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  1. Yea, i will be playing the battlefield where i don't have to pay 15$ a month. you are right, this game is not for me WWIIOL died in 2004, cya
  3. I don't want a different game, I want WWIIOL and not Battlefield 1940 And you wonder why people are not playing? Because this is not wwiiol anymore, If they want the next Battlefield, they will go play Battlefield V. There is nothing in the game 'of today' that others game do not have. WWIIOL selling point was ability for players to alter the direction of war in a big multiplayer environment. - which to this day, no other games provide. WWIIOL was and still would be the only game to offer this if this feature came back.
  4. That's the point. That's why WWIIOL 2001-2004 was fun, and after 2005 it's not fun anymore. WWIIOL is a First-Person Shooter - you have the infantry combat MMO FPS
  5. Blkhwk8 you must surely remember that squads were big in open front times While I agree this is a team game, I look realisticaly also at gamers - look at other popular games, fortnite, counter strike, rust. Apart from teamwork, in those games you can also play solo. I'm not saying 'delete squads, make this a solo game' - just give some candy for solo players. More players playing = better for everyone. In open front times you could be 'a lone wolf' - let it be again, but without gimmicks that a player can ride half front by himself.
  6. This is 3..... but fair for everyone. Kase I bet you would like 3 more than 1 if you would actualy see how it plays.
  7. sonar auto balance agree (or instead of disadvantage for new ao - bonus for HC AO) I was thinking of that too, disable the 'marking of players on map' - create a 'recon unit' that can only do that that too
  8. You are right, but you are the one shouting 'lalala' and putting hands on ears. 1) Rank = new players are left behind and have to grind(on what? other new players?), old vets cannot do anything anymore with rank and points are useless for them, they have everything unlocked all the time(which makes them club new players), basicaly rank is useless for old vets 2) no rank = everyone has everything the same without any grind right from the start 3) proposed point system = with every new campaign, everyone has equal chances to get the same equipment because everyone starts without anything, the only thing deciding how fast they get it, is their skill and how much they play - which is much more fair than point nr 1) If you would realy mean that 'everyone should have equipment unlocked by paying because it's only fair' then you would be actualy advising for point 2 - removal of rank, if you do not advise point nr 2, it means you just want to be clubbing new players at point 1.
  9. It doesn't matter. What counts is that he can do it - if someone wants, he can go alone and start trying to move the map - it doesn't matter if defenders will spawn and kill him.
  10. Yes - the sonar, it's an ews That's what i'm trying to tell all this time, but some of the players 'dont want to hear this', you Sorella, can understand this. The game would be roughly the same - but the players would have ability to move the map.
  11. Keep on holding to 'your construct' - this way wwiiol will remain at near death status like it is currently. Plenty of people were telling this already, this is why wwiiol failed in the first place, because the old team did not listen to player feedback back in 2004, and now it's same all over again, those of you who are here 'got your game' and don't want it to change at all. but i'm not going all over at it again, there was already a thread with over 10 pages. And you probably managed to run away a player once again.
  12. Blakeh, it is actualy to help the infantry vs tanks. Think about it. Tanks would be visible on map - but the infantry would be crouching and proning to dissapear from the map, you would be aware of a tank, but the tank of you not. the 'super optics' is exactly the part of reason I thought about this - to help the infantry, so players do not die so fast, so you can avoid a tank. A tank rolling into a town can decimate plenty of riflemen (the new players), this way atleast, they would know something is coming at them.
  13. One time fee 60 $ - everything unlocked (the ultimate DLC lol) then keep making new DLCs from there. It's the best way to draw in new players - without a sub. And those that say.......'i've been paying for 15 years a sub' - good, you've been supporting the game for 15 years, get a special forum badge and in-game weapon for your accomplishments..... but now game needs to change to draw in a big crowd. And if someone would want, he would still have the hero builder option.
  14. So remove rank Rank only makes new players stay behind and makes them grind.