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  1. They would, because with a 'town limit' they could not be 'hopping towns' constantly, they would have to go to AO for the time being to help in fighting- playing with AO people. I would not view it as 'fun' to play in other instance and would not come back for it - with separate instance CRS might get no revenue at all. Keepy everyone in one instance - or not at all.
  2. Allow the defenders to warp to attacked city normaly. Only the attackers would have to take a long hike. Once the defense is complete, the defenders are warped back to their AO/spawn.
  3. Jwilly combine those two 1) re-locate physicaly 2) town limit 'open front' is not most time-efficient anymore, it would be a 'reward for the patient ones'
  4. It would be only for 'open fronters'. 'AO' people would still play like they play now. (spawn normaly at AO location) and when 'open fronters' would waste their 'town attack limit' they would become 'AOers' for the time being. It would be the same as it is now, I realy believe it could work.
  5. Jwilly, please read the thread first....... i've written how it would work with AO
  6. Basicaly it would work like it works now. But it would give 'open front' that is not so easy to mole/zerg, because the 'open fronters' would have to 1) re-locate physicaly 2) there would be a town limit, if they would waste their town limit, they would have to join others in AO 3) Just allow to spawn near AO normaly, but whenever someone wants to attack town at other part of the map, he has to move physicaly there from the current spawn he set for himself - he would have to go to nearest fb/town near that city and then makes his 'spawn' there(make the 'flight paths' to help in transportation). If he would 'waste' his attacks, he can then warp back to AO normaly. This would appease every 'open front' player (as they always took the time to go for long walks, so they wouldn't mind the physical walk - and taking a town would be a reward for them for that time investment) - there would be no mole/zerg - and AO would be as same as it is (just not forced)= win-win for everyone
  7. Jwilly, in other thread you wanted to bridge the gap, between 'both type' of players, but with two instances of the game. check this out, but read full thread, at the end i've written how both type of players can be satisfied in same single game.
  8. Actualy when I think about it now, if those 3 were combined, it would be my 'dream ww2 game' lol, - and it would work for both type of players. The town limit would work great with the optional AO, when someone would 'waste' his town attack options, he would have to go to AO - maybe even allow the 'normal warping' for AO, so those that want fast action - can have it at AO, those that want to capture town on 'open front' would have to move physicaly in the game. hey a guy can dream, right?
  9. Actualy in other mmorpgs, you have to walk everywhere by yourself, World of warcraft etc, and people are fine with it there. In similar fashion to that game, there could maybe be 'trains' or AI plane transports that would work like 'flight paths' in WoW that would allow for quicker transportation on the map, and make them destroyable for other players as well. Give the rifleman ability to man gunner at AI transport plane during transportation, so he can have something to shoot at if they would get attacked, or man AA on train. AO would be placed, but you don't have to go there, it would be optional - the thing that would draw players to AO would be knowing that you will get some extra bonuses for participating in the fight.
  10. I'm returning for the DLC Let's have some fun in future ww2ol
  11. Yes I understand this, let's see what future changes will bring - but you also have the feedback on what old vets and new players would like - this should be also taken into consideration for the future after 1.36
  12. The 'old rat team' was a company from different times, when companies did not listen to player feedback at all. What will happen to ww2ol, is yet to be seen, it all depends on the decisions of current Rat team. They have 15 years of feedback, they have our ideas and suggestion, now draw the conclusions.
  13. 'there are no other paths that is the works' - make one, lol. 'But this discussion of radically changing paths at this point is not worth much if anything' - Current Rat team inherited the game from old rat team with all its flaws, cut out the flaws. Is the current Rat team bound to old team? If no, then 'think outside the box', and bring in new ideas. Of course if the current Rat team, wants the game to go in the way the old Rat team wanted........ then it's a different thing, but as a player, i'd favour if the current team went in opposite way.
  14. Merlin go to suggestions forum, i've written about it in more detail