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  1. Campaign 166 is about to begin 7/16/19 7:00 pm server time...when is sever time..thanks
  2. I guess I have nothing to worry about then.
  3. if there are planes with no fuel gauge is there a strategy to keep from running out ?
  4. Will someone please tell me where the fuel gauges are on the Junkers 52 3M and the Blenheim Mk 1 ? Thank you .
  5. I`m not finding it..the game`s been doing funny things to me lately
  6. I`m been having multiple issues with the game so I reinstalled it..as before I DO NOT have a button on start up to train off line..I`ve had this problem before ..posted here..was given a place to look for it in my computer to find it..created a shortcut and it worked..I cannot find it and cannot play offline again..does anyone know where I can find that folder..thanks
  7. I am...more responsive...quicker on the draw.
  8. Thanks..I`m doing pretty good at this actually especially considering I`m using a mouse not a joystick..I played many years ago with a stick..I never found it that much better to tell you the truth..flaps all I have is up or down..did you mean elevator trim? I read somewhere 14% is good although I never under stood if that was up or down..I`m assuming up ? Then 0 once I get in the air ?
  9. ok thanks..one problem I`m having sometimes I spawn in and the HUD`s are there but lately my secondary weapon HUD is hidden..how do I get it back ? one other question..I`m training on the Blenheim MK IV and the Junkers JU-52..I`m starting to get the hang of it but I definitely need to be on the easier planes to fly..can I get a partial list of planes from easiest to best to fly..thanks
  10. OK...does that mean I have to change positions to drop bombs in the boston and DB7..is that possible when training ? I got the HUD thing figured out I think.
  11. I`m trying to learn to fly..I`m getting better..only crashed 1000 times so far...I started flying a bomber the other day..I know how to drop the bomb but I don`t see anything in the HUD`s regarding whether the doors are open or closed or how many bombs I have left..any help ?
  12. The name says it all..what I`m looking for is some kind of a thread regarding the learning curve for planes..I`ve read the wiki article..I`ve almost got it off the ground a few times...I can`t figure out how to search the forums as I`m sure there is plenty of flying information in there...are there any other articles I can read ?
  13. thank you that`s all I wanted to know..infantry...I can figure out the rest
  14. ok..I get all that..I've been playing for a while..I`ve done all the training except armor and I guess that`s next but I`m still confused...do I spawn in as infantry to do this as airborne ? Is there anyway to train for this ? Thanks
  15. Thanks but this is not what I was looking for..how do I play para? Do I spawn in as infantry? How do I get a parachute ? Is there anyway I can train for this..in offline training there is a para section but it is essentially the same as infantry training with the different guns and such...how do I find a mission? Thanks