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  1. I was going to stay out then I read this " I won't mention the silent coasting trucks, ok, maybe I will. Opel always been, and is, the best truck in all kind of terrain. No need to claim anything. Bedford is a POS and had a blackout bug for a decade and a half." K. First off. Go drive every truck in this game. The allied trucks ALL coast farther! They do. Like much farther. You'll be LUCKY to go 200m with your engine off in an opel and you can literally coast for KM's in beddy morris and laffy, plus the noise levels are not consistent across both sides. Lastly to this point the MORRIS is the best truck across all Terrains and it aint even close. The fact taht you think the Opel is top [censored] is [censored] hilarious. the opel was nefed in what 2006 and has been a POS since. It flat out takes way more skill to set up an FMS on the axis side than the allied mainly due to how FAR/LONG allied trucks can coast for once the Engine goes off. The axis dont have an Engine coast off ability therefore many of the newer players do not anticipate looking for a FMS a KM closer to town/away from where they last heard the truck. If you dont believe what I just typed I dont care. Go test it before you respond back to me. In fact if someone is willing to take the time to video driving and then simply coasting words wont be needed cause it will be on FILM.
  2. @capone Always willing to train bud-- pm me or drop into Jg51 discord channel one day and let em know youre looking for help/me.
  3. @madeuce65 @odonovan1 @heyulook I am always willing to train both Axis and Allied pilots in anything air, a2a, bombing, defensive, etc Joystick is a must if you want to actually stand a chance in game will say right now, and having Discord saves a lot of time and keystrokes. You can PM me or even drop into JG51 Discord Lobby to try and find me. Even if I'm not around tell one of my squaddies and it'll get back to me.
  4. @Merlin51 I covered those zone of control concerns in my post regarding fb ownership status to the town... and I also thought I did a pretty good job of covering time and life it being a game with regards to air status in front line towns. Look if you guys want to continue to take away opportunities from your players which is what you're doing here then you're going to struggle with population numbers which is what has happened here.
  5. Nowhere has it been argued that the game should move towards arcade. In fact within these forums a constant theme is the need for a simulation with equipment based upon historical values. If your argument is that front line airfields is arcade style well it is not. Airfields were used as long as they could be as quickly as they could be and many heated battles were fought for them. In fact the US choose to invade some South Pacific islands rather than bypass them into irrelevance because they had an airfield. Suggested changes are not geared towards ascertaining new players as they are towards drawing old players back, which will help acquire and keep new players as well. Don't forget that the success of bad graphic indie games points that graphics are not the problem, therefore the gameplay mechanics need to be assessed and moves that have resulted in drops of subscribed players should be at the very least entertain the idea of being reversed.
  6. I'd actually written a response and then deleted it without posting shortly after our original posters comments, but I suppose it doesn't hurt to throw my thoughts out there either.. I'm going to take some time and talk a while here now.. I think its pretty obvious that the games biggest issue right now is a lack of population in the game. The game is just simply not a fun as it was 10/12/14 years ago when the battle raged 24/7, rarely lacked for intensity and always had lots of participants on both sides. The five bomber siren used to be active 24/7 inside of an axis town under allied attack and now I'd bet there is a list of players going "there's a bomb siren in game?!" Combine this with how prevalent Free to Play has become in the online gaming industry (esp MMORPG) and one of the criticisms I see of WWIIOL is that it is pay to win. Sorry but they have a point. I'm sorry but the only real solution I see to this is Free to Play becomes Tier 0. Everything Tier0 is there for free to play to play with. But after that first Tier if you really want to be an effective member on the battlefield you gotta pony up. There a lot of things you could do within this basic construct to make it work to. ie Automatic infantry weapon supply could be limited for FTP and follow that thinking down the line for equipment if you want. As Tiers progress you can make available for a day or even hours within a day a piece of equipment for FTP. Enter game, window pops up; "for this amount of time you may enjoy the use of this weapon and remember if you signed up today and paid you could always play with it." Now I know that previously light tanks and AC's, light atgs and an airplane were available for Free to Play and I understand there were reasons that led to that being removed but at the end of the day youre just hurting yourself but making it only rifles and youre not allowing people to really experience what WWIIOL is about, which really is what Free to Play should be all about. It should be just immersive enough that you come back to it, want to be in it, playing it, but still leaves you wanting just a little bit more, wanting what you can get when you buy in and pay for it. As of now they cant even drive a truck and I think thats a real shame-- guys if youve never driven a truck full of people up to a defended cp then youre missing out--which brings me to a sidebar, more troop carriers for both sides!? especially some with Machine guns for the allies, heck there are enough large towns where driving people in a simple truck makes sense, give em a gun on the truck and lets get mobile?! Let me also be straight here; I am not looking to tell you how to do your jobs and I'm not saying what I suggested above is the exact way to go, but you still need to find a way to address this: allowing people to really experience what WWIIOL is about and being just immersive enough that you come back to it, want to be in it, playing it, but desiring to do so as a paying customer. and yes I understand you need to find a way to do this while maintaining financial stability. But the thing is, pay to win is genuine criticism and in game population is a problem, Free Tier0 is I believe enough to negate both of those concerns while still maintaining value for your premium paying customers and providing a clear need to be a premium or above member to get the true WWIIOL experience. Now There is a lot more that could be written and discussed surrounding Free to Play and I fully encourage it, Roundhouse discussion is one of the best approaches we can take to all our 'problems.' Group talk leads to the best solutions and what sounds like a dumb idea coming out often sparks the great idea in the head of the person next to ya. But I kinda want to get into and elaborate a bit on what our astute 15 year old friend said. "Most teens however CAN enjoy a game like this despite the graphics. One thing that hampers this game's popularity amongst teens is the time to contact the enemy. I guarantee you, amongst teens this game'd be reasonably popular IF the time to contact was shortened down." Now I cannot speak to all branches of gameplay (army navy airforce) but I can say for one I think there is a change you could make immediately that would have a lasting positive impact. Front line airfields. "WAIT! Do you WANT to go back to the days of CAMPED AFS?!"... YES!!!!!! Yes I do. Hear me out. How often does somebody drive a really long time to go camp an airfield now with an AC, SPAA or good ol' lmg?! Pretty often. Cause they want to, cause they find it fun. Now I understand you don't want a side to take an airfield and have an instant swarm of ground pounding aircraft. I get that. Fortunately for us its pretty simple to compensate for that with a simple timer. Or if we want to keep it in the players control, the FBs could be used. Now after taking a front line airfield before one can move air in to use from that Airfield the team that took it needs to establish a zone of control around the airfield by securing the fbs. Similar rules can apply if air gets bumbed from said airfield. Yeah there is an increased chance I get killed upon spawning in at a front line airfield, that's the risk I take in that situation. But lets face it, some of the airfields are spread out a bit and there are times where four or five of the airfields on the map are front line and no one has air operating out of them and sure you can fly from the back forty and re-spawn at those airfields if you live, if they're not camped, but you're missing the point where sometimes people log in to fly and they cant because they don't have the time. by the time they fly to the combat area Life demands they leave the game. I'll point out that this actually more pronounced on the German side if you want to fly a bomber, both the He111 and Stuka are very slow and therefore very vulnerable in the air always. (let alone length of flight time). [And now that I just mentioned one side over the other I'll say this: I actually think the game is more balanced than it is often given credit for, I think there are smaller imbalances that likely largely originated because of a lack of modelling so some models were tweaked to be stronger/weaker to balance and I am a big believer in making the equipment how it was and letting the players deal with it, even down to supply numbers for some equipment.] --my opinion and in [] cause its not meant to be a focused talking point. It is also my opinion that a lot of the missing population is actually probably former pilots. You know this game has something no other has. Air to ground player to player interaction. Most flight sims the other plane is a player but any ground targets are cpu (IL2). That is a really cool thing for a lot of us and CRS has done a lot of work to limit that. You're bomb timers need to be retired and never spoken of again. First off when it comes to fast quick planes such as the bell or the Jabbo then uh you're bomb timer is kicking in cause of speed and actively negating a players skill set. No one is going to pretend stuff on the ground renders from the air like it should-- you try finding and strafing infantry from the air?! Second situation is there are no targets and no EA so you start buzzing and hunting and next thing youre low and slow and ooh look an aaa gun has come out to play but look you're too low to bomb better grab some alt... you know while the AAA gun is shooting at you! nice feature you got there. Really makes me want to PAY... NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT ( i could literally cut and paste NOT into here 150 more times but what does that do for anyone?) And while were on this point the AAA AI pits need to be harder to put back up. Too often Players simply resort to grabbing an engie and waiting for your plane to be low and slow over the town, usually cockpit facing ground scanning for targets, to pop the AAA AI back up on you and now your pilot as a third fourth and fifth eyeball with which to scan for targets with. Its a great feature that literally limits the player to player combat and actually encourages kill by ai. THIS, if nothing else gets listened to from this long [censored] post, THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED YESTERDAY. Okay Now I know I addressed flyers and a few of their concerns--I am one voice and one viewpoint please feel free to provide support or alternative viewpoints. But another area where you lost a lot of people still remains. The Navy. There are some obvious and already well discussed points to make on the navy and I'm not here to elaborate too long unnecessarily but a couple of things that could help a wee bit is, I think the process of loading a freighter is pretty cool but maybe allow for the freighter to pick a load and go and have people be able to spawn into that equipment which is loaded, I know 1.36 will hopefully make the zees and navy releveant again but this could go a surprisingly long way too. It falls under that length of time to combat, opens up the opportunity for someone to load up the game and join in on an amphibious landing just before it happens too!. and lastly an Aircraft carrier, maybe show off your torpedo bombers on them?! I mean it cant hurt and a flat top ship has to be relatively easy to model, no?! PS. It turns out my JoyStick was the problem with FW190 that I ranted so epic-ally about once upon a time... similar problem in the p38 with it, generally not good for flight abilities to have your JS going updown left left up right down down down down down down up up up up up up up... when you're not touching it lol.
  7. What about allowing people to join a crew mid mission. Ie a pilot takes off and at some point on his way target another player is able to join him as his tailgunner?
  8. Good evening. I wanted to take the time today to apologize to all of you. I did ill by coming on here and speaking out of anger and frustration while under the influence of alcohol and nothing for lunch. Not a great combo for constructive conversation and really and I only served to discredit myself while also being a bad community member. Not cool. One of the things I found interesting was when I did take the time to write something constructive it was chirped because the account is free to play. I’d highly recommend that members of the community refrain from chirping or discrediting anything anyone says ever because they are free to play. For all you know the poor bastage is unemployed and while playing with all the models the game does have to offer is super cool, somethings like food take precedence. Someone who is free to play AND takes the time to comment on the game and its direction and ask question clearly gives a fck about the game and likely intends to pay for it. Why they are or are not in the moment really isn’t and shouldn’t be up for debate nor should it ever be used against them regardless of your opinion of that player/avatar or what they have just said. By all means, chirp me for being an [censored], but draw the line there. If I may perhaps I could state something in a manner worth engaging. Lets start with the 190. That plane used to be a lot of fun to fly. Used to be. Any attempt to maneuver the plane either ends with a snap roll, sometimes as if youre stalling even at speeds of 400kph or more, or it ends in your pilot blacking out extremely hard. Pilots have taken to vastly reducing the sensitivity on their joysticks while attempting to fly it—that’s how bad it is. The only thing that does is give you a chance, but it also reduces your advantage of roll rate. As soon as it is hit by even a single machine gun bullet the engine no longer puts out any speed at all and a h75 can keep up with it. In fact one on one in a dogfight I will both take and bet on the db7 over the 190. The 190 literally can not outturn it and if its been hit it cannot outrun it. I will gladly go the training server with anyone at anytime to demonstrate this. Straight up. If I may I would also like to offer a quick opinion on the cap timers. I get what you’re going for I really do and actually I think it’s a great idea but it doesn’t really work with the population in game being the way it is. Plus its taken away a lot of the excitement from capping because it takes so damn long. Trying to cap something during hours of the game when the population is really low can be extremely frustrating. Standing around in a CP for five minutes waiting for that patrol of three guys to come stop you at 90,95% night after night is extremely frustrating and likely contributes to an inability to keep players. People want exciting gameplay and I feel like the cap timers as they are now greatly impede that. This is already a long piece so I may as well throw this in here---look at the 109G stick pull back, At first I thought my joystick was broken… And I’m not the only one. My last related thought of the day pertaining to the air game is I feel like the developers are purposefully trying to limit how much damage air can do to the ground and that’s the wrong approach imo. One of the coolest things about this game is a guy on the ground can be like such and such (truck, tank, ei, aaa, atg) here and depending on my plane I can swoop down and make a difference, and its not some CPU convoy I’m eating for dinner but ANOTEHR PLAYER I’m killing. That’s super cool. But with the bomb timers being the way they are now COMBINED with how late stuff DOESN’T RENDER in game I feel like the limited effectiveness air did have on the ground game is being more and more marginalized and that is going to drive pilots towards games like IL2, when really you should be pulling Players (pilots) from those games.. this could be the greatest air war simulator ever—don’t limit your own potential here guys. Going deeper if I Hold my breath and steady my gun as much as you can in this game I can fire one bullet and it does not go where I am. I’m talking the Mp40 and the Mp34 here, I’ll admit on posting this I have yet to go play with the allied smgs but believe me—ill be taking the time to try em out on the training server real soon. My issues with this is you have literally taken away the skill element of the game from me and made it random chance—it doesn’t matter if I’m smart enough or good enough to make that shot—the bullet doesn’t go where I am aiming it and considering these two weapons were some of the MOST ACCURATE of the war in their class (wasn’t one of them the most accurate smg in the world shortly before the war started??) it is also not historically accurate. You may have noticed there are somethings I have previously mentioned but not bothered to discuss further here—ironically my ill thought out bursts actually lead to me being able to engage and discuss somethings with some people who are in the know and I received some answers along the lines of yeah we know and were trying which is awesome. This game is one of the greatest concepts in gaming history and the reason why we have healthy and occasionally fiery debates on these forums is because people care, see the potential and want it to be realized. Once again I’d like to apologize for being a bad community member and in the future will take time to voice things in a thought out manner as opposed to being all angry ginger about things. With that said I’ll also try to make the .bug reports a little less angry too because I know I wrote one the other day that was “I cant freaking stand up right (allcaps)” and I’m guessing that doesn’t really help solve the issue, I got killed there in that moment and I’m pretty sure the EI was genuinely confused as to what I was trying to do. Crawling around reloading the gun trying anything to fix it. As always these thoughts are just my observations and few opinions feel free to agree or disagree or point out something I missed or expand on some points. I am not an expert in anything, I’m a jack of all trades know a little about a lot things kind of guy. Thanks for reading if you came this far and -Red
  9. So because I haven't paid for the game yet I should have no opinion and it wont matter what I say it will be dismissed. As a community you don't see the problem with taking that approach to people do you. Hmm not exactly encouraged to pay with responses like yours.
  10. People like Redstorm own an encyclopedia on tanks because yes, they made one.
  11. Is everything a troll to this community? It’s impossible that question was genuine. Not a chance eh. Well the user has referenced the difference in bombers effectiveness against factory’s—is the User aware of the fact that the HE111 Had a BIGGER payload in real life? No that information is irrelevant right? The user references he is sick of Rambo lmgs—is he aware of how bad the accuracy the MP40 the MP34 and Beretta is? Probably not. You can steady the gun and fire one bullet and it doesn’t go where you are aiming…… so people use lmgs cause at least they stand a chance at hitting what they're shooting at. He also doesn’t seem to be aware that those who play the other side ‘are sick of being sniped from range by the grease gun’. It’s a perspective thing here. The user refrences equipment biased towards Axis—clearly this individual has never taken the time to fly both sides if he had he would realize that not only are allied aircraft superior in their performance but their guns work. Day in and day out I can fire 20 plus 20mm cannons into a spitfire before it begins to show effects, while on the other hand I need only two cannons to dewing and flame a 109—sometimes it takes four. I’ve tested this for myself and will gladly go to the training server at anytime to demonstrate these facts in game. Anytime guys. Is the user aware that the flight models on the havoc and db7 are something from an arcade game? I’m guessing not.
  12. lol have you tried playing axis?
  13. lol yes but these guys are acting like the paper thin 4g is also so dominant it deserves to be seen from 800 thousand miles away and thats just huge LOLS like the kind of lols that is undignified for a person to suffer through.
  14. lol zero years. dont you mean for Over 10 years. P.S. my favourite part is where the reasons changed above us.
  15. Honeslty the spwan delay was bad enough but the cap timers have destroyed any usefulness paratroops use to have in a town that can defend itself and well have made capping in this game rather boring. boring is not good in a war game. just saying. and yeah i see what youre sayin about teamwork and this idea would have appiled and worked when the game had a population that played it. but now that populous has dropped so low that the cap timers dont really work. they just suck.