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  1. not that I`m aware of..basically I`m doing everything I have been doing..sometimes I`ll play music in the background and never had an issue but I haven`t even been doing that today..a couple of open windows before I sign in..never had an issue with that either.
  2. but how can I train on one w/o going into the game and crashing over and over?
  3. once again I`m confused..where do I find a troop transport in training..I coonot find one
  4. that I understand..thanks for the help..if I get one in the air I`m headed for berlin
  5. Thanks..I`ll look into it..until then can you tell me how to reverse the stick settings ? When I move the mouse back it goes forward and I crash..when I move the mouse forward the stick moves back which to me is backwards . Thank you
  6. Is there anyway I can get some help with this ?
  7. Please bear in mind I`m not particularly computer literate however I can follow instructions..when I open the Battleground Europe folder I see other folders that say Battleground Europe...cfml..SShot1...wwiiol...when I open wwiiol I get a window that says C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Battleground Europe\wwiiol.xml...when I change the last three letters to bak nothing happens..if I press enter I get an error message that says Windows cannot find C:\Users\Owner\Document\BattleGround Europe\wwiiol.bak...what should I do now ? Thanks
  8. I`m new..I don`t know what you mean..what are the dpi settings ?
  9. anyone else ?
  10. atm I`m using 3800x2160x32...I`m not sure where I was when I first downloaded the game but I fiddled with the settings and this started..I have literally gone up and down the list and tried every setting since then and this always happens...I can barely see the icons although they are there.
  11. anyone ?
  12. Hello...I`m having problems with the keymapper...I understand how to make basic settings with no issues..I`m confused as to what to do if I spawn in with a different weapon .. btw I`m free to play for now...usually I just spawn in with a rifle and I have everything set where I want it..If I choose a machine gun my key bindings change which I can live with for now..what I don`t understand is there is another column of settings which I don`t know what are for...this has me very confused...is there an article in the Wiki or somewhere else I can get a better understanding of this..thanks
  13. thanks..i`m getting it now although I`m unclear what you mean by spawning offline..one thing I did that seemed to help is I bound my secondary character ( I`m free to play atm ) which is a sub machine gunner..tommy gun etc to my secondary keys...assigning them to the number pad which seems to be working unless I get rushed which takes1/2 second more to pull my trusty knife...not that it makes much difference in my case because I`m old and slow..but I get what you`re saying..it helps a lot..thanks
  14. Thanks..I understand now about the secondary keys..I`m still confused about the second part of what you said. My main issue is specifically when I spawn in with lets say a Thompson instead of a rifle my key bindings are all over the place..I`ve tried playing with the settings but it doesn't help much..right from the beginning I never understood which #`s apply to which weapons..for example..initially my gun was in 1 my knife in 2...I prefer my knife in 1 (these are hypothetical examples ) by randomly changing different key bindings I got my weapons where I want them but if I spawn in with a different gun it ends up in slot 3..I don`t understand what the key binding slots mean by weapon # ...the key binding # is obvious. How do I know what weapon # is what weapon ? Thanks for the help btw...the secondary binding had me baffled.
  15. I`m still confused about this...in the key mapper there are two columns of settings..primary and secondary..I pretty much have my primary bindings set but have no idea what the 2nd column is about if anything. Also different types of soldiers end up with weapons binded to different keys..i read the above post but im afraid it doesn`t help much..i`m generally infantry when I spawn in as a rifleman everything is cool...when I spawn in with a machine gun everything is different...I`ve read all the articles related to this but they don`t really talk about this only advanced topics.
  16. thanks..I think I had an issue with the website B4 not sure...I`m still here..let me know
  17. I changed something in my settings..not sure what...all the little men...tanks...friends..foes..all of that are now tiny little icons I can barely see..other than that the map(s) are the same..what did I do....how can I fix it ? Thanks
  18. I`m still looking to join..how do I do that ?
  19. I`ve been playing a while and never had this happen..I adjusted some settings and now the images on the map are too small to see...the little men are microscopic and the reports enemy soldiers armor etc...what did I do...how do I fix it ?
  20. Someone please tell me what is area 51..it keeps coming up in the chat window
  21. Can anyone tell me area 51 is ? I`m pretty new and keep reading about it chat.