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  1. You're using a 32bit OS. Look up what memory-related settings you can change in your BOIS. It's possibly you can change something there to make windows recognize closer to 4GB RAM. I have not been on a 32 bit system for a long while now but I remember there was some BIOS setting in a old system I had that made a difference regarding how close to 4GB RAM I could get in 32 bit Windows XP.
  2. I've had the exact same issue for as long as I remember. If you don't touch the mouse it will do a 360 deg rotation of your gun/turret. I usually get the bug when doing tiny adjustments. I don't know how the game stores traverse direction but maybe it's some kind of "wrap around" bug when the traverse value is decreased below minimum or increased above maximum. Maybe some rounding error? Dunno.
  3. Just noticed the time stamp in your wwii crash logs shows 1970. Anyone knows if that is normal?
  4. During Win98, Win2000 and WinXP having a good dedicated sound-card made a HUGE difference and Creative EAX was awesome and made a big impact. Since moving to Windows 7 I can honestly don't say I notice any kind of difference between my Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer and the build in sound on the motherboard. No difference in 3D, quality or anything. I ran the computer for several months with the build in sound only and didn't notice any difference. I basically plugged the card back in just because I felt bad not using it. I really can't see the point with the XtremeGamer card and if I was to build a new rig from scratch today I would most certainly NOT buy a dedicated sound card.
  5. The mouse control for gun turrets is very poor and has always been as long as I've played. I think the problem is the turret movement speed limits that are handled very poorly by the game: When using the mouse for gun traverse/elevate it's not like you control the actual gun but a invisible mouse cursor that the gun in turn "chases". That is, if you move your mouse left, the invisible mouse pointer is moved left and the gun keeps turning towards the invisible mouse until it catch up. Not until then it stops. The incredible annoying result is that if you move the mouse rapidly the "invisible mouse pointer" moves very far and the gun goes chasing after it even you long since stopped moving the mouse. If you want to "undo" the movement you need to move the mouse in the opposite direction until it "meets up" with the gun. Oh, but don't move it too far because then the gun will start chasing the mouse in the other direction. Another result of this is that you have to get a "feel" for where this invisible mouse pointer is because in a intense battle where you have to move around quickly left/right/up/down the gun turret is almost always in "ghost movement" mode: You make a twitch with the mouse to turn your gun from North to East and then you have to wait for many seconds auto-movement. With time you can get a "feel" for this so you know how long (in seconds) your gun will turn if you move your mouse 5cm left or right. This way you also get a feeling for how much you have to move the mouse back in the opposite way to "cancel" the turret turning if a new target appears and you need to stop the gun traverse. The only way to minimize this problem (that I know of) is to make sure all mouse acceleration is at a minimum. You have to check both the game settings, windows settings and any mouse hardware specific settings. The problem is that noone uses minimum mouse sensitivity due to the fact that a normal person don't have a 2 x 2 meter mouse pad, 2,5m long arms and a wrist made of titanium. So you have to fiddle around with the mouse sensitivity for BE until you find the best possible balance between ergonomics and "gun-mouse chasing". The only way it's possible/comfortable for me to use mouse for gun turrets is due to the fact that my Logitech MX518 mouse have hardware buttons that let me increase/decrease mouse sensitivity on the fly. When gunning with a AA gun or ATG I can decrease sensitivity to the lowest possible setting so that the gun-mouse ghost movement is at a minimum (but it never goes away). And when I play infantry or just want to work the in-game map I can quickly up the sensitivity to normal levels again. The psuedocode for a fix for this problem would be: IF the mouse stopped moving THEN stop moving the gd turret.
  6. This is a hardware feature that your graphics card must have. If you don't have it you need to get a new graphics card that supports it.
  7. Intel usually have pretty good stock coolers. I overclocked my last Intel C2D a lot with the stock cooler and never had any issues. I'd say save a few $$, start out with the stock cooler and decide later if you need to upgrade the cooling. Or move the money from the cooler budget to the MB budget. IMO you should never cheap out on the MB. Go for a "enthusiast" level MB.
  8. Last I heard that was broken. They changed a few years back so that the ranks where supposed to be shared up to rank 5 for all personas IIRC. But I think new allied players are stuck with the same pain we had way back where you need to grind rank points twice as much in order to be able to fight all along the front lines.
  9. I have played using Wine but it was a while ago. It seems 1.33 runs good using Wine (but you need a patch in Wine to get mouse working good):
  11. WeGame is good and free: You need to "login" to use the client but you don't have to upload your captured pics and/or videos to their site.
  12. I upgraded my system a couple of months ago and the bino-trees bug is still very noticeable last time I played. It was a big problem on my old Core 2 Duo CPU clocked to 3Ghz and a rather old GF 8800 GTS 320mb. Sadly, with my new rig I can still easily find scenes where I get ~15-20 FPS if I look through binos or some kind of optic sight. My new rig? A AMD Phenom II X4 Black Edition 3,4Ghz and a heavily factory overclocked Gainward GTX 460 GS-GLH graphics card. It looks like the only workaround for this bug is to get a ATI card as even a high-end nvidia card suffers from it. EDIT: I can ad that you easily notice when this bug triggers as the Graphic card goes insane. The GPU usage goes up to steady 100% and with it the heat generation. It's very clearly a bug somewhere in the game engine that make the nvidia cards almost crawl to a halt in certain situations.
  13. You complaining about that you get the same performance on both machine or that you get low performance?
  14. Not going to bother with it. It got pretty poor replay value.
  15. DO NOT use any compatibility settings under Windows 7!!! The game officially supports win7 since several patches ago. If you used the compatibility settings before make sure you go over the EXEs in the BE folder and all shortcuts to remove the settings. I've been runing BE under Win7 64bit for a long time now with no problems.