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  1. I`m trying to learn to fly..I`m getting better..only crashed 1000 times so far...I started flying a bomber the other day..I know how to drop the bomb but I don`t see anything in the HUD`s regarding whether the doors are open or closed or how many bombs I have left..any help ?
  2. Thanks..I`m doing pretty good at this actually especially considering I`m using a mouse not a joystick..I played many years ago with a stick..I never found it that much better to tell you the truth..flaps all I have is up or down..did you mean elevator trim? I read somewhere 14% is good although I never under stood if that was up or down..I`m assuming up ? Then 0 once I get in the air ?
  3. ok thanks..one problem I`m having sometimes I spawn in and the HUD`s are there but lately my secondary weapon HUD is hidden..how do I get it back ? one other question..I`m training on the Blenheim MK IV and the Junkers JU-52..I`m starting to get the hang of it but I definitely need to be on the easier planes to fly..can I get a partial list of planes from easiest to best to fly..thanks
  4. OK...does that mean I have to change positions to drop bombs in the boston and DB7..is that possible when training ? I got the HUD thing figured out I think.
  5. The name says it all..what I`m looking for is some kind of a thread regarding the learning curve for planes..I`ve read the wiki article..I`ve almost got it off the ground a few times...I can`t figure out how to search the forums as I`m sure there is plenty of flying information in there...are there any other articles I can read ?
  6. thank you that`s all I wanted to know..infantry...I can figure out the rest
  7. I`m new...I`d like to play para..how do I do that ? Thanks
  8. ok..I get all that..I've been playing for a while..I`ve done all the training except armor and I guess that`s next but I`m still confused...do I spawn in as infantry to do this as airborne ? Is there anyway to train for this ? Thanks
  9. Thanks but this is not what I was looking for..how do I play para? Do I spawn in as infantry? How do I get a parachute ? Is there anyway I can train for this..in offline training there is a para section but it is essentially the same as infantry training with the different guns and such...how do I find a mission? Thanks
  10. This button is not on my screen..I`m free to play btw..I found this in my computer via a post in forums...it seems to be working now...thanks
  11. I`m trying to learn how to fly..I keep reading that there are different types of airplane available " offline " what does that mean ? When I use the training mode I get the same screen..same fighters I`ve been crashing..I read somewhere there are other planes that are easier to fly. Where do I find them ?
  12. I found a link to it in forums..apparently I`m not the only one having this issue
  13. I just don`t see it..I`ve been having some display issues..I get the legal stuff in the 1st screen then the screen that ask for my password...then the one that says campaign..training then the main screen going into the game..what next? I don`t see any options on either server as far as different vehicles and weapons ?
  14. I`m pretty new although I played on a laptop a long time ago..atm I have a pretty decent computer..I`m getting this stuff but have 1 issue..when I adjusted my resolution settings my icons..enemy presence our guys locations etc became microscopic barely visable..I`ve changed all the settings multiple times but can`t get back to usable sizes..the icons look like tiny little dots I can barely see....any suggestions..thanks.
  15. none of this is helping " rename wwiiol.xml to wwiiol.bak " " run settings.exe, pick your resolution " I am unable to find a folder named wwiiol.xml or anything that says settings.exe " > you should see (probably under apps) the wwiiol logo and settings in letters to the right " under windows app settings when I click on battleground Europe I get a greyed out button that says " modify " when I click it nothing happens any suggestions ? thanks
  16. Is anyone having issues with their mouse..all at once my gun isn`t firing unless I pull the trigger 2 or 3 times..when I despawn and hit escape all at once I end up holding a different weapon before I go back to the active battle screen...just put a new battery in the mouse..same thing..this just started today..I`ve never really had any problems with this computer..any suggestions besides reinstalling the game ?
  17. I`m still trying to get help with this...I am able to bring up task manager when playing..now what do I do ?
  18. you are correct..I was confused..alt tab does nothing..the 3 finger salute works when the game is running..the problem still stands however..in task manager I see the programs that are running..windows...w/e else I`m running..the rest is gibberish to me..what should I be looking for ? thanks
  19. you are correct..I was confused..alt tab does nothing..the 3 finger salute works when the game is running..the problem still stands however..in task manager I see the programs that are running..windows...w/e else I`m running..the rest is gibberish to me..what should I be looking for ? thanks
  20. The previous poster implied that would only work on windows 7 although I`ve tried it and nothing..in general when in game I cannot access anything but the game..always been that way even years ago when I was playing on a dell laptop with vista..I have to bring up some music if I want to listen to anything besides wwii online sounds before I spawn in..I may be missing something which is probable as I`m not technologically inclined although when someone walks me through the steps im good...anyway I`m still stuck here..actually it`s probably closer to 50% of the time when this happens. windows 10 here...I bought a new mouse..same thing
  21. I`m still trying to fix this..it`s made the game almost unplayable although sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't...I`m using Windows 10 64 bit...I cannot bring up the task manager while I`m in game. This is what happens..about 3/4 of the time when I spawn in my gun won`t shoot or fires every 3rd time I pull the trigger..after standing alone like a sitting duck for a few minutes I hit escape and my ammo box appears in my hands as I wait for the timer to let me spawn out...usually what happens if I spawn back in the same thing...if I close the game and wait a while sometimes when I start the game up again it works fine. Any help ?
  22. anyone ? I`m still stumped..how do I do run settings.exe ?
  23. I`m on Windows 10..this issue is intermittent.
  24. Hello everyone..I`m new and yet I`ve opted for a career in WWII as a pilot..it should work out..I have a keyboard...except for the 100 + crashes. When`s the best time to release the tail lock when attempting to take off ? Thank you
  25. I`m not sure what you mean by practicing offline..when I enter training as infantry I don`t see any tropp transports..there`s no sense in spawning in game and flying until I get the hang of this