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  1. but you don't understand the cirbodyfluidstance! I have my Dobodyfluidents! I helped build parts of the game bundlesofwoods! :D:D:D (ahhh, the old forum filter.. I miss it...)
  2. Booo! (speaking of, is Bloo still around?).. I see GvonPaul's still active! yay! Xoom's head rat? weren't you like 15? lol. that's so awesome! 15 fricking years. I log in and there's still new pm's about keymaps in my inbox, lol. hell, are my keymaps even still relevant? hehe. currently downloading the game. I've stuck my head in now and again over the years since I actually started having a real life again but it's been a few years at least... Happy to see that this still exists.. who'da thunk it after day 1? I was mad at first but then the rats stuck around and actually kept working on it.. so I stuck by them.. and this was a surrogate family for me for many years that I can never express the words for how greatful I am and was for them.
  3. yeah, there's already a button for continuous walk... no need for a macro..
  4. hehe. I haven't been in game for 2-3 years now and you want me to do/remember what? lol... ok, lemme wrap my head around this... god it's been so long... break it down for me as two seperate things, joystick and keypress as they are two different actions... now what happens when you just use the joystick? does it work correctly? are you saying the joystick aim works ok, but not fine tune enough to aim? this function, it's meant to be used with a mouse, a mouse and a joystick function really differently and you are trying to put a joystick style function where it's expecting a mouse type movement and that's causing the problem (if there is one with the JS, I'm confused from your post) (shots in the dark: halfaxis's? why are both axes inverted?) now if it's the keypresses part that's a problem... I'm pretty sure that since there are pretty unique functions (only used for infantry) that when they were coded, they were not at all coded with keeping any sort of the keyboard joystick emulation functions intact.. have you tried keyabsolute? or keydelta per second? it could simply be broken from when it was first programmed when they created the function (or just never put together in the first place).. I'd really have to get into the game and take notes on how those unique infantry axis functions behave and then reverse engineer them and that's several hours of work at least, not counting boning up on my cfml, as well as what changes were made in the last 3 years since my departure... but I'll help... just give me exact descriptions of what's doing what..
  5. go into the mouse software and set those buttons to keystrokes... they might not be assigned to anything in there.. multibutton mice have profiles, just like joysticks do..
  6. could be a ton of things... but even if it IS system related to your particular system, it's most probably not indicative of some deeper underlying problem... sounds like a buffer timing issue or something.. it's been a long time since I had my head under the hood of WWIIonline and joysticks...
  7. right you are sir!
  8. no. it's never going to happen. got the final word on that around 2002-3. reason: "bang for the buck" not enough interest in FFB in general, let alone cause someone (well, enough people really, as it'd have to be way more than just ONE, lol, like ) to only subscribe (pay money monthly!) to the game solely because it offered FFB, at best, anyone who saw it had FFB would go "oh that's neat", not scrabble to get a subscription.. one more thing to cause bugs, eat fps, ect. not just the first time implemented but something could break with it or it cause a break of something else during each patch, dragging the rest of the game's development.. one more thing to take away one of the very, very few coders from doing something else that has a much more wide appeal/attraction to bring more people to subscribe to the game/make the game cooler.. ect.. would it be cool? yup! still, not gonna happen sadly... just relaying what the rats told me directly, many years ago when I worked on the keymapper..
  9. also, the graphic of the flap on the plane doesn't actually show visually the incremental positions looking at it in the game.. you cannot look at the flaps to see what position it is in.. it will only show as "Fully extended" or "fully retracted" looking out at it from the cockpit in the game... but this is only GRAPHICAL it DOES actually affect the flight model in as if the flap were in increments... even if the flap itself looks like it's fully retracted... the animation for the flaps moving to fully extended (or reverse "moving to fully retracted") isn't triggered till the flap is past 50%. so if you set up incremental flaps at 10%... you'll press the "increase flaps button" once and you'll hear the flap move noise but the flap won't move at all looking at it in game BUT the plane will totally react in flight (and takeoff and landing) as if the flaps are 10% engaged. if you press the increase flaps button 3 more times, it'll be at 40% but will still show as "fully retracted". you'll hear three move noises, but no movement of the flap at all BUT the plane with totally react in flight as if you have the flaps 40% engaged. press it one more time, you'll hear the noise but this time the flap animation will trigger and you'll see the flaps on the plane actually move in game. it'll move to the "fully extended" visual representation BUT the flaps will ONLY BE ENGAGED 50%. so everything below 50% flaps will show as "flaps fully retracted", everything above 50% as "Flaps fully extended" and the animation will only trigger once you pass that 50% threshold in either direction. the flap sound will trigger every time you hit either flap increase or decrease button unless the flap has moved as far as it can in that particular direction... meaning, if you have the flaps set to move incrementally at 25% with each keypress and starting at the "fully retracted" flap position. you hit the "increase flaps" button 4 times and each button press, will get a flap movement sound. the 5th "increase flaps" button press won't as 4th button press put the flaps at 100% "fully extended". each button press is 25%. 4 times 25% = 100% so visually, all that looking at the flaps can really tell ya (when using incremental flaps) is if the flap is in one range (0% fully retracted-49% almost halfway) of position or the other (50% halfway-100% full extended) and that's it. don't trust your eyes, lol so what you have to do is keep a mental note of your flap state. count the button presses/sounds... it's a pain in the *** but the rats didn't build the animation, the flight model has the functionality, the game just doesn't have the graphics to depict it... some (or all) planes I think you can look at the controls and gages in cockpit and find the real life flap control and see where it's positioned and it accurately reflects what's going on with the flight model on the control (it'll show as 10% or 25% or whatever engaged). cheers, Spoon
  10. as I said, if he's only showing THREE hids as he's stated above and ALL of them are related to the joystick and mouse... it's NOT the HID problem...
  11. the game keymapper doesn't do macros (multiple sequence keyboard/joystick button presses), you'll need either a macro program or a joystick or other controller with macro ability in it's profile software... be sure to time millisecond pauses, so the game can have time to be able to register, some times macro programs can go too fast for a game to register the inputs without them.
  12. yeah, just forgot where the cfml folder was on the mac... my files work for either platform as they are simple xml files that contain values that are read by the game and not used by windows or the mac operating system.
  13. just a note, the hid problem isn't always specifically with a usb keyboard, plantronics headsets and a few other usb devices can install hid drivers that cause the specific conflict of joystick non-detection in ww2ol (but show fine in windows and works in other games). if you are only showing three hid devices and they are all for the joystick and the mouse only, it's definitely not the hid problem. tho if this is on Vista, I can't really give any advice since I haven't installed it yet myself. have you tried simply keymapping it to see if the keymapper reads it? sometimes people forget that the game doesn't automagically detect your joystick and set it up for the game, they jump in and it's not working but never check the keymapper to see if it reads it. the defaults are simply a chosen mapping by the developers that should work with most controllers but sometimes it doesn't and parts or the whole mapping needs to be redone by the player.
  14. you should open up a support ticket (by going to the support faq) or you can email directly. good luck!
  15. thanks so much for the praise! yeah, the only difference between the vista and xp versions is how you access the cfml folder basically (as far as I know as I don't have vista yet) as for the losing the movement ability, that's vista specific but I don't have a clue how to even begin to fix it as it's not anything to do specifically with the cfml at all but a deeper driver or ww2ol bug...