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  1. haha I never lived in Bend =) Currently in San Francisco working at a mobile game company. BTW hi ammodog!
  2. Would love to hear it!
  3. Who owns WWIIOL / playnet? Did ownership change hands?
  4. Who are the volunteer programmers? Are the volunteer programmers onsite or remote?
  5. Hi all, Day 0 player here. I dropped out for a while back in 2012. I always thought that CRS was dying a slow death since major updates stopped for a long time. Now we have this big marketing push, new updates, new devs and new leadership. So what happened? I'm super curious because I used to follow CRS very closely. Did KILLER sell CRS? Who bought it? Can someone fill me in? Thanks!
  6. I died early on in my panhard? Were some people respawning?
  7. In allied Panhard (fear me).
  8. I used to have a dual account setup, where I used a .bat file to replace the configuration file with one to use as my 'main' and the other to use with the lowest settings possible. Where is the configuration file for in-game settings? I can't find it.
  9. I'd love to play. In for allies.
  10. Hey Lindir, glad to see you back. I would volenteer but this time is right in the middle of the work day for me. I am GMT -8.
  11. Right at lunchtime for me. I have work then
  12. I vote for the all tank battle. There is only 1 type of destroyer and the damage model is dated. The tank battle will provide more strategy.
  13. I'd like to make it but I always forget. Could we have a newsletter or something?
  14. I just found out about this event. I think I'm too late. I'll be in for the next one however.