this game is to be at it's best . I appreciate being able to comment here . crinky / aka : reichfur .