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  1. got 16 gb ram running 64bit window 10.. much faster then my old win xp playing this game but not sure it need more ram .What graphic card ur running ?
  2. I had thro about it Madrebel , I think the motherboard is out of wack cuz the crossfire quit working ..and may need upgrade bois to add cpu ..btw how many stick of ram do u play on this game ?
  3. Make it everything coming from factory and delivery to town by train and sea ..no more spawn each town every time you lose equipment .. everything have to be move by soldier just like jumping in truck as same as tank n plane whatever it loading or order from factory they ship it to each town.. how about fuel ... This will cut down from spawn camping ..yea I know .. it make it too easy but you have to fight for it This will make more fun for bomber to get to factory if u can make it unless u have need support with fighter plane also can bomb on train I know we talk about this 17 year ago.... just like idea coming back to me
  4. I would like to know how good is Threadripper 2 can play on this game ,Just thinking about upgrade from my old beaten up rig , she about 11 year old ,asus p8H67 board , I7 2600 , r9 270 card. She aint bad as she could handle but the age havnt change on the game graphic ,,need a new face lift. just need advise about building another rig.. kinda tired of intel space heater ..I like Amd cuz they usually pretty good since last time I had Athlon x2 .. Salute !! Jay Soldier '- Hey jay..you keep getting kill be hide your back Me - That because I m deaf,,, you should be watching my back Soldier - ...I can be your third eye
  5. yea, I notice something weird about grenade ,Bazooka not doing any damage , there were 5 ei standing next to tiger and didn't kill any of them,, it like they pick up a apple and ate it
  6. yea ur right merlin51,, there wasn't ,, i think a friends of mine from german is a programmer,he made me one for my CH controller for warbird n here too ..think his name was krust
  7. yea software loading n in game too but only key is not doing is throttle,,axis box i click joystick then see y x z i click z to see if it reading but is not ...the right i use keyword to make throttle move ..that as far i could get ,,, the control panel on joystick throttle work fine but not in game
  8. Logitech joystick extreme 3d pro
  9. did that too, don't understand why it not working keymapping , only way to work tell it in comman key but wont read the throttle slider, someone made pretty good keymapper old day when u can see ur controller moving in game ,, wasn't that you oldzeke , btw i m using window 10
  10. i did that already ... still no go
  11. where is this keymapper I need to double click ? I had been looking for that all week and cant figure out where anyone see that in game ..could u point that out pls, thank
  12. Thank guy ,I got it to work but throttle not working in game when I trying take off , it not reading it but everything else work fine
  13. How to make joystick to work in this game , I just brought Logitech and keymapping but cant remember how to make it to working when I log in. thank
  14. OLD VETERAN IS BAAACCCKK ... Finally got my rig back up buuttt cant play the game on IGPU ..Gonna need some help how to get my motherboard to find my gpu thank