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  1. Thanks for writing back...this is a custom built computer...core Intel(R) core(TM) i7-8700k @ 370Gz    3.7Ghz   ?  I don`t understand this

    32 GB Installed RAM

    What happens is when I`m running the game I cannot do anything else...the Windows key does nothing..the only thing I can bring up is the task manager


    There is no specific program I need to run at the same time..usually if I`m online I am watching you tube videos or reading text

    As you probably know sometimes when I log on there is nothing going on and I get tired of logging off and logging on because I can`t do anything else

    when I`m in game and the game is running

  2. I crashed 1000 times but im getting it..also I play with a mouse..its good enough and one less thing to think about..as far as the carpet bombing thing idk...I think its only certain planes...the Blenheim has  bombs mounted outside the plane..i don`t think the open Bombay command does anything..not sure


  3. I`m trying to find out what the jettison ordnance function does?  Obviously it is used to release all bombs at once but I can`t get it to work..I`m flying the Blenin I @ IV...and I have the command attached to the an alternate but rememberable  key and when I push it..ta da..nothing happens..i find this deeply disturbing 



  4. One other thing and this has been happening ever since I was playing 15 years ago on a laptop..when I start the game the box where it says choose online or training server has the 2 choices over lapping..its hard to explain but when I was trying to figure out what settings would fix this issue at one point that went away..it`s not important but I could never understand why it did that and may possibly have something to do with this

    Another thing just happened as I was typing this..apparently there is a new update which is odd because I just got one yesterday which took a while to install so I assume it was a major update ?  When I started the game just now it gave me another update..eventually I got an error message saying uninstall and start over..that just seemed not quite right..the game has always worked well on this computer except for these rather small issues

  5. 18 hours ago, SNIPER62 said:

    I just talked to the team about the issue of being unable to adjust the "green tag" n00b color like you can with Squad Members, Mission Members and Mission Leaders (under the preferences menu). I'll take a look at getting it added to the next release since we are doing it with other tag colors already.

    The second issue you brought up about the map player icon size is a known issue and has to do with the "scale" settings that you're using for windows. What size monitor, resolution and scale are you currently using? The times I've saw it, and I deal with it as well, is with higher resolution monitors that require a different than 100% scale setting in the Display Settings (right click on the desktop -> Display Settings).

     I`m using 3840x2160..250% atm..I know that sounds like a lot..my eyesight isn`t really that bad but it seems to be the only setting that works for me..this is a pretty decent computer that I had built for me...no particular issues other than this..the monitor is 26x15  inches...also there is a dialog box that comes up sometimes..i can`t remember exactly how I get there but it has some settings including the resolution..not the ingame preference screen..that box is very very small..I`ll post again when I get there again

  6. 22 hours ago, lonepilgim said:


    Thanks..the other issue is really bugging me..I had one guy give me a very technical explanation which didn`t help at all..again I`ve tried different resolutions but that hasn`t helped either..I have a vision problem and the icons are so small I can barely see them..any suggestions ?  

  7. On 8/4/2019 at 4:05 AM, Augetout said:

    I believe yellow tags (green tags actually---I feel your shade intolerent pain), are new players, and I do not believe they are adjustable.

    My advice would be to submit a ticket to support and see if Pittpete @PITTPETE has a solution that I am unaware of.

    While you're at it, Lonepilgrim, stop by the unit website and see about Randazzo and you cooperating to get you a Lafayette Federation sig! ;)



    Thanks..the other issue is the little guys on the map are really little..when I started playing I could see them now the are just dots..I`ve tried different resolutions nothing helps

    Augetout do you use Discord?  I was on for a while but I never saw anyone else in your squad online.

  8. How do I get rid of the yellow name tags above some of the soldiers I`m playing with ? I have all my colors set to white and blue but these yellow tags keep popping up more or less randomly..I am partially color blind and yellow really messes with me...I`ve adjusted  most of the settings and I can`t get it to go away

  9. I`m been having multiple issues with the game so I reinstalled it..as before I DO NOT have a button on start up to train off line..I`ve had this problem before ..posted here..was given a place to look for it in my computer to find it..created a shortcut and it worked..I cannot find it and cannot play offline again..does anyone know where I can find that folder..thanks