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  1. Perhaps a clearer time frame on upcoming changes could help. I'm looking forward to the new buildings in towns, new towns, new tiles. That could boost the game tremendously, more so than a new weapon.
  2. Most towns are unchanged from what I've experienced. Same old Diest, same old Jodo.
  3. I think you have to go into the #2 position and open the doors, and then drop all the bombs from the #1 pilot position. Not sure though, I can barely get a plane flying in this game.
  4. Survival event. That would be a fun event.
  5. Yeah I'm gonna go with allied victory again, but this one might last a lot longer. I think it's gonna be a good one. I'll see you out there!
  6. I'm a full member on 9,99 subscription.
  7. No permission Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it.
  8. i need access to allied secure and all other sub forums ty. pulfer
  9. I want to take it a step further. CPs and villages everywhere. Literally every 50-500m, and every 10-100m in towns. Small towns could have 30-50 CPs. Bigger towns such as Brux, Liege, Lux, Antwerp could have 1000s of CPs. No FBs, No FRUs. Just a slow slugfest east and west. Tanks and ATGs could fit in very well with specific rules. You would never be far from action. In a best case scenario you could spawn a tank and keep suppressing CP after CP and roll map east or west by miles without dying. That's what it was about in reality wasn't it? Front lines.
  10. As always, axis has the numbers. The allies need to find a way to get numbers. Usually a good number of vets for allies will snowball the map towards the german factories. Allies hold a slight advantage in vets vs vets at the moment.
  11. XOOM, has ping info been removed from the UI?
  12. In general it would be great if there were many more achievements and in-depth stats. And more permanent recognition for these achievements. For instance, a few guys have 130.000 kills in this game. It would be great if such achievement could be displayed in game... Perhaps on their vehicles or a special icon or something.
  13. The Americans enter the war in Tier3. 7 Divisions are US army, 1 is French and 1 is Brit. The Brit is obviously the weakest Division. French is almost up there with the US and German. So I was thinking. Why not try to remove French and British completely and go with only US? We fight with French and Brit Equipment ALL THE TIME anyway. Just a suggestion... Would solve the Semi-Auto problem to a certain degree...
  14. Welcome! A question, what is "Operation Mjölnir"?
  15. S! all axis and allied troops, I know I'm a pain in the ass but I asked to go back to the Allies and LMAO I guess it turned out to be a great game after all (after the patch). I'm trying not to care what happens (in-game), just gonna have fun. It's funny how time changes things, I'm so glad WWIIOL is doing great and I will keep my paying account. So enjoy S! I'm going back to the allies. Like it or not. S!