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  1. Forgive me if this post is redundant to others as I have not read everything that has been posted on this issue (but I have read a lot of it). One thing I did not see discussed is the long-last effect of imbalance. Lets say axis are over pop for 2 hours. In this 2 hours they can flip fbs with impunity, bomb allied factories to rubble and take towns. So when the game gets back to balance, the allies find themselves with no fbs and spawnlists that are do not repopulate at the same rate as the axis. There is also the matter of the overpop side having the resources to fix all their AI when they take a town. An allied player, after playing under these conditions for a few minutes, decides maybe he should call his mother-in-law because hearing about her grandkids is more rewarding than the wwii online experience. The allied player logs off, and the axis are over pop. Rinse and repeat. There are some things that could be done to correct this and might even help with the "local" imbalance/spawn delay/captimers: Over pop sides: Could only flip fbs that are associated with an AO. This would drive battles to fbs which I think are easier to defend than towns. Would have their fbs regenerate at a slower rate than when sides are balanced. Automatically loose fbs if the underpop side puts an AO a town owned by the overpop side. (this obviously could not happen to flip the fb of an active AO) Preclude overpop from RDP raids. Preclude a side from repairing AI while over pop Preclude a side from taking down AI while over pop
  2. What I find so funny in this thread is that the driving of supply from one town to another was the impetus for the brigade system. The brigade system was put in place, in large part, to keep from having to drive supply from town to town; you just move the flag.
  3. When I logged into training server with my DLC account there were no flags in the training area. I did not check with my premium sub but I assume it is the same. I am sure there are a lot of us that want to play with the new equipment there.
  4. Hypothetical situation: You have eight (you can change the number if it makes more sense) guys that are tasked to capture Mean. You have the Marche link to Mean with the fb. What do you see as the eight critical roles each player should assume and what should they spawn to fill those roles? I realize that roles and equipment will change as the battle progresses. The guy that was guarding the fms with an LMG may be of more use as an ATG after you cap the spawnable. I am just curious what kind of plan you think would work best.
  5. Yes, the HC would not "order" any squad to do anything; there would have to be coordination between the squad and HC.
  6. My thought is that HC should have a tool .squads that would tell them what squads were on and how many in each squad. Then HC could put out on the side channel "WHIPS defend town x" then let the WHIPS worry about guarding CPs and the bunker etc. Also then the Senior squad member would be in charge of the town and direct unaffiliated players. This would then require coordination between HC and squads---"WHIPS can you spare a few men to work fbs?" I really think we can and should get away from the side channel messages "SOMEONE... spawn an engi" "SOMEONE guard the bunker". I would like to see the unaffiliated players start to ask "What squad is attacking Ciney" rather than "who has the map".
  7. I like idea number 2. Another advantage is that if someone has spent 20 minutes walking from a fb and life calls them away from wwiionline someone else could take your position. I would go so far to make the despawning player a ppo that would persist until killed by the enemy. Allow ftp players spawn in as an lmg in those limited cases.
  8. Everyone from the same mission spawns at the same random place.