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  1. This! This is the best idea ! Towns would act as choke points - make players be able to move the front line - the front would not move if town is not captured - the towns would act as an AO. The 'lone wolves' would be moving the front line, and there would be a need of 'big battle' for a town. Tr6al make a new thread with your idea, the is the solution.
  2. And that is what happened I believe. They were not listening to player feedback, because they 'wanted to finish the vision', and when they 'finished the vision' - it was too late. Of course no one can predict such things while they happen in real time, but the game should've been reverted back in 2008-2010, now it maybe too late. Like someone said previously in other thread, the ship has sailed.
  3. Even if it was not the 'original vision' - by accident or chance or luck or lack of resources - they created gameplay which was something not done before or after. So actualy if they 'finished the vision' in 2005 - they broke the game that already thousands of people were playing and loved. So in essence 'the original vision' was worse than the 'half vision' that was already created.