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  1. well I already put 20 year in it plus fund in ur bucket ..so now where my toy
  2. actually these ai and aa aint worth squat , bunch of cross-eye gunner , better off get a player jump in it n shoot it right
  3. I think a better idea to pick up our dead solider ammo so you don't have to rtb or YELL out load for ammo
  4. ok my apologize , something wonky on this site , getting error but now I fix the billing ,It been upgrade....glad I didn't have to use paypal , but my game is not active yet
  5. Well now I am getting this crap,, don't ever force me go to paypal , they are my enemy , stolen lot of my money from my account , so if they cant use what I ve been using well then I guess it time to hang up.
  6. Nice set up , wish I had good set of CH , mine old one got worn out over 15 yrs
  7. Kilemall, yes I did that dozen time ..
  8. Had anyone try to get the thrustmaster flight rudder pedal to work with hotas X . ..it working on Window but not in game, thank jay
  9. did had a 15 yrs old set of CH product and never have any plm till my old rig die on me plus all new crappy window came alone , till win 10 .. I couldn't afford new set after built new rig , so I bought cheap joystick n throttle but no rudder till now I brought whole set , now I got a headache trying figure out why is don't see it , funny window seem to work fine but going into game a rudder is a joystick and throttle half of axis and throttle see the other half so joystick is a dead stick.."sigh"
  10. Ok, no help ,so I trash the hotas x n got new set th16000 m. with twcs and tfrp .. by golly I still cant figure out how to get da dam thing to work ,, if no help then I am gonna retired , 38 yrs of flying simulator
  11. Sorry late reply , didn't know yall were here,lol,, ok.., raptor , no .I don't believe it have anything to do with fps , mayne you might have something running in background odonovan , I hear ya but it wasn't that bad ,, I got use to it .. anyway had anyone try to get the thrustmeter flight rudder pedal to work with hotas X .. thk
  12. I just brought new joystick after my old one die . Does anyone know how this keymap work ,, cant figure out without control panel tool.. Or do I need go in game to map it out ..? thank jay
  13. well I am not sure what cause from crashing ,, cant find the error .would like to see where this location ,or either my computer is getting old ( like me )
  14. Well I'd been gone for almost 4 month and came back to play today after upgrade some patch and now it crashing to desktop ..this the first time it happen to me for very long time ,, what ups with this ?
  15. ok, found the plm , it was missing last patch that didn't show up after I reinstall the game , was 1.1 and now it 1.2
  16. Aww can’t make it ,@ working
  17. tell me what cause fps different by look at around suppose looking at east i get 124fps , north starting dropping to 50 then west hit below 20 where battle going on
  18. i like idea in plane is important check my 6 and about inf didn't we use to have hip moving while back ,, like kinda peep side way or be hide wall or window ? i hope it doesn't lag in game using it ,, thank Thinking about getting one if it worth it
  19. How Good is this trackIR5 ? tell me what all you can do with this thing in game . thank
  20. would be nice to have mine field and booby trap like triping on wire
  21. Looking good boys ,wonder how this barbwire gonna do to enemy ? how long can it hold them , can it do any damage to anything that come across ? ? 88 get a Shield , aww no panther , king tiger and quad AA bofor for axis against firefly
  22. Well here go another complain from allied,, tsk tsk,, oh boy, go ahead , I am okay with it, just go with history not balance , Now, where the list I ask yall to fix for us ? oh wait that was 15 yrs ago ,, Got a Question ,, when are we gonna have inf jumping on truck and use weapon to fire while truck moving ?
  23. oh yeah, that was a good old laggy day,, I starting watchin this film , I laugh so hard.. graphic were terrible back then but can image how much it had change from today
  24. Ah what a shame . too late now ,, I ask about this before and I dump that silly Logitech in trash can